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MyJourney Mon, Jun-28-04 17:45

Burnin the *butter* off these *buns*
Well I have been doing decently at my workout routine. I figure keeping a log might help me see how I progress. I dont know the names of the exercises really, so please bear with me if I sound silly describing it.

Today I had 45 minutes of upper body weights - at the gym
20 minutes of running
40 minutes of walking

I didnt have time to warm up today since I only had 45 minutes at the gym

I began with crunches. 10 sets of 10 different types.
Then I did 12 pushups

Then I lay down on a ball with 8lb dumbells in each hand and brought them down and up close together, then back down. Similar to a chest press but with dumbells. 2 sets of 12 then 1 set of flyes.

okay, I just realized I dont remember the order I did these in lol but here is what I did all with the 8lb dumbells

I did 2 sets of 12 bicep curls
3 sets of 12 tricep extensions with each arm and then both arms together

3 sets of 12 where I get down on one knee and keep my elbow close to my body and move the weight back and then back down

2 sets of 12 where I stand up and raise my arms all the way out at shoulder height and hold for a sec then bring them back down

12 reps of holding them straight out in front of me for a moment and then back down

12 reps with the 24 lb bar of holding it over my head, then bringing it down to my breasts, then down to my knees then to the floor, back up to my knees, breasts and over my head. (That was REALLY hard!!!)

10 dips on the bench thingy

Since I was running out of time I moved on to the machines.

3 sets of 12 with the tricep extensions on 40 lbs

I did some ab machine, but it didnt seem to work my abs, I felt it more on my legs. I was doing 120 lbs and still felt nothing. You sit on it and put your feet up on this platform and then go back and then up, but I didnt feel it went back far enough, and I think I was just using more of my leg muscles to push instead of my arms, so I didnt continue with that one.

I did 2 sets of 12 at 25 lbs on 2 of the rowing machins
1 set at 15 lbs on another rowing machine (my arms were REALLY tired at that point)
1 set at 10 lbs on a shoulder machine
Finally I ended with 2 sets at 30 lbs on the butterfly (pectoral) machine. At which point time was up and I felt like my arms were going to fall off.

I will be so sore tomorrow.

I think thats everything I did. I think its an okay start considering my upper body is super duper weak. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will see some improvement.

MyJourney Tue, Jun-29-04 13:37

Oh man I just got back from the gym and I cant walk!

I spent an hour and a half there today. I didnt have enough energy to do the elliptical after the weights. It would have been too much.

I began with 10 sets of 10 crunches

then 3 sets of 12 leg raisers with each leg
3 sets of 12 with my knee going in then up with each leg
3 sets of 12 at a back angle and up with each leg
3 sets of 12 doing circles with each leg
3 sets of 12 doing large swings back and forth with each leg
3 sets of 12 with one leg over the other like a triangle working the inner thigh with each leg

Then got on all 4s 3 sets of 12 going straight up with each leg At the end of each set I also held that leg up in the position for 30 seconds
3 sets of 12 at a 90 degree angle and up with each leg
3 sets of 12 going out to the side and up with each leg

Then I did butt exercises on my back with my knees wide apart and pulled in. Did 3 sets of 20 like that
then 3 sets of 20 just lifting up.

Did some stretches for a few minutes

Then I did 210 walking lunges holding an 8lb dumbell in each hand (across the entire length of the gym)

Then I rested for about 2 minutes because that was a lot for me and I was out of breath.

Then I was doing a steppy thing on a bench, but that was more an excuse to rest a little longer because it didnt take much energy.

Then I took a medicine ball and put it at the center of my back and leaned up against the wall and squatted all the way down and back up. Did 3 sets of 12.

