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LiterateGr Mon, May-17-21 13:15

Post-surgery gain
I had to move, rapidly, in late December, into a much smaller place. (WHILE working 60 hours/week for Amazon, because it was Peak.)

Needless to say, a lot of things got left behind... one of those things was my bathroom scale.

Now, under normal circumstances, I'm a daily weigh-er. I get up, pee, strip, weigh, and then do the rest of my morning-stuff. Little fluctuations don't bother me, but it helps me keep my eye on trends, and adjust accordingly.

Then, in mid-March, I had knee surgery. Prepped lots of food before-hand. (Cottage-pie, meatballs, etc) But I was actually using a wheelchair for those first 2 weeks post-op.

Recovery was slow, and one thing I didn't feel like doing (even after my pre-prepped food had all been thawed and eaten)? Was standing at the stove to cook. So I fell into this habit of snacking instead of eating. And, because I had so much time on my hands... snacking out of boredom.

I knew, at some level, that I was eating too much. But without the scale to "yell at" me, it was hard to pay much attention to that nagging voice.

Then, the other day, it was cool outside. I pulled on my custom jeans... and they were too $(#% tight. Really uncomfortable in the waist.


SO... went on Amazon & ordered a body-composition scale. (It was one of the cheaper ones, but it happened to come with an app, and I think I'm in love with the app. It tracks a lot of "body comp" stuff -- lean mass, water weight, fat, visceral fat, etc... but it also lets you record measurments: Shoulders, chest, waist,hips, left & right biceps, thighs, & calves. (And it actively tracks waist/height ratio)

This is exactly how I like to track, and I have a really hard time finding anything that lets me do that without also demanding caloric information.

So, from my low of 160, I'd gained 25 lbs. (Granted, that was based on mid-day, and not nekkid. Still.)

Time to get off "maintenance" and back into "Get your butt back in shape" mode.

Even before the scale arrived, I'd started cooking again. (Made a cottage pie... I was being lazy, and took a lot of shortcuts, so it's not as good as normal, but tastes better on the re-heat.) (Yes, I really like cottage pie. It's filling, and lasts several days.)

I've also let my water consumption drop down to... pretty much 0. Need to fix that.

And because I've been off work so long, I'm toying with getting a set of adjustable dumbells, to start trying to gain back some of that upper-body strength I know I've lost. (Doubt I could still lift 50 lbs over my head.)

The good news? Sure, I've gained, BUT:
  • I know exactly how and why it happened
  • I caught it while my BMI was still close to the "normal" range. Close enough that my physical therapist gets annoyed when I mention having gained weight
  • Fixing the problem is just a matter of overcoming laziness and getting cooking again

LiterateGr Fri, May-21-21 07:14

:wiggle: OMG, what a difference water makes!

Been a busy week for me (& for my daughter, who's had state-testing. Which, when you virtual-school, means Mom has to drive you across town to a hotel conference area for your test.) One day? We were away from home for 13.5 hours.

So this morning, my sink was full of unwashed dishes. (Yup, in recovery-mode, now... didn't get a chance to wash them the past 2 days.) I have some leftover chicken-and-veggies-in-creamsauce in the fridge, but no other cooked food. I DO have half a cheesecake in there (LC, obviously), too.

So I woke up this morning ravenous. And with the 32 oz glass of water I poured myself still by the head of my bed, untouched.

Got up... pottied and weighed in, had to stop myself drinking before I stepped on the scale.

Got dressed, went into the front of house... and my stomach made this big lurch towards the fridge. "I'm STARVING! Cut some cheesecake!" (I know this is a bad idea. First, I don't usually eat this early. Second, cheesecake is only an "in the evening" thing, or I'll go back for seconds because it tastes good.)

Instead, I grabbed my water, and hammered it. (Don't panic -- this is how I usually drink my water.) Then, I had my coffee.

It' now 3 hours later, and I'm mildly hungry. Like, I might snack on a slice of swiss cheese, in a little while, before I go out. (I don't like to leave the house hungry if I can help it, unless I'm already planning to eat out. Finding LC-friendly fare on the fly when my body's screaming "I'M STARVING!!!" is never a good thing, and can lead to unhealthy compromises.) Or maybe, since -- once I leave today, I plan to be out kind of late -- I'll actually heat up those leftovers before I go, and have lunch a hair early.

But good grief, what a night-and-day difference, that water made!

I know what taking care of myself looks like. Just need to get back to it!

Grav Fri, May-21-21 13:35

I imagine a lot of us could relate to your situation, if not so much driven by surgery, but just driven by the general lockdown situation that most of us have had to deal with on and off over recent months. Anything that causes a disruption to our regular daily routine can send things off in the wrong direction (as it has also done for me at times, but I'm working on that).

Sounds like you're figuring your way through it all, though. Keep up the good work!

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