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Meme#1 Fri, Apr-10-15 20:21

Today's lunch :) What did you have? #2
Two eggs with red pepper, spring onion and mushroom.

zoran Fri, Apr-10-15 23:06

2 cups chopped super fresh cabbage with olive oil and vinegar

mike_d Sat, Apr-11-15 12:21

I had homemade barbacoa and a hot pepper :yum:

JeannieBug Sat, Apr-11-15 20:46

Today, for lunch, I had:

6 fresh mini sweet peppers - sliced
3 slices oven-roasted turkey lunchmeat - sliced thin cross-ways
1/4 cup colby-jack cheese - shredded
Mixed with mayo, salt and pepper

LAwoman75 Sun, Apr-12-15 06:51

I had a baked chicken leg quarter, skin removed and some fresh asparagus sauteed in olive oil.

Robin120 Sun, Apr-12-15 07:21

went out yesterday for my birthday :)

tuna tartare appetizer with half an avo
kale salad with goat cheese, walnuts, and a creamy lemon vinaigrette

oh, and i had a bloody mary.


Meme#1 Sun, Apr-12-15 09:07

:wave: Happy Birthday Robin :Party: :Party: :cheer: :Party: :Party:
That sound a like a yummy lunch..
Yay on the Bloody Mary :thup:

oysterpie Sun, Apr-12-15 12:24

Brunch: 1/2 sliced avocado, handful of rocket leaves, 1 fried egg in butter, 1 flaxseed bread smeared with boursin
2 coffees with 2 tbsp double (heavy) cream.

Dinner: Oven baked fillet of cod topped with bacon and boursin with courgette and aubergines and more rocket dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

ccotta Sun, Apr-12-15 16:21

Roasted pumpkin seeds, string cheese, vegetarian soy hot dog (Big Frank), Zevia soda. Need to eat more veg!

oysterpie Mon, Apr-13-15 07:23

yesterday's dinner

oven baked cod topped with 1 boursin, aubergine and courgettes
1 tbsp mayo

msmum1977 Mon, Apr-13-15 08:17

Leftover pork shoulder with roasted onions and turnip, and green beans on the side. Club soda.

lkelley36 Mon, Apr-13-15 08:21

I had yummy chicken wings last night!!!

Smcca4 Mon, Apr-13-15 10:21

Two jalapeno popper cups (made yesterday from a LC recipe), which are amazing, plus a piece of triple cream brie, and some raw sliced zucchini and radishes.

Robin120 Mon, Apr-13-15 11:09

Thanks Meme :wave:

Oysterpie- that avo salad sounds so good!

ccotta- i have had many very similar lunches over the years. string cheese and pumpkin seeds are high on my list of almost everyday foods.

today: T- minus one week- i have just 5 days left until my first endurance mountain trail race post guillain barre. so i am serious battle mode, as i feel completely unprepared, and am totally untrained (going to try and walk it and finish, time is unimportant, outside, i have 10 hours to complete before i get pulled).

HUGE hard boiled egg
2 string cheese
seaweed snacks
large mug of vanilla cinnamon chia pudding
diet lemonaide

denky01 Mon, Apr-13-15 15:29

fried chicken (no breading); roasted asparagus

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