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maral427 Sun, Aug-05-18 08:44

South beach diet food accountability
Hello everyone!! Thought I would post a thread where everyone could post their food to stay accountable. I am starting phase one but no matter what phase you are in please join in!

maral427 Sun, Aug-05-18 13:39

8/5/18 day one phase one south beach diet
Broccoli and egg mini omelets-one serving

Baked chicken breast and broccoli

Dry roasted peanuts and low fat string cheese

Crockpot white turkey chilli without beans

maral427 Mon, Aug-06-18 12:31

Broccoli and egg mini omlete
Lettuce tunaonion and light mayo
Dry roasted nuts and red fat string cheese
Used this recipe. Subed chicken breast and left out the sherry in this. Also had steamed broccoli

Just finished this tonight!! This chicken was amazing!! You have to try this!!

Dessert sugar free jello

maral427 Tue, Aug-07-18 07:21

Phase one day three- 8/7/18
Breakfast broccoli and cheese mini omelette

Lunch chicken salad made with red fat mayo onion celery on lettuce and a pickle slice

dinner Leftover piece of chicken from last night (this was delicious) and zucchini fries in the air fryer. Here is the recipe for the zucchini fries. It's my first time making them. Will let you know how they turn out!!

Snacks hard boiled egg, red fat string cheese and cucumber slices

Sweet treat sugar free jello

maral427 Wed, Aug-08-18 09:00

Breakfast 1 egg with egg whites peppers onions 2% American cheese and reduced fat feta

Snack celery with natural peanut butter

Lunch was at red robin
Grilled chicken breast with lettuce tomato onion and pickle on a lettuce bun Crystal lite to go packet with my ice water

Snack red fat string cheese cucumber

Dinner beanless chilli i posted Sunday

Snack fudgesicle sugar free

maral427 Thu, Aug-09-18 08:12

breakfast-protein shake mixed with water, v8 juice
snack-natural peanut butter (2 teaspoons) and celery
Lunch tuna light mayo onion lettuce celery
Snack hard boiled egg cucumber slices
dinner BOCA BURGER mustard lettuce tomato onion and pickle
2 sugar free popsicles (30 cal)

maral427 Fri, Aug-10-18 07:36

Breakfast egg and egg whites with 2% American cheese bacon crumbles broccoli green bell pepper

Snacks natural peanut butter and celery

Lunch beanless chilli i posted earlier

Snack string cheese cucumber slices


Snack part skim ricotta with Splenda and vanilla

thud123 Fri, Aug-10-18 10:01

Great to see you keeping the posting up maral! Question, is eating 5-6 times a day part of the plan? Your profile says Southeast diet but I'm thinking now after reading other posts it's South Beach Diet. I'm not familiar with it. Is there a summary you could point me at on the internet? I've heard it said but not checked it out.


maral427 Fri, Aug-10-18 11:36

hi thud! im sorry. i need to change my profile. i am the queen of typos lol! :) i am following south beach diet and am currently on phase one. phase one you follow for two weeks usually and go on to phase two where you add in gradually a healthy carb(whole grain or fruit).

i really like south beach. i eat three meals a day, two snacks, and if you want it a sweet treat at night. sweet treats for me are sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, or part skim ricotta with ricotta splenda and vanilla

For meals focus on lean meat,eggs, low fat dairy, vegetables, and healthy fats. No fruit, starchy vegetable, rice, bread in phase one for two weeks. after the two weeks you hit phase two where you can gradually add in whole grain (oatmeal, brown rice, rye bread) or a serving of fruit. On phase one the weight loss is fast. phase two its a bit slower.

these links should help explain how to figure out how to structure your meals and what to eat. if you have any questions you are welcome to post here or message me,

thud123 Fri, Aug-10-18 12:10

Hey thanks for the insight. I guess this answers my questions about how many times to eat in a day in that "snacks" are required on phase one (if I'm reading this right)

"Phase 1 Snacks
The South Beach diet requires you to eat two snacks per day. The ideal snack would have both a vegetable and protein component."

Welcome and have fun! Any plan that keeps you away from sugar is a good one!

maral427 Sat, Aug-11-18 21:40

Still doing well and On track! forgot to post my food in yesterday!

Breakfast protein shake v8 juice

Lunch 3oz chicken onion lettuce celery red fat mayo

Snacks hard boiled egg Stings cheese pickle cucumber slices

Beanless chilli lite sour cream reduced fat cheese

maral427 Sun, Aug-12-18 09:25

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and 2% American cheese
Lunch Mexican cauliflower rice.recipe posted previously
Dinner Boca burgers lettuce tomato pickle
Snacks natural peanut butter with celery sting cheese with cucumber slices

Sweet treat ricotta or sugar free popsicles

maral427 Mon, Aug-13-18 17:42

Breakfast protein shake v8 juice
Snacks hard boiled egg natural peanut butter celery and cucumber
Lunch taco cauliflower rice
Dinner grilled chicken with zero sugar sauce part skin mozzarella cucumber slices with salad d reading
Sweet treat 2 sugar free popsicles

maral427 Tue, Aug-14-18 16:15

Breakfast protein shake v8 juice
Snacks hardboiled egg string cheese
Lunch taco cauliflower rice
Dinner baked salmon lettuce and cucumber 1tablespoon dressing

