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JEY100 Mon, Mar-22-21 14:50

Sorry to meddle in on your active thread, but I was reading Gin Stephens' annotated bibliography in one of her books, and noticed that she recommended CAD. Interesting, because I read CAD years ago, and do not remember the author doing OMAD at all. Just sharing Gin Stephens thoughts with you:

The Carbohydrate Addictís Diet, by Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller

Again, here is another plan that I donít follow, but it is high on my list because it helped steer me towards the one meal a day lifestyle.~ Itís not even available in e-format, and you want the old version from 1991, which youíll probably have to buy as a used paperback.~ The pure gold is in the introduction, where Rachael describes her weight loss struggles and eventual epiphany.~ She was finally able to lose weight when she started skipping breakfast and lunch and only eating dinner, all thanks to a rescheduled doctorís appointment that required her to be in the fasted state.~ Rachael invented intermittent fasting and discovered appetite correction, but she didnít even know it.~ She reached the nirvana of appetite correction by eating one meal a day for dinner, went on to lose all of her weight, and maintained effortlessly.~ Sound familiar?~ If not, reread my chapter on the one meal a day lifestyle.~ She was living it before it was a thing.~ The actual plan listed in the book is a combination of low carb meals with one daily reward meal, at which time you can eat whatever you want within a one-hour eating window.~ This book was truly before its time, as the principles make complete sense when you view her recommendations through the lens of The Obesity Code.~ I believe that intermittent fasting with one meal per day, which is what she actually DID, is more powerful than the low carb plan she recommends; however, if you are having trouble adjusting to an intermittent fasting lifestyle, I would 100% recommend that you start with her bookís plan and work your way up to the one meal plan.

Stephens, Gin. Delay, Don't Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle (pp. 117-118). Gin Stephens. Kindle Edition.

Note: The Appetite Correction discovery is from Dr. Bert Herring, author of The Fast 5.

Jeep#17 Tue, Mar-23-21 09:17

Morning mojo.....

Iím in NY not the is still nice for a few more days, 70 on Thursday then back to the 50s.

Bummer about the weight....I might have to change things up like you did with the OMAD. Iím just not sure what way to go.


Jeep#17 Tue, Mar-23-21 09:33

Originally Posted by JEY100
Sorry to meddle in on your active thread, but I was reading Gin Stephens' annotated bibliography in one of her books, and noticed that she recommended CAD. Interesting, because I read CAD years ago, and do not remember the author doing OMAD at all. Just sharing Gin Stephens thoughts with you:

Note: The Appetite Correction discovery is from Dr. Bert Herring, author of The Fast 5.

Hi.....Just saw this....very interesting and thank you so much for sharing this information. I to had read how she lost weight with OMAD. I didnít know if she stuck with it to lose all her weight or switched over to her CAD plan.

Mojo is doing the OMAD and I wish I could get into it because I feel I need to add something else to my plan. Iím just going up and down with my weight.

Thanks for popping in💕

mojolissa Tue, Mar-23-21 10:46

Hey Jeep :)

Yes, nice of you to pop in Janet. I also came to the realization that the CAD plan works very well with OMAD and that the Hellers were on to something way before anyone else climbed on the IF program. Fasting works if you stick with it. My most successful plan is OMAD (mid-day) fasting for 23 hours between meals. Nothing to eat past 4pm. Honestly I struggle with this now, but the first time I tried it worked like a dream.

Jeep, your weather sounds very similar to mine. Enjoy the sun whenever you can. Are you retired? My days are spent with my grandson homeschooling when my DD is at work.

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, Mar-24-21 04:32

Morning mojo :daizy:

I went totally off plan yesterday and donít even ask me what I ate....bad bad Jeep :nono:

Ok so back at it today....RM Cauliflower soup, Tyson chicken

I am retired and at home during the day with my 2 sweet Yorkies, wonderful your spending time with your grandson. Your daughter is lucky youíre there for her with all the COVID 19 going around and prices for child care so high. Thereís no love like grandma love :heart:

Iím going to see how long I can fast today would like to eat only my RM.

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Wed, Mar-24-21 09:15

Morning Jeep :wave:

Good for you! Like anything else, the fasting method requires practice.

