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mojolissa Tue, Jun-01-21 16:28

Hey Jeep :wave:

So yeah, I was bad too, weight shot up to 236, then I fasted an entire day. Nothing but black coffee and water, now back on track with OMAD. Weight about the same 231.

I'm heading up to the cottage this weekend, taking some flowers with me that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Dipladenia (which has a cone type flower, bright red, continuous blooms throughout the summer) and Columbine (has a purple/blue flower also cone type, which grow well in wooded areas). We shall see if they do well up there.

Celebrated with my DS for his birthday yesterday. Made his favorite meal, lasagna, garlic bread, and choc cake with ice cream. So that was my RM and for tonite also RM was leftover lasagna and garlic bread, but I sent the cake home with him, but I had ice-cream.

Glad you're doing well. Take care :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, Jun-02-21 06:34

Hi mojo :wave:

Glad your back on track, fasting for a whole day is hard I donít think I could do it. Homemade lasagna yum! That was sweet of you to make it for him your a good mom :heart:

Those flowers sound perfect for the cottage, I love ones that bloom all summer. I was thinking some phlox would be nice also, they bloom in summer and smell really good. Glad your going up to the cottage but be careful Hubby just might put you to work :D

DH is working on the screen room at the camp, water is getting in on one side when it rains so heís putting up plexiglass 1/2 way up the sides. We have a freezer and other items we donít want to get wet. We had a hard time finding a nice chest freezer because they have been sold out.

RM today is left over roast with potato salad or macaroni salad and some strawberries w/ whipped cream.

Talk soon friend :rheart:

Jeep#17 Mon, Jun-07-21 05:04

Morning :wave:

I have kept the 2 pound loss but have not lost any more. Iím going to try and keep carbs lower this week and see if that helps me. Iím just not losing on CAD I donít think itís the plan I think Iím just eating to much or to many carbs. If I lose more pounds this week lowering carbs then that is what I will stick to. If I donít then Iíll stay with CAD and lower my calories which I donít want to do :o

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, Jun-08-21 08:25

Hey Jeep :wave:

Back from the cottage! Weight has gone up again. Definitely hard to stay on track. DD brings a lot of snacks and I can't seem to resist. I was in the water all weekend, which was nice, because it was in the 90's. Came home yesterday and I have been so itchy! I think I must have gotten a burn because the allergy meds don't touch it.

I'm glad your keeping the loss, but I know how frustrating it can be. That sounds like a good plan, to see which way works for you. I'm not very successful either, but I know its me not the plan also. I can't be on this plan and have snacks in the house. Just doesn't work!

Talk soon my friend :rheart:

mojolissa Thu, Jun-10-21 19:41

Hiya Jeep :wave:

I'm doing pretty good. Weight is steady, I'd like to see more of a drop soon though. I'll be gone to the cottage til next week Tues or Weds.

Trying to keep away from the snacks at night. I ate my OMAD early today, salad and cheesy bread. Nothing else to eat for the rest of the day/night.

Talk more when I get back from cottage my friend.

CarlieW Fri, Jun-11-21 11:49

Hey everybody!
I am working on CAD again for the umpteenth time. I know the books were written a long time ago and there have been lots of new discoveries in the time since. What are your thoughts on the following foods?

coconut flour

I just wonder if these things could be used with the CM, now that we know so much more about fiber and blood sugar.

CarlieW Sat, Jun-12-21 16:35

Today was a normal Saturday. We didn't have much going on. I grilled enough food for four meals this week!
CM: 2 eggs with cheese and bacon, coffee
CM: pork chop, cabbage
S: (I was struggling) 1 egg with cheddar cheese
RM: grilled burger w/ cheese
salad (romaine, onions, tomatoes, bleu cheese)
vanilla yogurt w/ chopped mixed nuts and chocolate chips

I found the Facbeook group for CAD. I think I am going to hop over there for more interaction.

Jeep#17 Mon, Jun-14-21 04:37

Morning :wave:

Hi Carlie....welcome, your meals sound perfect. Are you doing the CAD or CALP? Iím doing CAD itís the first one to come out. I eat a cheeseburger with fries also itís one of my favorites. I sometimes put the burger between lettuce leaves if I have them with red onion & tomato. I like to be able to pick it up. I love the checkers fries :yum:

Weight is staying the same so Iím going to attempt to count calories.
Iíve never been good at it and usually give up because I find it difficult to get accurate numbers. I have the Chronometer app I will see how it goes especially weighing the meat on my scale. I think I will weigh it after I cook it.

Mojo hope your having fun at the cottage, Iíve been at the camp for a while but Iím home now. I bet the water is warm with all the nice temperatures weíve had.

