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snmn&stars Fri, Mar-12-04 10:12

OMG!!!! I absolutely loved this recipe and I don't like quiche! It wasn't to eggy and I didn't even miss the bread crust. Oh it was so yummy!!! I had my mom taste it because she loves quiche and I couldn't pry her hands off of it. She is on a low fat "diet" and she couldn't resist this. This is not a low fat recipe, but she ate like half of the dish.

Great recipe, it's deffinately an item I will have in my house from now on!!

sisbogart Tue, Mar-23-04 15:59


Absolutely wonderful. EVERYBODY loves it. Thanks!!


Brookey Sat, Mar-27-04 16:51

oh i loved it... add tabasco... it was wonderful

marchbaby Sun, Apr-11-04 16:12

Tried it again
as the first time I didn't like it. Well this time I used only 3 eggs, and it was fantastic, the kids are having it for dinner and there won't be any leftovers.:cool:

Jarrod Wed, Apr-21-04 09:36

Agreeeeeeeeed.. I have made this like 4 times... it gets better every time...
From Ham and Pepp
to Pepp and Sausage
to pepp and Bacon
or... to the MEAT LOVERS ( Pepp, ham, bacon, sausage )
yeah that is a lot of PIG...but OH MY.!!
annnnnnnnnd I 90% of the time top it off w/ cold slices of
Jalapenos ( cuz that is the kinda guy I am )
But.. you can BAKE on the jalapenos.. but that REALLY brings out more of a burn....than a "taste" when eating it.

Yummmmmmm..!! Thanks !

Divina99 Wed, Apr-21-04 09:57

Ok I'm SOLD!LoL I'm making this tonight. Thanks for sharing DW. :D

vixen69 Thu, Apr-22-04 18:09

I made this for my mom who doesn't do LC and turns her nose up at anything low carb and she loved it. Even asked me for the recipe. This one is a keeper!

MaryToU Wed, Apr-28-04 19:18

This has been an easy standby favorite for the family. Last time I made it, I cooked up susage, and crumbled it up, the put it between the cheese bottom and the egg and cream mixture. Boy, that went over big!!! Just topped it off with the sauce and cheese. Next time might add onion and pepper on top of that.

Nancy LC Sun, May-02-04 19:17

Aroooo! This one makes me howl with joy. I just made it tonight for the first time. I used Trader Joe's Quatro Frommagio shredded cheese (parmesan, assagio, mozzarella and provalone ... I think) in the "crust" and I used fresh basil, thyme and oregano from my garden in the pizza sauce.

Wow! Its soooo good.

Pmizer Mon, May-03-04 14:06

This was some really good pizza. I had my doubts but I wasn't disappointed!

BlitzedAng Mon, May-03-04 16:14

The children love this soo many ways... Pizza quiche,chicken alfredo quiche,cheeseburger quiche,seafood quiche. All ya have to do is change the sauce or seasonings for whichever way your making it.

busybee Sat, May-08-04 16:21

Well finally got around to making this dish ... it was fantastic .. so if you've seen this recipe don't wait to make it .... you will not be sorry .... the only thing I did differently was to saute my mushrooms and green peppers a bit in basil olive oil before I used them on the pizza .... yumm yum yum

Joys Thu, May-13-04 16:09

I have the "crust" in the in oven right now. So far it smells delicious! Let ya know how it turns out....

Joys Fri, May-14-04 12:57

It was absolutely wonderful!!! I had pizza for the first time in FOREVER! :)

eric909 Tue, May-18-04 00:39


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