Yep, I love spending time with the grandson. I wish it wasn't schooling though :). Sometimes it really tests my patience....
I want to be the sweet Nana that feeds him cookies and gives hugs, but instead I have to be all - DID you get your MATH done YET!!!??? :D

I'm having teriyaki pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes for RM today and possibly a chicken bacon swiss from arbys....
Have to do my recycling today as well. It really piles up.

TTYL :rheart:

mojolissa Thu, Mar-25-21 09:06

Hey there Jeep :wave:

My weight is back up today...I know I ate some bad stuff :nono:

Not sure why sometimes I lose my will power and just eat, eat, eat.

Anyways, today I will endeavor to not eat outside my RM and just drink water. Wish me luck!

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Thu, Mar-25-21 11:33

Hey mojo :daizy:

Iím trying to stick to plan also today but I have a lot going on. Might have to start again tomorrow. Things happen to both of us but we can get right back to it.......Good Luck!!! :thup:

Enjoy the weather :sunny:

mojolissa Mon, Mar-29-21 10:19

Hey Jeep :)

I'm back on plan and down two pounds at 229.

RM was at 3pm and we had breakfast dinner, bacon, eggs, toast, butter, fried potatoes, coffee, and a creampuff for dessert. :yum: I fasted for 23 hours. Nothing to eat outside of RM but water.

How is it going with you?

TTYL :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, Mar-29-21 22:22

Hiya Jeep :wave:

RM was at 2:30pm and I had 2 beef enchiladas and a homemade creampuff. I did have a Mcdonalds SF vanilla iced coffee later in the day at around 6pm, so hopefully it won't throw me off my game. Nothing else to eat today. Just drinking water.

TTY soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, Mar-30-21 04:30

Hey girl :wave:

Two pounds is awesome!! Damn your meals sound good! And your losing also, so proud of your it getting any easier?

I was soo off plan last weekend, just struggling with eating my carbs in the 1 hour window....but Iím back and had a good day yesterday.

Iím not even sure what my RM will be today but I know Iím having broccoli soup with it. Sometimes I plan a meal then it doesnít sound good when itís time to eat it.

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, Mar-30-21 13:07

Hey Jeep :)

Thanks girl! I'm maintaining my loss for now. I have to remain diligent for loss or maintenance, otherwise the weight piles right back on!

Do you have a cut-off time for eating? That has been very effective for me. Do you drink coffee? I don't count that as a meal and that helps keep the hunger at bay. Drink water - that also helps keep the hunger at bay. Hang in there! :D

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, Mar-31-21 05:23

Morning mojo :daizy:

I do have a cut off time of 6pm and drink coffee in early morning only. I donít consume any caffeine later than 10 or 11am.

Had broccoli soup and 4 fried eggs and 2 pieces of toast last night for my RM, it was sooo good!!

Iím down on my weight this week so Iím happy about that but Iím thinking with Easter coming on Sunday that will bring it back up lol
We usually over eat on holidays my son brings the dessert and itís always so decadent :clap:

Having DH bring home a sub and chips for RM tonight yum, something about eating subs from a sub shop they just taste better.

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Wed, Mar-31-21 18:01

Hey Jeep :)

So happy you've had some loss this week! Keep it up girl!

I'm bad at keeping my caffeine limited in the afternoon, but I should, because I struggle to fall asleep most nights. I'm still fasting (except for coffee) most days for 23 hours.

I'm with you on the sub shops. They do taste better when someone else makes it! :lol:

Weight has stayed the same. RM today was Arbys Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich (1/2 bun) *hooked on these* :yum:
and beef enchilada with tangerine and sweet potato.

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Thu, Apr-01-21 03:59

Hi mojo......

Up a pound today but Iím pretty sure itís from eating way to many salt & vinegar chips last night. Man they are addictive, I think the salt is what made my weight go up. The sub was really good I added avocado to it yum :yum:

Going to try OMAD today...thatís right you heard it our very own mojolissa has inspired me!!! :cheer:
Now, it is 5:45 in the morning mind you and Iím having my black coffee so it sounds doable right now, we shall see :roll:

Having broccoli soup and a cheeseburger with chicken wings for my RM tonight.

Later :rheart:

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