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Happy girl Fri, Feb-12-21 06:15

Ranch Dressing here we go!
Hi girls! :wave: Thanks. 💕 To up side is this one works.
That's why I picked the name "Happy girl/Happy Woman because of the serration and joy the RM spreads over the day.

Just made my first ranch dressing to my knowledge :)
Worked with what I had. LOL
Will be tasting it this afternoon/tonight over my sallad.
Don't taste my food until it's time to eat, I just prepare it. Has worked
for over 20 years. Another CAD/CALP thing that helps to keep insulin down/balanced.

Thanks Jeep!

Added a pinch of raw sugar to it now for my RM 😊 it was it bit too healthy tasting.
I love oliv oil but I find it hard to get the right flavour when I make mayo from it. It dominates the other flavours.
Any ideas? Or else I might go full on canola in my future mayo batch. The rapeseed oil Hehe!

Jeep#17 Sat, Feb-13-21 10:20

Hey Happy it looks good, I really hate olive oil! I tried making mayo soooo many times with it and every time🤮

Try avocado oil it doesnít have much taste and it has a high cooking point so you can use it for everything.

It used to be expensive but itís become very popular so price has come down a lot.

I did some exercise today and loved it, Iím starting out slow and working into it. I did some stretches then used hand weights.....after that I walked in place using the dvd Leslie Sansone 5 mile fat burning walk

Have a great Saturday!

Jeep#17 Tue, Feb-16-21 05:15

Iím sticking to my 20/4 this week and although I do get hungry at times I think I really donít eat as much food this way.

Thinking about changing my RM to lunch, more time to use them up. If I eat my carbs to close to bedtime I feel sick and it effects my sleep. Only thinking about it I havenít tried yet.....

Iím keeping my RM simple, usually just one carb of my choice....more on the weekends. I think weekends are the hardest because Iím usually eating out. Not so much lately because of the pandemic.

Enjoy the day!

mojolissa Tue, Feb-16-21 12:47

Hey girls :wave:

I've dug out my chromium because of Happy ;), but not sure which one is better. I have Niacin-Bound Chromium 200 mcg Polynicotinate by Swanson and Ultra Chromium Picolinate 1000 mcg by Natures truth.

My weight has been going up again :eek:, so I need to stop eating so much or stop eating too many carbs so close to bedtime. Sleep has been off too.
Still trying to get to bed by midnight. The chinese I had, last Friday, was a bad idea. Still working out the kinks, of what not to have, rereading the chapter, loaded guns, ready triggers, and time bombs.

That mayo looks good, but I'd be afraid of messing it up, and wasting the good oil.
Not the best cook.....I keep it simple.

TTYL Girls :rheart:

Happy girl Wed, Feb-17-21 03:52

Thanks Jeep 💕. Gona pick up some next time I remember. That and raspberry vinegar.

Hi girls! I need to keep it simple too. I will use reg. mayo and stick to oils that go well taste wise in may. Saved the dressing with lime and made a coleslaw.

Mo, I had my RM at lunch for a hole year in my first years. Then I would have a small CM att dinnertime or even later if I needed. it worked.

Made a lamb neck stew with CM veggies the other day. Heavenly good :yum:
been having it with rice. Planing on making millet to it to soak up all the broth and sauce and add some protein. French- Swedish- Middle-eastern taste.
Had so much veggies in it so I skipped the sallad last night.

Coleslaw, the lamb + millet. Will make a cream raisin rice pudding from the leftover rice.
Picked up bundles of fresh herbs yesterday :) .. + fresh peppermint tea

Take care

mojolissa Wed, Feb-17-21 07:50

Hey girls :rheart:

Yesterday had my RM at 4pm and a small CM snack at 8pm and down on the scale again.

Good for you, Jeep, getting some exercise! I have a weight machine in the basement, but I rarely use it.

Happy, that lamb stew sounds really good. :yum:

TTYL girls :wave:

Happy girl Thu, Feb-18-21 02:20

Chromium GTF
Mo, the Hellers recommend "Chromium GTF" but if you have the others at home give it a try.
I have heard some do well on the other Chroms as well.
Important - don't take them with any other supplement or food just on its own with water.
There is a hole chapter on the Chromium GTF and why it is the best and all in the CALP book :)

The GTF has helped me immensely so far.

+ Congrats Mo!

Good work Jeep!


Jeep#17 Thu, Feb-18-21 05:08

Waking up hungry today not sure why. Usually if I donít eat enough the day before I do.

Mojo....thatís great that your losing pounds! My weight is staying the same and I havenít seen it go down in a while☹️ DH bought me a bunch of valentines candy, maybe🤔.........thatís why!!

Happy.....your meals always sound so good.....I wish I liked to cook but I donít lol.....I try to keep it as simple as I can.

More snow today and cold🥶, next week it warms up into the 30ís. Itís been staying in the teens lately.

Just ordered a couple of exercise DVDís should get them next week. If I really get back to exercising daily Iím thinking bout getting the
Fitness+ but I want to get started with some new and old DVDís first.

Have a good Thursday!

mojolissa Thu, Feb-18-21 10:21

Thanks girls! :)
Down to my original 231 today.... :yay:

Have to get back to exercising, Jeep you inspire me :cheer:

Happy - Thank you! I knew there was a chapter on chromium.

Had chicken legs, mashed potatoes, and blood orange for my reward meal last night.

No hunger issues until midnight, so I added some lemon juice to ice water some drops of sweet n low and that worked.
I think I'll get some fresh lemons to juice (heard somewhere that fresh lemons in ice water is good for weight loss).

