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Ms Arielle Mon, Jul-09-18 12:59

The Dental Diet , book by Dr. Steven Lin
This is the second most important book I have ever read!! DANDR will always be number one-- as it showed me the way to low carb and good health.
I could not find the way to better oral health as any dental office I have experienced generally deals with fixing dental problems, rather than preventing them. My questions in this vein fell on deaf ears. HERE , in this book, are the answers I have been looking for.

The subtitle, " The Surpising Link between Your Teeth, Real Food and Life",
only hints at the vast information packed into this easy to read format that delves into studies and loaded with explanatory diagrams about the failure of our modern diet in dental health, the gateway to total body health, and how to reclaim a healthy jaw and healthy teeth via a number of methods that primarily depends on a low carb diet based on vegetables and meats.

The structure of the jaw, which also affects the breathing airway, is well developed when the body is well nourished with sufficient fat-soluable vitamins including K2, sufficient fiber for chewing and gut microbes, using his restructured pyramid; and suprizingly, the epidemic of poorly developed jaws and facial structure and teeth decay can be stopped.

Definitely written to pull all the SAD eaters in to a new way of eating. Though not as LC as most of us low carbers prefer, clearly the food options can easily fit most low carbers.

WOW!! A must read if you want better oral health for yourself, your children, and your children's children.

From the above--

Dr. Steven Lin, an experienced dentist and the world’s first dental nutritionist, has analyzed our ancestral traditions, epigenetics, gut health, and the microbiome in order to develop food-based principles for a literal top-down holistic health approach. Merging dental and nutritional science, Dr. Lin lays out the dietary program that can help ensure you won’t need dental fillings or cholesterol medications—and give you the resources to raise kids who develop naturally straight teeth. With our mouth as the gatekeeper of our gut, keeping our oral microbiome balanced will create a healthy body through a healthy mouth.

This book floored me. A wake up call to all parents that dental care starts with proper nutrition, foods that exercise the jaw and nutrients that build strong bones and strong teeth. Teeth have the ability to heal---what a concept!!

s93uv3h Mon, Jul-09-18 13:11

Originally Posted by Ms Arielle
This is the second most important book I have ever read!
Thank you. Just ordered it.


mike_d Tue, Jul-10-18 14:21

Diet helps, especially with cavities in youngsters, but I don't think it can cure gum disease or repair its subsequent bone loss.

Ms Arielle Tue, Jul-10-18 15:37

The book includes far more than diet.

Ms Arielle Tue, Jul-10-18 17:17

TEDx --if you knew good oral health could prevent lethal heart disease, or prevent ED, would oral health be more important ?

He also has a GREAT Utube video on the critical importance to breast feeding, starting with the spreading of the upper palate, allowing space for future teeth, and open airways to imparting GI microflora to the turing on of genes in the future.

I still remember at the hospital, the nurses offering me formula. I remember my boys needing tongue surgery that PREVENTED such options-- yet the doctor did not think it important enough to fix asap.

whynot18 Tue, Jul-10-18 22:27

Thank you for publishing this. I have ordered a copy. I have read a little about teeth healing themselves, but I would like to know more.

The thing I don't like is that dentists nowadays have such sensitive x-rays that they can see "cavities" that wouldn't have been seen earlier. Every tiny thing they want to fill in.

I was taking my children to an old-school dentist, and he did not "see" cavities either with visual inspections or his X-rays. Then, when our insurance changed, I had to take them to a new dentist and that dentist discovered six cavities in one child's teeth. I found that hard to believe and went to another dentist who found only about two cavities in that child. Did the cavities heal? Did the six-cavity dentist con us? (Six-cavity dentist had a fancy office and has since moved to fancier digs.)

Ms Arielle Tue, Jul-10-18 22:43

I totally understand.

Usually my children get sealants, but was very frustrated when I was told the cavity had started before the sealant was applied. WTH??

Sealants dont get my vote anymore.

Vitamin K2 is vitally important ,and Dr Lin provides a great explaination of why the formulation to make bone also includes lots of fat soluable vitamins, the usual minerals AND vit K2.

WHen reading other sources touting K2, calcium supplementation is actually closely correlated to higher heart attacks--- THAT was a surprize, and the key lies with K2 that moves the calcium into the bones and teeth where it belongs... What is not clear to me is how curative this is: can the extra calcium lodged in the vessels and the heart muscle be removed as well??