Sweet treat ricotta with Splenda and vanilla

maral427 Wed, Aug-15-18 19:54

Breakfast protein shake v8
Lunch bean less chilli
Dinner chicken kabobs with chicken breast mushrooms onions and bell pepper
Snacks celery string cheese 2 tsp natural peanut butter
Sweet treat ricotta with Splenda and vanilla

maral427 Thu, Aug-16-18 15:18

Breakfast protein shake v8
Lunch beanless chili (all gone no more leftovers whooo)
Dinner boneless loin pork chop dipped in egg garlic powder parmesan cheese and airfryed, green beans
Snacks string cheese hard-boiled egg celery and cucumber

Sweet treat ricotta with Splenda and vanilla sf popsicle

maral427 Fri, Aug-17-18 16:30

Breakfast premier protein shake v8 juice
Lunch leftover chicken kabobs with chicken breast mushrooms peppers and onions
Dinner sbd chili with red fat cheese and a table sour cream
Snacks 2 tsp natural peanut butter celery red fat string cheese cucumber slices

Sweet treat ricotta with Splenda and vanila

maral427 Sat, Aug-18-18 22:04

Breakfast broccoli and cheese mini omlets

Lunch tuna onion cucumber lite mayo zucchini soup

Dinner lettuce tomato lite mayo pickle ham turkey breast

Snacks natural peanut butter celery string cheese

Ricotta Splenda vanilla

The zucchini soup is delicious!! I didn't add light sour cream! The egg omlets are in the freezer for the work week. That way I can alternate between those and protein shakes. I made some homemade hummus and have hardboiled eggs for snacks. I have two heads of cauliflower and more zucchini so I plan on using that up. I had two servings of taco cauliflower rice left but got sick of it so I threw it in the freezer.

I am going to make a whole chicken in the crockpot tommorrow. I have a recipe for cauliflower stuffing (all veggies) that tastes like regular stuffing but no carbs. I also have zoodles on the menu with Turkey italia n sausage and Turkey breast.
I plan on doing another two week round of phase one. I read that phase one can be done up to two months. My goal for next week is to try to work out five to six days out of the week. Tomorrow is weigh in. Hoping for a good one!

maral427 Sun, Aug-19-18 10:40

Breakfast omlet with eggs lean deli ham mushroom onion and 2% cheese
Lunch 1 cup low fat cottage cheese with Splenda and almond extract (this would be good for breakfast), 1 serving zucchini soup
Dinner chicken and oven roasted been beans
Snacks laughing cow lite cheese wedges and cucumber slices
Sweet treat sugar free jello

maral427 Mon, Aug-20-18 15:59

Breakfast cottage cheese low fat with Splenda and almond extract
Snacks laughing cow cheese green pepper strips hard boiled egg
Lunch chicken zucchini soup
Dinner lettuce tomato 1tsp light mayo 3oz deli turkey breast 1slice 2% mozzarella
Sweet treat ricotta with Splenda and almond extract

izzyfit Tue, Aug-21-18 04:20

your meals are giving me a lot of ideas for my meals :) thanks for posting this.
Did you make the cauliflower stuffing was it good? I usually make rice cauliflower with lots of sauteed veggies and shredded chicken and at the end I add a bit of hot sauce and it is delicious.
If I remember tonight I will post my meals for the day. However, I am very repetitive and eat pretty much the same.

janetkind Tue, Aug-21-18 15:35

This is what I have had or will for today.
Calaries for today>910

1 egg.
Soup and 2 rice cakes
Tuna[whole can with onion and dill.and 2 T. mayo . wraped in a low car,{healthy wrap. with lettuce.
Desert.Yogurt with chia seeds.{Let set mixed in. for few hrs. and really good.

maral427 Tue, Aug-21-18 18:22

Janet this looks yummy! I have never tried dil in tuna. Must try it! Never tried chia seeds either. How do prepare them? What do they taste like?

maral427 Tue, Aug-21-18 18:25

Izzy i didn't end up making the stuffing but I made it last thanksgiving for myself! It is delicious. I didn't end up making the turkey breast yet but will in the next few days and the stuffing right along with it. Here is a link to the recipe

maral427 Tue, Aug-21-18 18:42

Breakfast cottage cheese with Splenda and almond extract
Lunch roasted chicken zucchini soup 1/4 c. Green beans
Dinner chilli salad w/ tspdressing
Snacks natural peanut butter and celery, hardboiled egg
Sweet treat sugar free jello

I adapted my own chili to South beach in that I used diced tomatoes in the recipe instead of tomato sauce. I always use very lean ground beef as well. I made this a while ago and there the rest in the freezer. There was only one serving left after the second round of chilli so I had it tonight. Between the chili.and.the chicken leftovers are gone.
I have been packing my meals two days worth at a time. It just makes things easier for me. That is why for breakfast lunch and Snacks i eat the same things.