RM today will be a cheeseburger and Italian sausage with checkers fries and a salad. I need to start having my veggie soup again I have veggies to use up and the weather this week will be cooler.

Later :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, Jun-15-21 05:19

Morning :rose:

Well the calorie counting didnít last, I actually forgot to measure my salad dressing when I put it on the salad :o Iím not used to doing it, I guess you have to get used to it.

Iím having a ribeye steak for lunch w/ broccoli soup and RM will be bacon and eggs with Ezekiel bread toasted, one of my favorite meals. I do have one Italian sausage left from last nightís meal I might have also if Iím super hungry. Hubby offered me some cookies while watching tv but I turned them down, I had brushed my teeth and really donít eat after dinner. I was feeling hungry but held off.

Weight is up today not sure why so Iím hoping it goes right back down. I actually felt thinner so I hopped on the scale....mistake....I will weigh on Fridayís like I was doing.

Talk soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, Jun-16-21 12:08

Hi all :rose:

Iím doing good so far today I changed my TRE to 1-6 instead of 2-6
Iíve been getting hungry early and it works better for my 2nd meal. Iím trying not to snack just having 2 meals when Iím really hungry.

RM today is a large bowl of chili w/ sour cream red onion and shredded sharp cheese :yum:

Hope everyone is doing good, miss you Mojo!! Hope your enjoying the cottage with hubby :cool:

Later :rheart:

Jeep#17 Thu, Jun-17-21 13:00

Afternoon people :wave:

I woke up hungry this morning but held out till 1pm
RM was veggie soup and chicken tenders w/ blue cheese dressing.

I just got done mowing the lawn, really nice weather in the low 70s
I love those temps.

Later :rheart:

Jeep#17 Mon, Jun-21-21 04:55

Hello :wave:

Iím back at it today, I was off plan yesterday due to Fatherís Day and family. My weight has stayed the same on Friday when I weighed in.

RM today will be Buffalo chicken wings w/ blue cheese Iím keeping it lower carb today due to the amount of carbs I had yesterday.

Hot here, went swimming in the pool yesterday and will today if the rain stops. Not much else planned for today. I got major cramps in my legs last night after eating a large bowl of ice cream. Iím not sure why that happens when I eat a lot of sugar but itís not fun.

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, Jun-21-21 09:14

Hey Jeep :)

Nice to see you're going strong! I'm back from the cottage for a few days, but will be gone again for a few weeks. Looks like we had a new visitor. Welcome Carlie W!

Sorry I've been MIA, DD has been needing more support lately. She quit her job for the summer, but hopefully will be back to work in the fall when Grandson goes back to school. Please let it be back to in-person learning! So grandma gets a break....:lol:

Anywho, I'm back up to 236. More than when I started, my willpower to stop eating at night is gone. I can't go on like this. The OMAD has gone by the wayside. When I eat past a certain time of day, I don't stop. Not sure why it feels like I can't put food in fast enough. Then I feel terrible, bloated and yucky. I know its bad and not worth it. Maybe I need to put a muzzle over my mouth....:roll:

Glad to see you here my friends! :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, Jun-22-21 08:04

Good Morning! :wave:

Still steady at 236. Still having a second RM at night. UGH!!
Last night, couldn't sleep and had roasted chicken, macaroni salad, and blueberries.

Todays RM will be Red Lobster, shrimp scampi, coconut shrimp, broccoli, salad, and cheddar bay biscuits. My nephew is treating us to dinner out. I never turn down Red Lobster....yum :yum:

Hey Jeep, I need to buckle down at the cottage. DD is bringing alot of bad foods, but its my fault for eating it. Hubby is working hard on the deck, so he needs help. We're heading out tomorrow and won't be in town for 2 weeks. I'll miss you my friend, but I'll be back! Have fun at your cabin. :)

My nephews wedding is in July, looks like I'll probably be the same weight. I was so sure I could drop some major weight this year. Ho-hum, whoa is me, EEEEyorrre.

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, Jun-23-21 11:18

Hey mojo :wave:

I probably just missed you leaving for the cottage....maybe you and DD can come up with a day or two that she can bring the goodies up and you both can indulge in them. Let her know you appreciate the treats but not all the time, you can enjoy them with your RM. I too had a full day of goodies on Fatherís Day, son had to work so I made food for hubby in the morning and then when son got there we ate again with dessert😃. Red lobster yum canít pass that up! Please donít be to down on yourself, we all slip up....thatís life girl :heart:

RM today will be 2 tuna and egg sandwiches with a salad. Iím staying in my 1-6 window and boy am I hungry!

Talk soon :rheart:

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