Then I did some squats just holding a 24 lb bar
3 sets of 12

Then I did some more stretches and mountain climber (I think thats what its called)

Then I moved to machines

I did 3 sets of 12 on the leg sled at 80 lbs

3 sets of 12 on the hamstring machine at 80 lbs

3 sets of 12 on the leg extender at 60 lbs

2 sets of 15 on the squatting machine at 100 lbs

3 sets of 12 on the hip abductor at 90 lbs

3 sets of 12 on the hip adductor at 90 lbs

Another 10 set of 10 crunches and some more stretching at which point I said there is no way I can survive 45 minutes of cardio. I was feeling pretty nauseous at this point and just wanted to eat something.

I think I did something else too but I cant remember what.

Either way, came home, ate my chicken with some salad and feeling much better now.

Also took a 20 minute run this morning and am going to head to the pool soon to tan a bit and do laps for about an hour or so.

My legs hurt now lol

Those lunges were about the hardest thing I did I think

Built Tue, Jun-29-04 14:38

What a workout!

I hope you didn't overdo it - I'll send healing thoughs your way.



MyJourney Tue, Jun-29-04 16:43

I just got in from the pool I tanned for a bit (not as if there is much sun after 4 anyway) and then I did some laps. I feel great now.

Had some eggs with cream cheese and apples for dinner. It was really yummy! I may go for a short evening walk now just to relax and unwind. I never considered my walks much exercise anyway since I couldnt live without my walks! They keep me sane. I feel so amazing right now. Of course that probably means I wont be able to walk tomorrow. I think tomorrow will be a cardio day.

MyJourney Wed, Jun-30-04 05:16

It hurt to get out of bed lmao.

I think I will take it easy today and get some extra borage oil in

Built Wed, Jun-30-04 12:41

Oooooo - I THOUGHT that sounded like a lot the other day!

Try to move a bit, even if it hurts. Active recovery can really help.

And on days like this, thank God for advil!

MyJourney Wed, Jun-30-04 13:41

I had an hour long swim today. I didnt hurt at all while in the water. It was really great! got a nice tan too. I also went for a 20 minute walk. I dont think I will get much more exercise in today. I might go dancing tonight if I feel any better.

ADVIL??? Now you tell me?? I didnt take a thing lol

I did all types of google searches on muscle soreness due to exercise and the best thing I found was vitamin E.

I think I am gonna try the advil now.

Edited to add... Had a 30 min walk this eve but didnt get all that far since I am still waddling like a duck.

Built Wed, Jun-30-04 23:29

Originally Posted by MyJourney

I was wondering if you might have some type of weight lifting for dummies guide website or something so I can read a bit more about it?

Sometimes I feel so lost at the gym as far as what I am doing or what to do next or even what muscle groups I am working. Any links or suggestions would be really really appreciated.


Try the first page of my journal for a link to my first workout regime, and there are some stickies in the exercise forums as well. I use for a lot of exercises.


- Built

MyJourney Sat, Jul-03-04 08:47

Thanks! I will try the links out.

2 days ago I was still sore, went swimming for 2 hours and a 40 minute walk.

Yesterday I went for a 40 minute walk and nothing else.

Today I started the day with a morning run/sprint for 20 minutes and I will head to the gym in about 15 minutes.

I had a bad incident at the pool and while I will probably go back a part of me really just doesn't want to anymore.

MyJourney Mon, Jul-05-04 06:48

Yesterday was the 4th
Gym was closed
didnt go to the pool
I did walk a lot but that was about it

Ate a good amount too

dane Tue, Apr-26-05 01:35

wooooooooo dusty in here, ;)

MyJourney Tue, Apr-26-05 12:07

Starting anew
I am still limited physically with my broken rib, but I did walk around 4 blocks this morning and I may go again in the evening if I am feeling up to it. I am feeling good right now.

MyJourney Wed, Apr-27-05 23:35

Went on 2 walks today. Not much, but hey, its something

dane Wed, Apr-27-05 23:43

That's great! Doing something everyday adds up quickly. As you know. :)

MyJourney Wed, May-04-05 17:34

went on a long walk this morning, then danced around for about an hour while home alone with the shades down and the music up. The cats looked at me kinda funny, but I enjoyed myself.

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