Made a huge pot of zucchini soup. The first batch is gone. New batch is heading for the freezer. It is so good I dont mind eating this regularly.

I have a bunch of fresh tomatoes that my grandmother gave me from her garden. I think I am going to make more egg muffins and toss in the freezer. I have reduced fat feta cheese so this will be perfect.

Also think I am going to make a round of homemade sauce without sugar with what is left of the tomatoes. Trying to fill up.the freezer as school starts for me in two weeks.

janetkind Wed, Aug-22-18 09:01

Chia seeds.
You can just use as they are.
U can not teaste them.U can make a gell with them for easier use in smoothies. or what ever u like. You just add water or other liq. and let set. There are so many recipes out there for useing chia and do read on how good they are.
Your meals are very good and u have found a way.

I think we all need to eat carbs>But healthy carbs. and we need fats{Limit But healthy fat.
I aleast for me have to watch cals. .
Im still holding same weight.}After loseing 2lbs. But I will keep with it and just maybe soon or by 1st. sept. I can be 3 lbs lighter.
I have to get back and right now I'm.

izzyfit Wed, Aug-22-18 12:45


warm lemon water
Breakfast: scramble egg with tomatoes and onions. coffee with unsweetened almond milk.

Lunch: stirfry (broccoli, snap peas, brussel sprouts) with chicken breast

Snack: coffee

Dinner: chicken breast with steamed veggies


warm lemon water
Breakfast: scramble egg with tomatoes and onions. Coffee with almond milk

leftovers from yesterday

Snack: Coffee, apple and 1tbs almond butter

Dinner: chicken breast, red beans and salad

Maral- Chia seed doesn't really have a flavor. However, it is recommended to soak them for a few minutes so you body can digest it and absorb the nutrients better. you can soak the chia seed in water or pretty much in any liquid. I normally added to my smoothies and wait a few minutes before I drink it the chia seeds because like a gel. I also keep me full for longer time. If you have reflux problem then you can eat the chia seed without soaking them.

South Beach Chilli is my favorite recipe, we make it quiet often :) I do add lots of more veggies and ground lean turkey or beef, and we substitute the tomatoes for a can of rotel tomatoes to make it spicy.

Thanks for the links, I will check them later.

Janet - how tall are you? do you normally eat under 1000 calories daily? I am 5"5 I was told that I need to eat at least 1400 calories daily to loose weight and no muscle. And if I was exercising/weight training to eat a little be more. I used to eat under 1000 calories and I lost 60lbs in about 3 month, then when I started eating a bit more calories I gained a lot of wait. I was always tired with lots of headaches. I kept eating very little calories for many years and during that time I kept loosing and gaining the same weight. Now my metabolism is all mess up due to that and it is very hard for me to loose weight. Right now I am trying to heal my body by eating healthy food, but the process is going very slow and it is so frustrating. Please don't take it the wrong way. Everyone body is different and in my case it wasn't good for me to eat so little

maral427 Wed, Aug-22-18 17:00

Breakfast broccoli egg cups
Lunch hardboiled eggs 1tablespoon red fat mayo cucumber slices
Dinner pesto tilapia with mashed cauliflower
Snacks dry roasted peanuts laughing cow lite cheese wedges cucumber slices
Sweet treat sugar free jello

Tonight's dinner was super yummy. I baked tilapia with a tablespoon of pesto some parmesan cheese and some reduced fat mozzarella. I also found a recipe for the best mashed cauliflower I have ever eaten. You microwave a 16oz bag cauliflower and blend it in the food processor with canellini beans(drained and rinsed) , 2 oz lite cream cheese,salt, onion powder and skin milk. The beans really have the cauliflower the texture of mashed potatoes! I will not be needing to eat mashed potatoes anymore.

My fiancee is really good about what I cook. When I cook I make him the protein and veggies i eat but make him a starch or two on the side. It makes things much easier for me because then I am not making two separate meals.

How are you ladies doing today? Hope you all re having a good day

maral427 Thu, Aug-23-18 19:37

Breakfast protein shake v8
Lunch leftover pesto tilapia salad tsp salad dressing
Dinner roasted turkey breast mashed cauliflower
Snacks laughing cow light cheese wedges cucumber 2 tsp natural peanut butter and celery
Sweet treat part skin ricotta with Splenda and almond extract

izzyfit Thu, Aug-23-18 19:54

warm lemon water
B- scramble egg with tomatoes and onions. Coffee with almond milk
L- had Chick Fil A. :(
S- coffee with milk
D- mashed cauliflower, sauteed onions and liver :eek: (dh wanted to eat liver and I was too lazy to cook chicken for me so I ate liver too. I really don't care for the flavor)

I barely drink any water today and I guess Chick Fil A had too much sodium because my ankles are very swollen. I really need to watch what I eat today and hopefully get some rest too.

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