Back to Dr Lin-- he talks about balancing the microbes of the mouth, to keep the gums healthy, the oral cavity healthy. And offers a number of recipes that many might recognize as maintenance level in the carbs.

It is a complex book, some 300 pages, with chapter after chapter of either evifence for an issue, and then chapters and chapters on how to help the current circumstances.

Funny how he talks about the theraputic effects of chewing food. Because I know from personal observation, that my son with jaw ussues speaks better after a day of chewing gum. CHewing gum became part of his treatment for speech. Fortunately he and all other students are allowed to chew gum in school now.

Chewing our food 50 times before swalling might really have value.

Meme#1 Tue, Jul-10-18 22:50

I hate to say it but these dental clinics lie. In my 20s, I was once told I had 6 or 7 cavities and asked the sales lady ( not a dentist) to show me on the x-rays and she couldn't so I left. Years went by and nothing.

Ms Arielle Tue, Jul-10-18 22:57

I dont doubt it.

When I had a cracked tooth, thanks to dentist No.1 , No.2 kept complaing about how much my tooth was costing him. HIM??? I spent $1100 in addition to insurance for root canal and a gold cap. ANd it all needs to be redone.

My son has a couple "cavities" and I will let it go for now, and have him add K2 supplement . Thinking of asking my nephew to check his teeth for a second opinion.

Meme#1 Tue, Jul-10-18 23:29

I've read several articles in the past that said Magnesium was very important for tooth and gum health.

Ms Arielle Wed, Jul-11-18 08:11

yes, there is a complex of minerals and vitamins that work together. The push has been for more calcium to have good bones but whole picture has not been explained, supported or recommended.

K2 has virtually disappeared from our American diet. As a kid I ate pickled fish, being a good Swede, but even that is gone--epecialy as it is loaded with sugar. Have been buying raw sauer kraut for now as it is much cheaper than gouda and brie. Loooking to make my own pickles this summer ....... even cheaper.

Looking at this product to be sure I get the K2 microbes.

NewRuth Wed, Jul-11-18 08:59

Originally Posted by Ms Arielle
Looking at this product to be sure I get the K2 microbes.

I've done a fair bit of fermentation and IMO starter culture is unnecessary in most cases. I'd use it if I was fermenting meat, but for most vegetables it's unnecessary, especially given the cost. Once you've make your own ferment, you'll have juice from finished batches to add to the vegetables if you feel the need for starter culture.

I want to thank you for starting this topic. By following your links, I ended up changing my dental floss to Dr. Tungs. I am amazed at the difference in that floss. My mouth is so much happier!

ETA: From my research, inoculating a ferment with bacteria that ferments another type of product, like putting whey into a vegetable ferment, doesn't do much besides change the immediate level of acidity. Mercola's product has S. Thermophiles and L. Acidophilus both are milk fermenting bacteria with optimum temperatures far higher than the optimum temperature for vegetable ferments. I didn't parse the rest of the list, because the low hanging fruit was enough.

Ms Arielle Wed, Jul-11-18 09:26

Thank you NewRuth for weighing in.

The reason Ihave not fermented in the past is because I want to start with a culture that I know works. Often homes have an upset in the mircoflora due to many issues, so I am more comfortable with using a purchased, or donated culture. ( I use commercial yogurts to start mine, and after a couple batches, the final product is off due to a contamination; kefir grains were also sent to me by a friend, and while that took more effort to get right , Im willing to try again.)

Otherwise, I am particularly interested in the K2, and other than a starter, I dont know how to be sure I am getting that particular microbe that makes K2.

Glad to help--hope you enjoy your new floss!!

Ilikemice Wed, Jul-11-18 10:06

Off topic, but this is a good opportunity to pass on something I recently learned - chronic breathing difficulty, even that due to untreated congestion - in children can lead to problems in the development of the jaw and skull - including later sleep apnea. So if your child is always "stuffy," get it treated!

Nancy LC Wed, Jul-11-18 10:15

My sister just had a denture made and it doesn't fit right and hurts her horribly. I want to avoid that future! She blames it on having genetically bad teeth, but I think it is her carby diet. I'm also using a water flosser right now and it does an amazing job of cleaning stuff that even brushing doesn't get rid of. I think my gums are much healthier now.

If your child is always stuffy, suspect something in their diet. Dairy and corn stuff me up like crazy. Dairy does a number on lots of people's sinuses and it is actually well known as a contributor to phlegm making, but it really does a number on my sinuses. Pretty sure that was why I had issues with chronic sinus infections for a long time.

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