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mojolissa Fri, Apr-09-21 19:59

Hey Jeep :wave:

The reason I eat at 2pm or 3pm was this from Dr Fung, which helps explain why eating earlier helps with weight loss. My BIL tried not eating anything past noon, and was extremely successful.

I've tried eating at dinnertime, but it just isn't as effective. As you said, it was harder to wait all day to eat, and when I eat later, I'm hungrier for some reason. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

As far as calories go, it varies, but I'm noting that if I keep calories around 1200 to 1300, my weight loss is more consistent. I hope this helps. We are all our own unique snowflakes, right?

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Sat, Apr-10-21 06:03

Mojo :wave:

Thank you soooooo much :thup: I just got done reading the article and it was so interesting and true. We always laugh because around 7:30 I say Iím hungry....every night never fails. He makes comment that itís the same time every night. By the time I go to bed Iím fine and forget about it.....unless I donít eat enough calories then it follows me to bed.

Interesting about your BIL....that would be hard to do but I tell ya if it works than itís worth it. Iím so tired of being overweight!!

I will try this again maybe eating earlier I will be able to stay with it...I think Iíll go with 3 pm and see if that works I hope thatís early enough. Dr. Fung says noon to 3 but I will be 3-4. If it doesnít then I will switch to 2-3 what you think?

Not going to count calories at first, I want to get used to the OMAD then I will work on tracking....I have only tracked sporadically in my life and find it very difficult to get calorie counts on meat lol if I put in before cooking itís always different than after itís cooked....but it does give me a general idea.

OMG I wish I could just stick to something....Iím always bouncing around. I love CAD but I just donít lose on it with the RM plus the CM...I do maintain well with the plan but I first have to lose the damn weight :roll:

Unique snowflakeís 🤔🤔 I LIKE IT!!!

Enjoy your weekend girl :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, Apr-12-21 19:48

Hey Jeep :wave:

So, ummm, I've had a set back. Let me be a horrible warning! Like I said before, not to eat late at night. As soon as I did, I could not stop eating! Gained back 4 lbs and now back to 229.

Back to start it seems :o:
So pissed at myself, because I was doing so well :roll:

I hope you tried time restriction and eating earlier in the day. I hope you have lots of success!

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, Apr-13-21 04:13

Hey you.....

Totally sucks that you gained 4 pounds but Iím sure that most of those will be gone today!! Itís just going to be water weight thereís no way you gained 4 pounds :stop:

As a wise person once told me set backs happen to everyone and you are very dedicated to your WOE :thup:

Yesterday I did the OMAD (RM) 3:30-4:30 I had a large salad w/ tomato, onion & avocado and broccoli soup, chuck roast, pasta salad w/ crab & Swiss cheese.

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, Apr-13-21 06:49

Thanks Jeep :wave:

I'm happy to report that I dropped 2 lbs, so I'm back to 227. Lesson learned. Removing ice-cream and peanut butter from the RM for now.

You're trying the earlier meal? Yay! How did your hubby do with that? How did you do? Did the scales drop at all? Give me all the deets...

Today I'm sticking with the meal I know will help drop the scales -( or it used to) 2 Arbys chicken bacon swiss sandwiches (1/2 bun). Gonna add weight lifting today as well.

Talk soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, Apr-13-21 07:33

Hi mojo :daizy:

Thatís great news!! Tomorrow youíll drop another 2 with the Arbys chicken bacon Swiss..... which I have never had but they sound good. Do you put 1/2 bun in Cronometer not sure if it lets you do that, you know Iím not good at tracking.

I am trying the OMAD earlier meal and DH gets home at 3pm but never likes to eat that early because he eats lunch at noon and I do understand. However.....I thought of you and your hubby and I told him Iím hungry and Iím eating you can eat with me or Iíll fix your meal later and Iíll sit with you while you eat lol he decided to just eat with me so Iím not sure how this will work out daily but one day at a time.

It was easier to eat earlier than at 5, Iím probably going to eat at different times depending on my hunger and my husband :o

Iím weighing in on Fridayís and itís not easy to not jump on the scale every morning but the ups and downs are just to much for me. I really need to see the scale go down and I think this will help me.

Good for the weight lifting Are you going to use the weight bench in the basement? I have free weights but not using them right now. I need to get into a routine.

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Wed, Apr-14-21 09:52

Hiya Jeep :wave:

YAY! Back down to 225, you were right! I do weigh everyday, even though it depresses me when it goes up, I know which meals help me lose and which ones don't. I guess I'm more of an instant gratification kinda gal.

That's funny about ur hubby :D, good on you for eating earlier.
He would rather eat with you and he can always have a snack later on. Does he have any weight to lose?

Yeah, my weight machine in the basement. My arm muscles are sore today though.

Can't wait to hear if you lost weight on Friday!
TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Fri, Apr-16-21 04:58

Morning mojo :wave:

Down 2 pounds for the week! I just hope it stays down now
I stayed OMAD for 4 days this week Monday-Thursday and it was really hard I was hungry all the time except after I ate. I had a hard time sleeping but thatís typical for me. I loved how good my food taste and that I didnít have to count anything.

