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mkm Mon, Jun-30-03 12:54

Lowcarb online shopping in Europe?
What sites can you recommend for online shopping in Europe. I found this one:

But the prices in pounds are about the same as in dollars :( They do seem to have lots of things though.

Ordering directly from U.S.A as a private person will add plenty of taxes, so it's not a good idea either.

Are these the prices I can expect or is there any other place to shop at?



lisa-betha Mon, Nov-10-03 19:09

I live in Norway and shop from in the UK. They have lots of low carb stuff :-)

I think I'll try the link you provided, though, seems there are loads more to choose from there.


kingb123 Tue, Nov-11-03 08:59

Do they ship to Spain?

mkm Tue, Nov-11-03 10:58

I think most on-line shops ship to EU-countries.
Another site:


Da Rosa Sat, Jul-03-04 19:18

Trevligt att se svenska här! Va lite ensamt.
Ojoj, du har verkligen lyckats med dieten.... grattis!

Kolla in min journal så kan man altid skriva lite till. :)

~ Priscilla Da Rosa

Equinox Fri, Aug-06-04 14:46

Try this one for Atkins stuff; they have a little. Just go to the store in the mall that says Body and Soul, and then go to the left, one click into the next room, and the Atkins shelf is on the right. Only very basic stuff, though, but here's the thing; they ship free in the EU/EEC area!

Equinox Fri, Aug-06-04 14:55

BTW, great idea for a thread, I would have started one myself eventually, probably, because: Due to some slightly illogical toll regulations, vitamins are percieved as drugs by the toll ppl here in Norway. That means most of the world is off limits as far as ordering vitamins (and vitamin-enriched bars, for example) is concerned. But, the whole EU/EEC area is allowed! So I can't order any of the good stuff from the US, which is where a lot of it comes from, arghh!!! But the UK is okay...

bb_peregri Wed, Aug-18-04 04:46

I get some stuff from in the netherlands and the rest I get from which has okay shipping prices.
The ketolife shop does take a while to deliver though, but for me in Belgium it's the cheapest.

ellie F Mon, Feb-14-05 12:17

Cheddar Cheese by Mail Order?
I'm going back to low carb to lose some weight I've gained since moving here to France a year ago. In the past, when I lived in the US, I used chunks of cheddar cheese for snacks, etc and that worked out very well. But I can't find cheddar cheese here, and the truth is that I find most French cheeses loathesome. Does anyone know of an online source that will send cheddar from the UK?

zuzzan Thu, Feb-16-06 03:50

Originally Posted by bb_peregri
The ketolife shop does take a while to deliver though, but for me in Belgium it's the cheapest.

I get my ketostrips from the drugstore. Its a strip that also tests for sugar in the urine so many diabetics use them. I would advice to ask your local drugstore if they have a strip that can measure ketosis. I pay like 33§ for 200 strips.


sharinka Fri, Jun-16-06 06:26 :agree:

Marie2006 Wed, Jun-28-06 10:06

this link doesn't work..

i'd like to order low carb products from france too

thanks !

Nico78 Tue, Feb-27-07 08:48

I'm in Sweden and I'm looking for low-carb stores. The only links that seem to work are the lowcarb megastore and sugarlite.
Btw Sugarlite has very good shipping prices! :D

catsrus Tue, Feb-27-07 12:43

I use for my Atkins products. Several here use Nettrition

trisellen Fri, May-25-07 03:43

german based shop, lots of low carb products.

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