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mojolissa Mon, Feb-22-21 19:59

Thanks so much for the ideas ladies! :rheart: :wave:

Awesome find on the baby propane BBQ Jeep! I use a small George Foreman grill. Keep up the great work on staying fit!
The SF jello does sound good thanks :)

Happy you are the cook in the group for sure! :lol:
I have tried the pancake (not really pancake) recipes before and they just don't turn out for me, but that gives me an idea....the chaffles recipes. You make egg waffles in the waffle maker. I'll have to dig it out and try it. Thanks girl! ;)

Happy girl Tue, Feb-23-21 08:24

Hi girls :wave: 💕

Mo, I love the cream cheese pancake version I posted,
it is not the same recipe as in the books. You should give it a try in the waffle maker ... with lots of butter. This batter cooks very fast. I am thinking of using butter instead of water or both next time in the (made from one teaspoon jam) "jam sauce" for the pancakes. I have one with 100% berries, no sugar I used the past 20 years.

Jeep, the chuck roast sounds :yum:

Today I had my RM at lunch. My DS wanted to meet up.
I did enjoy it but it was way too early. I hate moving the RM even on occasion,
I love to have "my tea with honey and all moment" around 4 pm at home.
There is a reason why the Hellers don't encourage moving it around.
Well, tomorrow I will have my reg. RM at the usual hour.

RM today was salad, salmon, potato, high reef + sauces, melon, small cookie.
Lemon water. Should have sticked to the salad, salmon and high reef and saved the cookie for later.

Jeep#17 Thu, Feb-25-21 05:36

Morning girls....
Having my coffee with cream and sweetener today usually itís black. Trying to drink it in 15 minutes as the book says.

Mojo......a question for ya, if Iím putting a ground beef patty in the Cronometer do I weigh it before I cook it or after? Because everyone cooks meat differently and a lot of the fat drips off when cooked on the BBQ :help:

Also how did your chaffles come out? My son gave me one of the small waffle makers to make them. Well you know I donít know what Iím doing in the itís never been opened yet :lol:

Happy.....howís things? You had mentioned you make meatballs for CMís would you mind sharing the recipe? They would be great to make up and freeze some to pop in the microwave :thup:

Have a great day💕

Happy girl Fri, Feb-26-21 03:37

OMAD & Colombian Meatballs
Jeep, Mo, all of you girls :wave: :rheart:

:idea: I have been reading the stress book by the Hellers. Quite crazy. :)
But there where some things I would like to share with you guys you might like.
Will post more soon on that.

makeitwork wrote some interesting posts on CAD, CALP, IF, OMAD, SEC:

makeitwork - God bless you richly where ever you are. Thank you for your thorough work, your love for the literature and sharing this. :rheart::rheart:


"Ok all, I officially ended ONE YEAR following CAD/CALP and combo with intermittent fasting. Once I met other people doing Rachael Heller's original way to lose weight by eating only one meal a day I slowly evolved my own eating patterns to that. I make sure to keep to the one hour rule. I am up to about 5 days a week with truely only one meal a day. The other 2, maybe 3 days I do end up having a CM if I need it. I do not force myself to eat the one meal a day. It is my natural hunger that guides me. The days I do get hungry again I will go ahead and have the CM. I also the last 3 months have switched to eating my RM in the morning and try to have it in by 9am according to The Big Breakfast Diet which was heavily cited by the Heller's in their book The Stress Eating Cure.

So now I am doing a combo of CAD/CALP, BBD, SEC, and IF- WOW!!! My personal eating plan is a one hour, total day's supply of calories, at least 7 ounces of protein, and consumed by 9am, balanced of protein/fat, veggies/fruits, and carbs (or at least my ratio that I found I can lose well on). Sounds complicated but is very easy and doeable. I sleep well with no full belly, have seen better results as well with ring being loser, just "appearing" thinner even though weight loss is still slow with a monthly avg of about 1/4 to 1/2 pound a week eating like this.

