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Sniggle Sat, Sep-09-17 15:59

To the Top
I have locked in a MT Rainier climb with IMG June 25-28 with my son, and my plan to make it to the top is two-fold: lose 30 lbs and get in shape.

I had started lifting with my son (15) to help him get stronger for wrestling in March, and got the basement outfitted with a bench, adjustable bench, squat rack, pull down machine, dumbbells to 60, curl bar. We have been doing 4 days a week (M T TH FR):
- chest, triceps, legs, 20 minutes cardio, core (2X) (75 minutes lifting)
- Shoulder, back/lats, biceps, 20 minutes cardio, core (2X) (75 minutes lifting)

Starting in August we added a run on Wednesday & Saturday.

It has been going well so far, although I have been fighting a pull in my right arm for over 2 months I got doing hammer curls, plus some minor shoulder pain. Both of us have gotten stronger, with my son putting on some good muscle on his skinny frame. I just need to lift intelligently, and remember that I am no longer 21:-)

Activity logged today - 3.75 mile run done at a moderate pace. Longest run for me in maybe 10 years. :)

Sniggle Sun, Sep-10-17 08:59

Today, Sunday, is my day off. The 3.75 mile run yesterday really wore me out, but today my old knees are fine and my legs feel good. Cranking on the grip trainer while sitting reading the news, some light yard work later, but mostly kicking back.

Tomorrow, the son and I hit the weights for some good chest/tri/leg work.

Just a note on my son. When we started lifting in March, he struggled to bench the 65 lbs. Last week he finally pushed single plates (135 lbs)...pushing through a plateau that he had been struggling with for the last 2 months. I think it was more mental than physical, as every time he tried 135 lbs he would get the bar off the rack, and then lower it too slowly, bleeding energy and sacrificing momentum. Anyway, I am very glad he has hit 'single plates', now time to help him get to 150, then 185, and then 225:-)

A little more on me. I used to lift a fair amount when younger. I never got huge, but I did get pretty strong at my peak, with a peak bench press of 285. 30 years later, I do OK in the weight room, although nothing special. I had been sticking to dumbbell presses because of shoulder issues (last time I tried to bench, standard grip, after 2 months I had constant pain in my right shoulder that lasted for several months), but needed more challenge than the 60 lb dumbbells, so I started benching again, but with a close grip (to mimic dumbbell presses, reducing shoulder stresses). Just for the fun of it, I pushed up 200 last week, and could probably go higher, but I am just going to mostly stay in the 165-185 range until I am confident that I will not wreck my shoulders again. I would like to hoist 'double plates', but we will see...age, close grip and damaged shoulders may not allow it.

Sniggle Mon, Sep-11-17 17:04

Starting low fiber for my anal probing on Thursday, so only had to eat: 3 eggs, 2 pieces Swiss cheese, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1 ounce brie, 5 ounces chicken breast, and soon 3/4 lb of salmon.

Worked out for about 100 minutes to include:
- 4 sets bench, close grip, pyramid to 205
- 3 sets dumbbell presses, 60s
- 3 sets incline dumbbell presses, 50's
- 3 sets dumbbell tricep extensions, 30s
- 3 minutes 20 lb medicine ball smash and throw with son
- 4 sets squats, 155
- 30 step ups, 15 step downs, 15 step acrosses, holding 12s
- 2 minutes planks
- 30 leg extensions
- 10 hanging knee pulls.

Son did an additional 2 20-foot rope climbs and 25 hanging sit ups. Once I got into the workout I found some energy. Shoulders complained a little bit but they always do.

Tomorrow time to bang shoulders, back and arms.

Sniggle Tue, Sep-12-17 16:05

Feeling low energy today, as low fiber and low carb is not fun. Only have eaten 2 hard boiled eggs, 3 cheddar cheese sticks and 1/3 small bag of pork rinds today. Roast chicken for dinner in 30 minutes.

75 minute workout to include:
- 4 sets shoulder dumbbell press 50s
- 3 sets dumbbell lat pulls 55s
- 3 sets shoulder shrugs 60s
- 4 sets lat pull downs, close grip, 140
- 3 sets dumbbell curls, 35s
- 1 set leg blasters
- 60 mountain climbers
- 2 minutes plank
- 30 leg extensions
- 15 hanging knee pull ins

Done. Can not wait to get through Thursday so I can get back to eating salads with my meat. I may go for a 2 mile run tomorrow, have not decided as it is the start of a 36 hour fast/purge.

I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and then Friday morning to see how many pounds I lose.

Sniggle Thu, Sep-14-17 17:45

Skipped yesterday, as I wanted to save my energy for the procedure prep...which went well, and is done:-)

Today's workout was a little lighter as I was still somewhat low energy:
Worked out for about 70 minutes to include:
- 4 sets bench, close grip, pyramid to 185
- 3 sets dumbbell presses, 60s
- 3 sets dumbbell pullover, 60
- 3 sets tricep extensions, machine 45
- 3 minutes 20 lb medicine ball smash and throw with son
- 4 sets squats, 155
- 35 step ups, 15 step downs, 20 step acrosses, holding 12s

Tomorrow shoulders, backs and arms.

Sniggle Tue, Sep-26-17 17:36

After a good start, I have been remiss at keeping the journal going. Some of it is due to the fact that I keep on getting nagging injuries that impact my exercise. In June I pulled my arm doing hammer curls, and that one still lingers although it gets a little better every day (I figure a year before it is 95%).

Now my left shoulder is giving me problems, from pain during the first set of bench to totally preventing me from doing seated shoulder presses today.

Add to that that I got a new toy, a hex dead lift bar, and sure enough I tweaked my right knee a little bit on Friday so I could not run on Saturday.

