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mojolissa Thu, Dec-30-21 11:37

I hear what you're saying JEY100. Thank you for all you do!
Obviously its working very well for you and all the best.

I'm taking what they have to offer. Using the tools and increasing protein and lowering carbs. No sweets! I did have a bout of Covid-19 earlier this month. Not sure if that affects blood sugar or not but I'm watching what meals are increasing bg more than 30. The morning high bg is what concerns me the most. I might do a longer fast - up to 23 hours - see if that brings it down.

Thanks again for your advice and counsel. Mojo

mojolissa Sun, Feb-06-22 02:01

Hey all, :wave:

OK so I'm trying out the CAD plan RM at dinnertime with a later low-carb high protein snack at around 9pm. To keep my hunger in check.

OMAD with a snack! hahaha ;)

So far my bg has gone down and my weight has as well.
Calories have been lower, because I'm not eating high fat.
Probably around 1200 to 1400 per day.

Intermittent fasting generally 18 to 20 hours per day.

Switched burgers to turkey burgers, but I still have the bun!
Still eating cottage cheese and almonds as my late snack.

Having more vegetable and fruits (lower carb) berries, mandarins, etc. Cronometer has been up in the 80 percent range. Yay!

The whey protein is causing some hunger trouble so I may have to give that away. Maybe I'll try to incorporate some into my baked goods instead of as the protein snack.

Anywho, just checking in.
In case anyone is listening out there....

Jeep#17 Mon, Feb-07-22 07:44

Hi mojo :wave:

Happy you are settling in to CAD with a eating window. I think with your late protein snack you will do good :thup:

Lower weight and BG also is fantastic! Keep crushing it girl :)

Turkey burgers are great for lowing your fat and not adding extra carbs, I should give them a try instead of my burgers because they are a lot of calories.

Talk soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, Aug-24-22 14:03

HiÖÖ.Anyone still doing CAD? I was thinking of giving it a go again.

Hoping to lose weight this time maybe mixing things up a bit.

Enomarb Fri, Sep-02-22 09:18

I am still doing CALP. It's over 19 years. I still do no carbs for breakfast and lunch and then a salad/protein/veggies and carb for dinner. I do eat more carbs than I used to- but I am maintaining not losing.
You can PM me anytime- I don't check this site too much but I will for the next few weeks.

Jeep#17 Wed, Sep-07-22 10:12

Wow 19 years, thatís fantastic that you found your WOE and have been so successful. I have decided to give this a try again starting tomorrow. I have been on the CAD plan before but my weight would just go up and down.

So Iím hoping this time it will work out and I can finally lose and keep it off for good. I donít like vegetables but I do like salad.

I always believed in the one hour rule the most. CAD didnít limit the amount of carbs but to keep it to one hour only.

Thanks for responding means a lot :rheart:

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