I did start out following CALP as written. I still avoid MSG, anything SF/AS in it, caffeine (even decaf) outside of my RM hour. I have experimented A LOT in the last year with RM for dinner, RM for lunch, then RM for breakfast. I follow many of the CALP "options" and even tried the GTF chromium for 2 months then went off and did not track any noticeable slow down in weight loss. I try to eat lots of cheese and fresh ground black pepper for natural sources of GTF chromium as the Heller's explained. I "aim" for balance at RM's with the 1/3 protein/fat, 1/3 low carb veggies, 1/3 carbs of my choice. However, along my journey in the last year I discovered I can still eat 1 part protein/fat to 2 parts low carb veggies and 2 parts carbs and still lose!"

" .... It may seem over the top to eat all that in one meal but I found I is doable, I do not feel stuffed like I am after a typical Thanksgiving meal. The full feeling last ALL DAY long and I am getting awesome tastey foods day in and day out!

My personal opinion on this WOE, sprinkled with hours of research on insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, hyperinsulinemia is that it isn't so much about the calories but is about minimizing insuin surges the rest of the day. Also about surpressing some of the other hormones like cortisol while raising and maintaing seratonin. There are suggestions by the Heller's and Dr. Jacobowitz in the BBD book and SEC book so I slowly encorporated those.

I only want to share my story of the past year and what has worked for me. I have only been off plan a total of 10 days (or less) in the last year. I learned that it took me 17 days to take off the weight from 4 days off plan! I learned that it can take 2 days for the result of a cheat day to show up on the scale. My point is that being off plan can serve a purpose too in the scientific method of learning about my own personal metabolism."

"One Meal A Day Club" thread

:rheart: Jeep, here it is:

Colombian meatballs ŗ la Happy

1 lb ground beef (can also substitute with Ĺ ground pork)

1 egg to taste (I usually make it without the egg, I like them hard and full of flavour. With the egg and soy flour they get soggier.
No breading needed (but if you must you can use 1-2 tablespoons soy flour if you put in the egg.)

Ĺ tsp onion powder or to taste
Ĺ tsp garlic powder or to taste (if you don't like garlic use onion)
A pinch of white pepper to taste (not to much)
Sea salt/reg. salt and pepper to taste in the mix
Ĺ teaspoon soy sauce
1-2 garlics cloves, minced (I like to have a 4-5 cloves)
(or 1-2 tbsp minced onion to taste)
A lilt nutmeg to taste, not to much (I love it)

Salt and pepper over the meatballs in the pan, and then some more when ready.
Fry in butter (or oil).

Work with what you got at home. Good luck to ya! ;)

Happy girl Fri, Feb-26-21 05:42

O ... Mad
More on my stress cure experiment in my j:

Jeep#17 Fri, Feb-26-21 05:48

Morning...... :daizy:

Happy..... :rheart:thanks so much for the meatballs recipe! Iím going to try and get them made this weekend. I love that you throw in some substitutes for the ingredients. I love garlic but canít eat it not even the power. I will use the onion instead, I have red onions and love them.

Thatís very interesting writing by Makeitwork, I do believe in the OMAD eating plan but itís not easy to do. I used to eat OMAD when I was a lot younger and thinner. It is how Rachel Heller lost all her weight.....I would love to go back to it and I was thinking of alternating OMAD with TMAD.

Everything taste sooo good when I eat OMAD, I mean when your that hungry yum!

The SEC book I have never read and find all there information very insightful. I think they think outside the box and I love that because that is so me! Canít wait to hear more about it.

Have a great day💕

Jeep#17 Fri, Feb-26-21 05:57

Originally Posted by Happy girl
More on my stress cure experiment in my j:

Ok I just saw this Iíll pop over to your journal then :thup:

mojolissa Fri, Feb-26-21 08:15

Hey girls :wave:

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days....

Jeep, I just use my best guess for cronometer based on the cooked portion of beef.

Happy, I will try that recipe in the waffle maker very soon.
Thanks for doing the research, as well, on the stress cure, OMAD, etc.

TTYL :rheart:

Happy girl Sat, Feb-27-21 05:08

SEC/BBB Big Balanced Breakfast here we go!
Hi girls!:daizy:

I am so surprised how much I am loving it so far.
Apart from the Sodom and Gomorrah advice in SEC there are some things
I think Jeep, Mo and the rest of you will love.