Well, it is a new weak. Yesterday I did the full chest/tri day workout, except I skipped the step-up due to the minor knee issue. Bench went well after I pushed through the discomfort on the 1st set, pyramiding in 4 sets from 155 to 195.

Today was shoulders/lats, and as I mentioned my left shoulder would not let me shoulder press, seated. I was able to shoulder press standing (with less weight of course), probably due to the different shoulder position when standing. I did use the Hex dead lift bar, but only with 135 just to test/condition the knee. Ended the weight lifting with leg blasters, planks, leg lifts and hanging knee lifts.

Next week my son begins wrestling conditioning, so I will be on my own for the 1st 2 workouts of each week. I plan to use that time for higher reps/lower weight and more cardio/leg work. Hoping the lower weight will help to get me healthy.

Wish I was 21 again......

Sniggle Wed, Sep-27-17 16:33

Running day today...and its summer hot...around 85. Ran just 2 miles, but pushed myself much harder than my other runs, doing just about 8 minute miles. Good to see that I can push the pace harder without burning out. Bad is that from now on I need to push myself a little harder on all my runs:-)

The right knee I tweaked doing dead lifts was uncomfortable for the 1st 200 yards, but then it loosened up and was fine.

Tomorrow back to chest, tris, squats, core and cardio.

Sniggle Thu, Sep-28-17 15:34

Short wokout today (1 hour) as heading to Juditso in a couple of minutes. Chest and tris were hammered.

Bench did not go as planned...hoping to pyramid up to 200 from 160 in 4 steps and get stymied at 190...only did 2 of 3 reps. I blame the wife...she interrupted my workday (I work out of a home office) and sapped my energy :cool:

Sniggle Sat, Sep-30-17 16:34

Good workout yesterday..kinda. Did shoulders, lats/back, deadlifts, cardio (leg blasters, mountain climbers) and core (plank, leg extensions, hanging knee ups). About 90 minutes. Bad was that the shoulders are still giving me problems..not so bad that it impacts me after the lift, but it does affect me while lifting.

Today was a run day, and since tomorrow is a rest day I did...4 miles today..longest run for me in many years. Weather was perfect, and I felt great...could have done another 2.

Sniggle Mon, Oct-02-17 16:08

Son started wrestling conditioning today, so I was on my own.

I changed things up by running 2 miles to start before hitting the weights. I did:
- Bench, close grip - 135 - 3 sets 12
- dumbbell pullover, 60, 3 sets 12
- tricep dumbbell extensions, 30, 3 sets 12
- Squats, 165, 3 sets 8
- 30 reps step up, holding 15s
- 15 reps step downs, holding 15s
- 15 reps step across, holding 15s
- 2 minutes plank
- 40 leg extensions
- 20 situps
- 12 hanging knee ups

Workout time including run about 1 hour 40 minutes.

I will tell you, running 1st makes it much more aerobic. Going into the weights already hot caused me sweat throughout.

Tomorrow I am on the road, so hope to catch a quick workout at the hotel.

Hope you all had good workouts today!

Sniggle Wed, Oct-04-17 14:50

Yesterday I was at a hotel, and did not check into the hotel until after a business dinner. I did get down to the gym and was able to put in about 1 hour of exercise, to include:
- standing dumbbell shoulder press, 40, 3-sets
- dumbbell lat pull, 50, 3 sets
- dumbbell rows, 40s, 3 sets
- Dumbbell curls, 30, 35, 40
- Leg blasters, 2 sets
- plank, 2 2 minutes
- situps 20

I hate working out after dinner, and sure enough I was feeling a bit queasy after finishing.

Sniggle Wed, Oct-04-17 14:57

Today I did my 1st training hike. I put a 40 lbs bag of wood pellets in my backpack, and did a 5.3 mile hike with 1600 foot elevation gain.

Maryland Heights Hike

It kicked my ass, but I figure I will do this hike 25-30 more times as I prep for Rainier so it should get easier :)

Sniggle Sat, Oct-14-17 11:18

I have not stop routinely exercising, just have slacked off on the journal.

I have lifted 4 days a week and run 2 days a week over the last 10 days.

Today I did my 2nd Rainier training hike, doing the same 5.3 mile, 1600 foot elevation hike described above. It again kicked my ass pretty good, but I feel less spent a couple hours after than I did last time. Progress I guess.

I will lift with my son this afternoon, and then I will usher him out of the house to run (I will skip the run today:-).

Sniggle Mon, Oct-16-17 04:58

Ran 2 miles yesterday. It was a bit warm and my legs were still tired from Saturday, so I kinda wimped out of 3.

Lifting today, chest and tris, squats, step ups, core and a run I think.

Sniggle Wed, Oct-18-17 16:52

Hit chest, triceps and legs (deadlift hex bar), step ups and core on Monday, and did shoulders, back, arms, legs (deadlift hex bar) and core on Tuesday. I was actually a little sore in my lats today, which is surprising.

Today I ran. Weather was perfect, and I treated myself to a carb lunch (afghan lamb kabobs, flat bread, rice, chick peas, salad) so I did four my mind it was 2 miles for Mt Rainier and 2 miles to make up for my very good lunch:-)

I am in that part of this journey where I am indulging on occasion, backed up by consistent daily exercise. I am confident that with exercise and smart eating (which now means mostly low carb meals, no carb snacks, no sugar except an occasional chocolate square) I can hold at around my current weight. For instance, around my afghan kabob meal, I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a cheese stick for breakfast and I will have a chef salad for dinner.

Tomorrow may be a day off from lifting, as my son recovers from his wrestling conditioning. With this weather I may just go for a run, god willing.

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