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Jeep#17 Tue, May-11-21 03:28

Morning mojo :wave:

Howís everything going? Hope your enjoying the cottage life!

RM yesterday was a salad with some pepperoni, blue cheese, and red onion.....cheeseburger and Italian sausage w/ tater tots.

Mowed the lawn and weed whacked it yesterday, I need to pick weeds but I hate doing that. Iím having trouble finding large pots to replant my flowers in most stores are sold out.

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, May-11-21 22:20

Hiya Jeep :wave:

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Weight is slowly going back up again.
Summer is bad for me. I lose all focus on weight loss.
Definitely need a scale for the cottage.

I'm sorry I don't post when at the cottage either.
I don't have internet or anything up there. But I will check in with you when I can, don't give up on me! :D

Planning on bringing the grandson up this weekend. He is excited to go fishing, have a bond fire, and play games etc. :yay:

I'm glad you had a nice Mothers Day! You deserve it :)

Talk soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, May-12-21 04:41

Hi mojo :rose:

NP, Iím having the same problems as you are with weight. We are planning to start spending more time at our camp and we donít have internet either. Sounds like fun with grandson hope he catches a fish!

I will never give up on you! :bhug: Your just enjoying yourself this year with your newly renovated cottage. Donít buy the scale you need to have fun not stress about ups & downs, just be as good as you can and when your home have your 2 Arbyís chicken & baconís they always work! :yay:

RM today....broccoli soup ( still cool out here) small salad w/ turkey & cheese, Buffalo chicken wings w/ blue cheese.

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Thu, May-13-21 13:21

Thank you Jeep :daizy:

You're a sweetheart!
I need to get rid of some junk food outta the house.
DD always brings it and I should put my foot down.

The weather is supposed to be 70s and sunny this weekend. So we're heading up again. :sunny: I mowed and edged the yard today. I'm trying to talk hubby into not putting grass seed down at the cottage, because I don't want to spend my summer mowing 2 yards!

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Fri, May-14-21 06:29

Hi mojo :rose:

70s that great!! Finally getting here also and we are still getting the camp ready. Yesterday I bought a ton of food to stock up the fridge and freezer. I told hubby he has to bring up my baby BBQ so I can grill some meat for myself. I donít like cooking at the house so you know Iím not doing it at the camp :nono:

We have 12 acres but only a small area is grass the rest is woods and he mows that. Iím having to mow every 6 days at home because it grows so fast and if I donít I have to rake up the mulch and I hate raking :o

RM today will be a cheeseburger w/ checkers fries :yum: enjoy your weekend.

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, May-17-21 09:37

Hey there Jeep :wave:

Back from the cottage with a few extra lbs. I don't know why, but my willpower is gone when I'm there. Vacation mode.

Anyways, I'm being good today, so far just a morning omelet.
Probably have early RM and drink water in between.

Your place sounds really nice. I love being in nature, watching the black squirrels chase each other through the trees. The sun glistening on the lake.

Talk soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, May-18-21 07:25

Morning mojo :rose:

Iím back home for today and tomorrow then going back to camp I hear ya about eating on vacation, Iím the same least your brave enough to get on the scale! I havenít weighed in a while :o

Iím being good today and cutting down on the carbs because Iíve been eating way to many. Pizza & wings today Iím going to try to just have the wings maybe one piece of pizza....we get it at a small place down the road and itís delicious :yum:

Glad your enjoying the the weather and getting to the cottage :cool:

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, May-18-21 18:58

Hey Jeep :wave:

I might have to be stricter during the week to make up for the all out snacking at the cottage on the weekend. :)

Today was good, I had seafood salad and crackers, tortilla chips and salsa con queso, and I stopped eating at 4pm.

Thank you for listening and being there for me sweets :daizy:

Talk soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Fri, May-21-21 12:42

Hey you :rose:

I like your idea to be good during the the week and enjoy the weekends. That should even it out, 5 good and 2 fun days at the cottage. Plus Iím sure hubby is enjoying himself on the weekends and itís hard not to do the same.

Iím up 2 pounds so that sucks, but like I always say Iíll be good tomorrow :D

RM-Iím making nachos w/ taco chips, chili beans, shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa.....Iím at home to hot for the camp, itís 87 right now and was 86 yesterday so itís to hot to be at our camp. Iím planting a lot of flowers in pots that I just got at Home Depot a lot of geraniums.