Probably going to eat 2 meals today Iím already hungry this morning :)

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Fri, Apr-16-21 07:36

Morning Jeep :wave:

Wow! Success! That is great news!
It should come easier though. Maybe there are foods that are triggering your hunger. I also had another set back. I have to take lasagna off my list for now. This list is getting longer of the foods that are either triggers or making me too hungry. :mad:

Maybe you should try the 2MAD, and see if it works for you. I had a harder time with it, because I like large meals, but you like the smaller meals. Have you been tracking at all?

Congrats on the 2 pounds down! That must feel good! :cheer:

TTYL :rheart:

Jeep#17 Mon, Apr-19-21 05:22

Morning mojo.... :wave:

You will bounce right back to OMAD and any weight gain will be gone soon :thup:

Iím going to just roll with what I can do on a daily basis, not going to force myself. That just backfires for me, I do love fasting and might try EOD.

Got my 2nd Moderna vaccine on Saturday and mostly sat around on Sunday and watched my husband sleep all day long! I didnít have any side effects except watching him sleep and I pretty much ate all day I was so bored.

I donít track calories and I probably should, I have tracked sporadically on Cronometer....but it doesnít last long. I have tracked carbs but that is so much easier than calories.

RM will be 2 cheeseburgers with avocado and some checkers fries maybe broccoli soup also.

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Mon, Apr-19-21 10:42

Hiya Jeep :wave:

Yes, I try to log everything I eat on cronometer, so that I know what causes weight gain. Cronometer does all the break downs of protein, carbs, fat and calories. Makes it easier that they also have fast food items on there. I do love me some fast food :)

It is nice to OMAD, because I don't like to cook. Hubby gets his own breakfast and lunch. Usually boiled egg and apple for breakfast and sandwich of some kind with chips for lunch & cookie (if we have any). So that means I can do one meal for the both of us for dinner or (sometimes the kids eat with us).

You eat a lot of broccoli soup girl! Do you make it yourself?
When you say checkers fries- are they a fast food chain?

Glad you're fully vaccinated now. We didn't have any troubles either. Do you like to travel? We love to travel, but haven't in a few years, because we bought a fixer-upper cottage on a lake that took alot of time and money! But it is now almost done, so we can just go and enjoy it :yay:

TTY soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Tue, Apr-20-21 06:38

Morning girl :wave:

Haha yes I like me some broccoli soup! I do make it myself and itís very simple but as the weather gets warmer I donít eat it as much. Checkers is a restaurant and they sell there fries in the store and they are the best fries. They season them with pepper and other seasoning....if you see them in store try them.

A cottage on the lake wow that sounds fun just be careful of sipping all those fancy cocktails while sitting in your Adirondack chairs on the lake :D

I did OMAD yesterday and today I will do 2MAD probably around 1 Iím hoping this EOD schedule will work for me.

We are supposed to get snow tonight 3 or more inches I canít believe it....crazy weather :o

Later :rheart:

mojolissa Tue, Apr-20-21 10:00

Hey there Jeep :wave:

Well I'm at 226 today. Not too bad. I had beef stroganoff for my RM yesterday with a 1/2 cookie for dessert. Got very hungry last night, so I had 2 boiled eggs and it didn't seem to make a difference on the scale. So that could be my CM, if I get very hungry I'll be a 2MAD. I always have boiled eggs for hubby in the fridge. He has them every morning.

Oh I love to have cocktails at the lake. :) Unfortunately, it always bumps up the scales. :( We will be going this weekend to open it up, but it will be cold....snow is in the forecast this week for us too. I think by the weekend it will be back to the 50s though. We have a wood stove, so we will definitely be using that.

Today I will be doing the old stand by. My Arbys sandwiches. :yum: Haven't seen checkers fries in the store. I will look for them next time.

Making your own soups? I'm impressed and you said you don't cook. :D

Talk soon :rheart:

mojolissa Wed, Apr-21-21 10:26

Hey Jeep :wave:

So I'm back to 225. Slow but steady. During the last 2 months I've lost 7 pounds.

I'm going to attempt a hot spinach dip today. I've been craving it and have all ingredients now.
It's been years since I've had it. Yummy! :yum:

I couldn't find any pumpernickel bread to serve it in, but I have some small dipping bread to use instead. The store said they don't carry it, except during the holidays.

Watching alot of mysteries lately. Vera, New Tricks, Poirot, Murdoch, etc.... I like watching British TV because the actors aren't all glamorous and perfect. They just look like regular folks.

I hope all is well with you and yours.
Talk soon :rheart:

Jeep#17 Thu, Apr-22-21 04:59

Morning mojo :wave:

Thatís great 7 pounds thatís not easy to do especially eating what we want.. ;) spinach dip wow so your cooking to...have I inspired you with my broccoli soup hahaha :D

Tomorrow is weigh in day for me so we will see, Iím hoping for a least a pound a week!

Mysteries, interesting Iíve never heard of those and donít know if I get British TV but I like regular folks....I watch those Peloton adds and everyone is so in shape and gorgeous.....Iím watching a lot of football shows because the draft is a week from today and I canít wait to see who my Bills pick at 30 :q:

I only did OMAD one day this week but I have been eating in a window and feel pretty good with it :thup:

RM today will be a breakfast meal toast, eggs, bacon, hash browns....I love breakfast meals although Iíve found myself craving fast food for some strange reason :q: :D

Talk soon :rheart:

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