Have a wonderful day girls :rheart:

Happy girl Fri, Feb-19-21 05:41

Raspberry Vinegar
Hey girls!

Been getting up earlier l so the stats have been a bit slower.
- sleeping in gives "better" results LOL.
My jeans are a bit looser, that's good.
I can see a difference in the mirror.

Haven't had chips for the longest time, not even fries.
I should have that soon.

Just found an easy recipe on raspberry vinegar.

Raspberry Vinegar
Fill a jar or bottle with raspberries and vinegar.
Place in a sunny window for a week or so. Strain if you do not want kernels left or mix for a thicker consistency and pour into a bottle.

Picked up some avocado oil. A bit pricy, 10 USD for a tiny bottle. :)
Glad I did though. Been drooling over Jeff's soup that had avocado oil in it for a while.
I will use it for one mayo batch + special occasions and sallads.

Have a nice weekend. :rheart:

Jeep#17 Fri, Feb-19-21 06:25

Morning girls :daizy:
Sounds like everyone is doing super on our plan! Iím thinking that I will cut back the sugar on the weekends......I do eat a lot more carbs on Saturday & Sunday.

I just got a email that my DVDís will be here tomorrow. That was quick, I have Walmart+ so shipping is free and usually only 2-3 days. I wonít get into them till Monday I donít usually exercise on the weekends unless itís taking a walk.

Happy......that raspberry dressing sounds really good but you will have to be patient😉........having your clothes loose is a huge thing....means your losing fat!

Mojo......I love your positivity you are doing so good....itís nice to get back to your beginning weight so now anything you lose will be closer to your goal and very exciting :thup:

Have a great weekend💕

mojolissa Fri, Feb-19-21 12:13

Hi girls :D

Happy - you go girl! It's so exciting to see the changes in clothes and looking better, and feeling better.
If you look good, you feel good, darling :lol:

Jeep- Thanks ;) I'm getting there, but the hunger still strikes at night....the beast comes out. That is why I need to go to bed earlier. What DVD did you get? I loved my old "buns of steel"

Have a wonderful weekend! :rheart:

mojolissa Sun, Feb-21-21 19:36

Hi girls-
I need some ideas for CM so that I can stay on plan.
Boiled eggs and celery are getting boring.
What do you guys do when the hunger hits, but you have already had a RM for the day?
Meats and veggies.....I know that if they don't sound good, that I'm not REALLY hungry...I just want something. BAD girl!

Happy girl Mon, Feb-22-21 03:44

CM ideas
Hey girls! :wave: :rheart:

Thanks to both of you :). 💕💕

For CM ideas - please share yours too! 🌟

CM ideas on the go
I reread the recipes in the CALP and CAD book. Flipp through them reg.
There is a pancake I like but I skip the whipping part, make them more European - flat. Tasty crepe. You can have a tiny spoon jam diluted with a little water on it too <3 (in CAD) as sirup. Page 242 in CALP has another version.
Filled with leftover mushrooms is :yum: too ...

My current Pancake version (easy)
I use 2 eggs 2 tbsp cream cheese + 1 tbsp soy flour (psyllium husk might work too, but takes longer),
add 1 tbsp water to taste or leave it out
mix it and fry in pan for a very short time. Don't worry about the small cream cheese lumps they even out and add taste :).

- Cook CM proteins/meals for dinner - eat the leftovers.

There are many veggies over 4% carbs that are approved in the
books - they go well with any protein. Read that the 4% is most important on "vegetarian" proteins.

- Homemade cold CM meatballs.
- Slices of smoked salmon with cream cheese.
- Caned mackerel and a fork.
- Fried mushrooms (leftovers or fresh).
- Cottage cheese.
- There are many veggies such as okra you can fry quickly with protein.
- Sticks of cucumber with a cream cheese dip and olives for a small CM.
- Cold chicken.
- Roastbeef.
- Turkey slaw (in my journal).

Cold meats spread mayo, cream cheese or bearnaise or eat them on the go.
If you have a glas of water, drink the water to still your hunger and 28 min - fry chicken legs in butter or lard (7 min x 4, turn, turn ..)

- Shrimps with mayo and lemon.

I try to make/prepare CM foods the day before or hours before I have them.

You can check out my journal for more ideas. 💕

Jeep#17 Mon, Feb-22-21 07:25

Morning girls....
I had a great weekend, did some shopping at Sams club and found a very small propane BBQ. Itís the smallest Iíve ever seen! Itís for apartments and small areas. I cook a lot of my meat on the grill and may only cook 1 burger or a couple of Italian sausage etc.

My old one recently fell apart so I was excited to find this one, usually there so big. It did take DH around 4 hours to put it together instructions said 45 minutes and it wasnít always pretty. I canít wait to try it out!

Mojo.....I got a weight lifting dvd and a cardio one. I havenít even got them out of the box yet.....having my coffee then I might use one this morning. I usually exercise right after my coffee in the morning. I used to use the Firm videoís but they are a little difficult for me now lol

My CMís are just protein because I hate veggies. I just canít eat them. I only have homemade veggie soup or a small salad that way I canít taste the veggies.....If your not that hungry but just want book says on page 103 you can have sf jello w/ homemade whipped cream. I have the original CAD hardback copy....I also keep canned corned beef on hand. I buy the great value theyíre cheaper than the others and are low carb. your ideas are great and the pancakes sound delicious. I might have to try those.

Iím making a chuck roast today w/ small salad and baked potato w/butter for my RM. I picked up 3 packages at Sams with 2 roasts in each..... separated and rewrapped to put in freezer.

Enjoy the day💕

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