SEC is much easier than CAD and CALP once you have grasped it even though the book is crazy,
there are many gems in it.
The first 5 steps are written in a "fallen off the wagon" maner - if you have then this is a great WOE
how to gradually adjust to the plan. Step 6 is where it gets more like CALP.
It did take them 10 years to write so there is some good stuff in it after all.

There is no mentioning about f i berries, that was odd, just a short fruit list.
Perhaps they figured that we are aware?

No one hour rule for the SEC. No rules at all about time. I like it, less stress.

You don't HAVE TO eat tons of sallad/veggies in the BIG balanced breakfast
if you don't want to. Read for yourself in the sample BBB breakfast I posted further down.
You never thought that did you! ;)

Of coarse you need to have a CM with veggies/sallad regulary then. If you are doing OMAD
you will need the veggies - naturally. This gives a lot more freedom.
Key is to include proteins in the breakfast. I love both TMAD and OMAD.
I let my body decide if I need the CM or not. I agree with Jeep, I too love the feeling of OMAD,
it hits me in the happy spot. Clear-headed and happy.

Nothing about weighing. Love that too. I still like to use the measure tejp, that works for me.

I love that they tell you to drink reg. soda not diet soda (in the RM). I have trouble with the AS taste, so hardly ever drink it. I am afraid what it can do to your brain.
Avoid all AS, it is spikes you 300 times higher and is 300 times sweeter than reg. sugar,
havocs blood sugar, hormons and your bodyīs rhythm ... and glutamates (has many names, often called/labelled as "natural flavour").

Here is some good news to ya.
You know, in this book they are pro-cheese. I had some 18 months aged country cheese today. :) Cheese provides natural GTF Chromium.
This is good news for Pat too. 💕 Hello Pat where are you girl, miss you :wave:
Even NUTS are allowed now as a CM food. Thank God.
That is Non hidden glutamate nuts and not tampered with sugars nuts.


SEC Big Balanced Breakfast (sample plan)
Click to enlarge.

This mornings RM 8.45 am. I had a little green sallad with a sour cream dip and
meatballs. One small pecan/maple danish. One small toast w butter. Small piece of cheese. Small coffee + 2 cups of tea with honey.

Tonight I may be making a cauliflower pizza and have some for BBB tomorrow.
Maybe. Have lots to choose from.

A small CM(called snack in the SEC). I had this last night around 4 or 5 pm

This weeks progress 2% (-0.93 lbs)
Thank God. That is 1% more than in a long time.

Happy Dance!

/Hugs Happy.

Happy girl Sat, Feb-27-21 05:30

Tip! I often edit my posts and add stuff.
If you revisit them you might find more info.

💕 H

Jeep#17 Sat, Feb-27-21 06:09

Morning...... :daizy:
Wow happy thatís a lot of info, sounds so different than CAD.

Glad your losing! Hope it continues for you. I do think eating carbs earlier in the day is better but for me that might set me into a carb day. I like looking forward to my RM meal.....I do have breakfast dinner RMís so I can enjoy the toast and berries yum :yum:

You seem to have a lot of control in your eating and thatís so powerful for SEC. nuts would be awesome if I could stop after a handful lol

Iím shocked about no one hour time limit....itís the one thing I love about the plan. It really keeps me in check knowing itís over and Iím done for the day. It really almost sounds like a whole different plan. Hope it keeps working for you :thup:

Mojo......NP girl, thanks for the info. I tend to make very large husband makes fun of them! I wanted to see just how many ounces they were.
Or do I....🤔

Have a great weekend💕

Happy girl Mon, Mar-01-21 05:11

Crunchy or not?
Morning girls! :rheart: :wave:

More on SEC.
There is a big difference between glutamate nuts and natural nuts.
Ever had a cheese ball rolled in nuts with fresh veggies?
If i sprinkle some nuts on a salad in a RM or the past days have had some at the end of a CM so far
I've been ok. Apart from that, it is very much like CAD/CALP without the glutamates and AS.
After all it is the Hellers who have done research, using themselves and many testpilots over the years.

There is advice on crunchy foods and it's benefits for some f.i. people who eat fast. Even crunchy, chewy and frozen candy. I eat very fast.

