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janetkind Mon, Oct-08-18 10:57

Izzy, you better watch it.We might just pull you in on toful.
I just need to know how to use and cook it. Wonder how it would be if you also added it in chicken chill?
Husbands looking at the Irish butter.

Izzy, you will be find and get back on track. You fail if you stop and do not reset.
{I was looking at other post . so know We are here and you will do better this week.{Get Toful ha
Reset girl and go for what u see in you.

maral427 Tue, Oct-09-18 18:44

Breakfast protein powder in black coffee
Snack peanut butter celery
Lunch low carb meatloaf, mashed cauliflower, green beans
Dinner pork tenderloin romaine and spinach salad with dressing
Snack hard boiled egg
Sweet treat ricotta Splenda almond extract, hot green tea

maral427 Thu, Oct-11-18 21:20

Breakfast egg bake
Lunch protein powder in coffee with pb2
Dinner tofu stir fried with broccoli red and green bell pepper mushrooms purple onion
Snacks peanut butter and string cheese with celery

maral427 Fri, Oct-12-18 06:16

breakfast protein powder in coffee
lunch tofu stir fry
dinner- not sure yet-will update
snacks- string cheese, hard boiled egg, sliced cucumber

going to skip the evening snack. if I have anything from now on it is going to be sugarfree popsicles or sugarfree jello.

maral427 Mon, Oct-15-18 11:26

breakfast- protein in coffee
lunch tofu stir fry
dinner-protein shake
snack sugar free popsicle, hard boiled egg, string cheese, veggies

maral427 Wed, Oct-17-18 06:29

breakfast protein shake in coffee
lunch salad with cucumber cherry tomatoes deli turkey breast/roast beef red fat cheese, 1 tablespoon dressing
snack 1 tablespoon peanut butter, celery
dinner veggie burger on lettuce with a pickle spear
snack zucchini soup

maral427 Wed, Oct-17-18 06:33

breakfast-protein in coffee
lunch-salad just like yesterday (party at work yesterday-they had healthy choices)
snack-1 oz deli turkey
dinner-egg salad-hard boiled eggs lite mayo sliced cucumber zucchini soup
Snack protein shake

maral427 Thu, Oct-18-18 09:58

protein in coffee for breakfast
lunch-Morningstar farms veggie burger cut up in two cups of lettuce, cucumber, 2 tsp salad dressing
dinner-omlette with veggies reduced fat cheese and Canadian bacon.
snack-mug cake using protein powder- take a serving of protein powder mix with 1/4 water or milk and 1/2 to 1/3 baking powder. microwave for 20-30 seconds. comes like a lava cake. I have banana flavored that I am using. in the afternoon had peanut butter and celery.

maral427 Fri, Oct-19-18 18:51

Breakfast mug cake using protein power and water
Lunch canadian bacon, hardboiled egg, 1Tablespoon dressing, cucumber, lettuce
Dinner turkey ham salad with spinach romaine.lettuce, mushrooms 1 tablespoon dressing
Snack protein shake

maral427 Sat, Oct-20-18 13:29

Protein shake in coffee for breakfast with pb2
Lunch I was lazy had another protein shake and some.cauliflower soup
Dinner roasted chicken, salad with reduced fat cheese and 1tablespoon of dressing
Snack peanut butter and celery, sugar free jello, deli ham and bell pepper strips

maral427 Sun, Oct-21-18 07:20

Breakfast mug cake using protein powder
Lunch hardboiled eggs lite mayo cucumber rounds cauliflower soup
Dinner veggie turkey ham and low fat cheese omlette
Snack sugar free jello peanut butter and celery

maral427 Mon, Oct-22-18 13:37

breakfast protein shake in coffee
Lunch hardboiled eggs lite mayo cucumber rounds cauliflower soup
dinner chicken mashed cauliflower fresh spinach with a tablespoon of dressing
snacks celery and peanut butter, sugar free jello

maral427 Wed, Oct-24-18 11:09

breakfast protein shake in coffee
lunch-veggie and low fat cheese omlette
dinner-chicken spinach and cucumber salad w/ lowfat cheese and salad dressing
snacks-sf jello, peanut butter and celery

breakfast protein shake
lunch chicken purple onion celery lf mayo cucumber slices
snack 1 tsp peanut butter and celery
dinner turkey Italian sausage peppers mushrooms and onions sautéed in a very small amount of olive oil
snack sf jello

maral427 Thu, Oct-25-18 13:30

breakfast protein shake in coffee
lunch tuna onion celery on bed of lettuce
dinner pork tenderloin, mashed cauliflower, broccoli
snack sugar free popsicles, celery and peanut butter, string cheese

maral427 Fri, Oct-26-18 16:19

Breakfast protein in coffee
Lunch pork tenderloin cut up bell pepper celery radishes
Dinner turkey ham romaine and spinach salad salad dressing red fat cheese
Snacks 1tsp peanut butter 1 small piece of egg bake celery sugar free jello

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