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mojolissa Thu, Apr-01-21 08:56

Hiya Jeep :)

Wow! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

I've never been an inspiration before (only a horrible warning) :lol:

Drink water if you feel hunger (outside the RM) and eat more than you normally would at the RM. An extra helping or tack on a fruit at the end.

Oh I'm so excited you're trying this! Let me know how it goes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm holding steady at 229

TTY soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Fri, Apr-02-21 03:45

Morning mojo.... :wave:

I did it! I started eating my RM at 5:15 and got done a little before 6. I remembered what you said and added 3 extra chicken wings to my meal.....more than I would normally have.

I also sleep really good last night and the thing I liked the most was I felt really positive all day yesterday!! I love not having to eat a lot of LC food all day so my RM taste delicious.

If it wasnít for you I would have never thought I could do this :rheart:

I will OMAD Monday thru Fridayís I think it will be to hard when DH is home...I should add I will try to day is different than a whole week you OMAD when DH is home?

Talk soon :heart:

mojolissa Fri, Apr-02-21 10:35

That's wonderful Jeep!!! :cheer:

I'm so happy you tried it and were successful! :cheer:

I unfortunately had a minor blip when the kids came over and defrosted a choc pie last night. Just one sliver of pie became a bowl of cereal, chips and dip, candy......UGH! I know better! :agree:

So back to square one again today. Yes, I also eat this way when the hubby is around. I just leave enough for him when he gets out of work. (he doesn't understand it, doesn't like it, but no longer fights me about it) :lol:

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Sat, Apr-03-21 04:09

Morning mojo :wave:

Thank you! I totally understand about when the kids come over, I donít know what it is but I canít stick to plan when they are around.
I think I donít want to say I canít have something or Iím on a diet because itís just a downer DH is used to the way I eat but always likes us to eat ďtogetherĒ😱

I know you will get right back to plan you always do!....RM yesterday was another sub and lays salt & vinegar chips.....yep up one pound this morning, I probably should give up the chips but their soooo good :yum:

Enjoy your Easter 🐣

mojolissa Sat, Apr-03-21 08:54

Hey Jeep :wave:

I totally understand about wanting the chips, that is why we eat this way, so we can indulge.
Yes, my DH wants me to eat with him too. I sit with him instead, drink water and talk. I think he just wants my delightful company. :D

I'm right back on plan today. Drinking water and black coffee this morning. Happy Easter!

TTYL :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, Apr-05-21 07:59

Morning Jeep :wave:

Down another pound, its working! How was your Easter? We had an egg hunt and we colored eggs.

For my RM yesterday- scalloped potatoes and ham, green bean casserole, cherry pie, cool whip, Hawaiian roll with butter. I'll probably have that same thing today for my RM.

Hope you are doing well. It's raining cats and dogs here! Hubby and I are getting our second covid vaccine shot today.

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Mon, Apr-05-21 10:27

Hi Mojo.....

We had a great Easter thanks, sounds like we ate about the same things. Ham scalloped potatoes Hawaiian sweet rolls and jumbo fried shrimp. Son brought over a red velvet 3 layer cake it was ok had a small piece. I did have a lot of Easter candy!

We are getting our second vaccine not this Saturday but next. I have heard the 2nd is worse let me know how you feel after it. I only got a sore arm after the first one. It is different for everyone, I was a little nervous when I got it but I was glad to get it.

RM will be 2 cheeseburgers and leftover deviled eggs maybe some Easter candy also.

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, Apr-06-21 09:14

Hiya Jeep :wave:

Glad you had a nice Easter! The arm is very sore and I'm tired, but other than that, vaccination went fine. Had the Pfizer one. It went a lot quicker than the 1st dose. I'm glad its over and glad I got it done.

I'm down another pound today! :) I've been taking apple cider vinegar before bedtime, not sure if that has something to do with it or not. Couldn't hurt though right?

My RM was at 2pm instead of 4 or 5. That might be a contributing factor as well. Not sure what I'm having today for my RM. I've been craving pumpernickel round bread with the spinach dip inside. I can't seem to find the bread anywhere tho. Also, I haven't been able to find Wondra flour anywhere.

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, Apr-07-21 04:34

Hi mojo......

Another pound thatís fantastic! You are really doing well on the OMAD :thup:

I started eating at 1 yesterday and then ate some more at dinner😱
So I didnít do OMAD or CAD :nono:

I also didnít get on the scale this morning to many ups and downs this week.

Back to it today RM will be cheeseburger with avocado and checker fries. Maybe some chicken wings if Iím still hungry :yum:

Glad everything went good for you with the vaccine, we got the Moderna vaccine and second dose is 4 weeks after the first. I felt safer as soon as I got my first shot. This virus is no joke and I do not want to get it.