The SEC does say you can eat your RM/called an "Alternative meal" in the book
later durring the day as lunch or dinner ... but they encourage you to at least try. I was scared and reluctant first to move the RM to breakfast. So here I am trying the BBB (big balancing breakfast) for a couple of days.

Adrenaline, cortisol, low dopamine, low oxytocin ... her we go.
In the Stress Eating Cure
there is some real cool advice for stress-sensitive people chapter 32 f i there is this advice to lower
adrenaline - to eat cream/yoghurt with spicy foods to not aggravate the body to produce more adrenaline.
Chapter 3 is where it started to be interesting IMHO, worth the purchase.
Cortsol has been a big problem for me, causing stress/stress causing cortisol -
binding water, fat ... and more. I am very sensitive to too spicy food. Lots
of "yeah, that's right" moments and many great recipes.

Page 184 "Fatty foods release far more oxytocin than most other foods."
No wonder I crave and LOVE cream and butter ... I have needed to have it every day and how I feel from eating fat. Not overdoing though.

It is just an experiment, quite safe IMO since I am used to CALP and CAD
and I am enjoying it I tell you that.

Picked up some raw milk, mackerel and real glutamate chicken LOL.
Just like the books states - it's impossible to avoid all msg glutamates
but wise to limit them as much as possible.

Wish you all a great start of the week :daizy:

Easy does it.

mojolissa Mon, Mar-01-21 12:25

Hey ladies :wave:

Trying to focus more on getting enough protein every day.

Happy, I'm not a breakfast person, but I could rock a breakfast for dinner BBB. That would be :cool:

Jeep, hangin in there girl! You crack me up (my burgers are large and in charge too) :lol:

Happy girl Tue, Mar-02-21 03:50

Reg. Soda or Lemon/Orange water anyone? <3
Morning girls :wave: :rheart:

Would love to see and taste your burgers. :yum:
:idea: What are your favourite seasonings and prep. for them?
What do kind of sauces do you prefer?

Love your drive. Keep on making small changes to the better in your time and when it feels right.

I think the early BBB meal is kicking it :). Like my metabolism
is waking up or something. I have hated breakfasts since my teens,
I started smoking around 12-13, quit 1995 that didn't help. LOL
Was the "just coffee" in the morning person for years. Smoothies did work.
Felt wrong at first to have the RM that early. Long before printing SEC the Hellers spoke about
diet sodas and AS - how it stalls even has many gain. That could be a thing to think about.

In the first 5 steps of SEC there is a food plan where you drink reg. soda instead of diet sodas during the day and once you are off the diet sodas
you save the reg. soda for your RM. They help you tapper down and detox from the AS drinks and such. Just food for thought.

I am terrible at explaining. Hope this made any sense.


BBB 8:45
Cold scrambled eggs,ham, cheese on small small toast.
Yoghurt with Cloudberries. A small cinnamon bun, raspberries.
Healthy colombian milkshake - raw milk, tsp brown sugar and 1/2 lemon.
1 teaspoon reg. instant coffee in the decaf cream + tea n honey.

(lots of protein, berries/fruit + carbs)

Chicken + eggplant and pepper, lemon zest, garlic with peanuts (non glutamate)
Almonds, cashews (non-glutamate). Smoked ham-slaw.
and a few stems of broccoli w butter. Brie.
Herbal tea w cream and a sip raw milk. (lots of protein and veggies)

mojolissa Tue, Mar-02-21 18:21

Thanks Happy for all your research! Your meals sound yummy :)

Would you mind posting the basic steps for me on the SEC?

You posted the step #6 - what about the rest of the steps?

I try to follow OMAD or 2MAD within one hour.
I'm working on drinking more water (less diet soda) with or without the lemon.
I need to stick to a cut-off time at night -meaning no food past 4pm.
Make protein the priority- getting enough that I'm not super hungry at night.

But you're right, I should remove all AS from my diet. Just don't like my coffee without cream and sweetner....

Jeep, yes I like the eat within one-hour rule as well. Otherwise I tend to graze. Somebody stop me! :0

TTYL girls :rheart:

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