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damaged6 Fri, Feb-01-08 08:36

SPLENDA in south africa?
:help: hey der everybody :) im kinda new here... was wonderin wer can i find SPLENDA in durban, south africa? i have tried pick n pay and some pharmacy's, bt noone stocks splenda :( anyone from south africa using splenda? would really appreciate it if someone could help me find it lol! have a great afternoon LC's :q: :help:

AlanNorman Fri, Feb-01-08 11:10

Have you tried ordering Splenda online? I think you would be easier to have it shipped to where you live.

damaged6 Fri, Feb-01-08 14:25

Thank u :)
thnx AlanNorman... great idea! i think i just myt have to do that, coz its impossible to get splenda anywhere here in south africa. GRRRRR

johncleoph Sat, Oct-13-12 15:23

Try sucralose sweetner by equisweet. It's the same as Splenda. You can buy at pick n pay.

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