Mojo...I love talking with you your a great lady!!...Iím glad I met you friend :heart:

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, May-24-21 14:04

Thanks Jeep, your so good to me :daizy:

Yes, I hear ya on the hot weather. We don't have air conditioning at our cottage either. But we can jump in the lake, when it gets too hot! LOL

I do get more exercise at the cottage, but I definitely eat more junk and have cocktails up there. I don't think exercise makes up for eating bad foods, because I'm back home from the cottage up to 234. Need to be good this week. So I'm keeping low carb and no more sweets during the week. Gonna fast for longer as well.

Love that you're planting flowers! I need to do that at the cottage. We have a fun little round made from a cut down tree that would make a cool planter. Don't know what to put in it though. What do you think? We aren't there to water it (except for weekends) so it would have to be hardy.

Talk soon my friend. I'm so glad your here to talk to. :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, May-25-21 05:12

Morning mojo :rose:

Iím thinking geraniums if itís in the sun, they are very hearty and pretty.....I like the deep pink and white mixed together. Home Depot has them on sale 4 for $10. You better pick up some potting soil also to fill in your round. Donít wait to long to get the flowers theyíre selling fast, just keep them watered till you go up this weekend.

Iím fasting today also as I ate ice cream and some chocolate covered mint Oreo cookies yesterday! On a Monday!! :help: They were good though :blush:

Iím not sure about RM today, probably a cheeseburger w/ avocado, red onion & tomato. Iím out of my Checkers Fries, I mean do I really need them! :o I would love to keep carbs low but that usually doesnít last long for me.

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, May-25-21 08:03

Hey Jeep :wave:

Thanks for the tip on the geraniums! I'll have to check that out at Home Depot. My husband lives at those stores, HD, Lowes, and Menards. To be fair, he has done alot of the work himself at the cottage, but he doesn't hold back when he needs/wants something, he gets it. Saved us alot of money not hiring a contractor though!

Weight has dropped back to 232. Yesterday RM had a big juicy rib eye, sweet potato, roasted pepper with cheese. Today thinking about my Arbys sandwiches. Cutting out the sweets for now (at least during the week).

Trying to eat better during the week is hard! Gotta stop bringing the junk food into the house. Sticking to the OMAD and no snacking!

Talk soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Wed, May-26-21 09:41

Hi mojo :wave:

Down the 2 pounds I gained, I did OMAD yesterday and today Iím eating in a window 3-6. I donít have a problem doing OMAD one day but canít do it day after day.

Iím making a roast in the crockpot for my RM probably have a small salad with it because I have lettuce tomato and red onion in the fridge. I have blue cheese dressing to use up and some chicken strips.

I just got done with the lawn, mowing on the rider, trimming and push mowing. I have a lot of steps already this morning because I did weigh lifting earlier. Iím just enjoying the day although Iím pretty tired now. Iím hoping for rain this morning, seems like itís been over a month that we have had any.

Enjoy the day :rheart:

mojolissa Fri, May-28-21 18:17

Hey Jeep :wave:

Wow! Sounds like you're doing very well. :cheer:

I'm struggling a bit lately. My late night snacking has come back with a vengeance. I did my yard work on Wednesday night as well. Looks like its going to be rainy and cold this weekend, so I'm staying home. Hubby is going to go to the cottage and work on cleaning out the attached garage. Tearing down nasty drywall and removing all the junk. He ordered a dumpster for Tues or Wed.

My allergies have been acting up badly. I've been so itchy and bitchy, sneezy and wheezy! :lol:

Take care my friend :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, Jun-01-21 06:31

Morning mojo :wave:

You will get back on track you always do. Your fasting is so good for you and gets you back to plan fast.

I was bad yesterday, had a nice BBQ and pretty much ate all day! Drinking my black coffee this morning and going to try and fast till my eating window. No exercise today to tired 💤

RM- left over Memorial Day food, Iíll try to keep to my hour time limit and no sweets (because there gone) :D

Weather will be warm again this week and hopefully this weekend, itís been so cold at night I had to cover some of my flowers. What a pain but I put so much time in planting them.

Later :rheart:

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