Later :wave:

mojolissa Wed, Apr-07-21 11:00

Hey Jeep :wave:

We all have slip-ups, no biggie! I'm in the groove right now, hoping it will keep up, because I'm down another pound.

Yes, I'm glad you did too and the majority of people are planning to get the vaccine. It will help for sure, but its not foolproof, especially since there are new variant strains. Gotta still mask up and all that jazz.

Anywho, still doing the OMAD. My cutoff lately has been 2pm which is a little early, though I haven't felt hungry. I eat alot during that one meal. Ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, pie, pineapple, and kefir. Now my leftovers are gone and I'm not sure what to have today.

TTYL :rheart: (I'm glad to have you here with me on this journey)

Do you think we will get more CAD/CALP people to join us?

Jeep#17 Thu, Apr-08-21 04:35

Morning mojo :daizy:

You really are kicking it!! Just keep up what your doing and donít ever change it up!! :cheer:

Iím going to start weighing in on Fridays, these ups and downs are just to much. I have been doing 2MAD the last few days and will do OMAD when it feels right. I donít think Iím eating enough when I eat just the one meal. Iím usually so hungry the next day or even that night.

I made a quesadilla burger yesterday because I love the Applebeeís quesadilla burger. It turned out awesome! I really donít like cooking but this was worth it and came out tasting like the original but better because I put avocado on it ď I love avocadoĒ :yum:

Thank you mojo....Iím glad your with me also, it would be great if more people would try CAD of course with seeing your results not mine lol I seem to go up and down a lot.

I need to start losing pounds or Iím going to have to some how switch things up. I loved OMAD but couldnít keep it up....maybe a small window will help me lose.

Not sure what I will have for RM today I didnít plan anything special, I do have a pizza in the freezer might cook that with a salad or broccoli soup.

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Thu, Apr-08-21 10:21

Hey Jeep :wave:

Hang in there girl! I know the ups and downs are discouraging, I've been there. It seems like I've lost the same few pounds over and over and over....infinity, only to gain them back. This way has been successful for me, but you do what works for you. It took me a long while to figure it out. What has worked for you in the past? Maybe 2MAD works better for you, but in a compressed way. Having a cutoff time works well for me, and earlier rather than later. You like having dinner with your hubby, so make that your cutoff. Take anything off the menu that makes you hungry later on. I used to struggle with late night hunger. I realized certain foods made me hungry. Also, if I put one thing in my mouth (past my cutoff) it made me ravenous all night long! So now, I know not to do it.

Do you use the cronometer app? It will track your weight and calories, but you can also take notes. Keep track of the nights when you are really hungry - it might be something you're eating. Have you been successful with this in the past? I have and then I got talked out of it. That way of eating isn't healthy and so on. I no longer care or listen to that. My way or the highway! I'm stubborn don't ya know :lol:

Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant. TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Fri, Apr-09-21 06:39

Morning mojo :wave:

Good advice as always, I always have my cut off time at 6pm and never eat past that no mater how hungry I get. The only time I do is holidays when family is over and we usually have dessert later then 6....I do use Cronometer occasionally, but Iím not one to track my calories every day. Do you count yours?

Iím thinking of going back to eating just one carb at my RM...and doing TRE.... I weighed in today and weight is the same🥴 I am weighing on Fridays now
Iím starting to think CAD is good for maintaining but not losing (for me) but I will continue for now :confused:

RM will be a salad and cheeseburger w/checkers fries ďlove checkers friesĒ :yum:

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Fri, Apr-09-21 10:04

Hey Jeep :wave:

Yes, I do track everything I put in my mouth on cronometer. Just to help me figure out what works and what doesn't. Lower calories definitely makes a difference on the scale. For instance, I had some ice-cream for dessert yesterday, put me over in calories, and today no loss on the scales. Weight remained the same, which is fine, but that means ice-cream is just an occasional treat.

Looks like your cut-off is working and you have much better will power then I do :D Look at some tweaks, to get the scale moving again. Adding in exercise or lowering calories or removing trigger foods.

My hunger is under control right now, which is a wonderful thing. I have told my kids not to bring snacks over, chips, cookies, fruit snacks etc. I can't have them in the house.
What has worked for you?

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Fri, Apr-09-21 11:13

Hi mojo.....

A couple usually eat OMAD around 2 or 3 so I was wondering why you donít wait and eat with DH when he eats dinner? Not trying to be nosy but trying to understand since it works so good for you. When I do OMAD I wait till around 5 so we can eat together but i get soooo hungry that I just donít make it till 5.......also how many calories do you allow yourself a day :help:

Thanks :rheart:

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