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janetkind Wed, Sep-12-18 14:54

Today is day 2>lost 2 lbs of the gain.
Calaries keeping 600{For net 1-2 weeks.
Today was soup with remaining navy beans I had from yesterday in soup.1/4c
Had veggies and tonight. big green salad with 1 veggie burgar and T. Dressing.and 1/2c. cottage cheese.
walked 2.5 miles.
I have to hit this little harder to get back on track.
Tomorrow making the cabbage soup and have that all week. and small salad;and berries and yogurt
and keep at it. And hard.

maral427 Wed, Sep-12-18 17:47

3 protein shakes for breakfast lunch and snack
Dinner Morningstar farms veggie burger on lettuce bun and mushroom cauliflower risotto

izzyfit Thu, Sep-13-18 05:48

warm lemon water
B- scramble egg with tomatoes and onions and coffee with cashew milk
L-ham and cheese sandwich :(
S-gluten free banana bread with coffee and cashew milk
D-4 PDQ chicken nuggets (failed to prepare something to bring along with me. We were in HS for 3hrs and ate some of the boys nuggets)

maral427 Thu, Sep-13-18 11:50

Originally Posted by janetkind
Today is day 2>lost 2 lbs of the gain.
Calaries keeping 600{For net 1-2 weeks.
Today was soup with remaining navy beans I had from yesterday in soup.1/4c
Had veggies and tonight. big green salad with 1 veggie burgar and T. Dressing.and 1/2c. cottage cheese.
walked 2.5 miles.
I have to hit this little harder to get back on track.
Tomorrow making the cabbage soup and have that all week. and small salad;and berries and yogurt
and keep at it. And hard.

:Party: congratulations janet!!! :Party: you are doing awesome!!

maral427 Thu, Sep-13-18 11:55

breakfast and lunch- protein shake
snack-protein bar zucchini soup
dinner-shrimp mushroom cauliflower risotto (last of it!!)

izzyfit Tue, Sep-18-18 11:22

B- scramble egg, cheese and coffee with cashew milk
L- bean soup
S- ice cream :(
D- chicken breast and Mac & cheese

I need to prepared better so I don't end up eating everything that is in the house or that I cook for the kids. I hope I can make better choices today.

janetkind Thu, Sep-20-18 14:26

Has any one tried the Hallo ice cream? I love it. But with weather hot. have not had. But as soon as weather gets alot cooler{To get ice cream home get some.
U can have a whole pint and cals are not bad.
Just depends what kind. I stay around 280 -320[As long as my cals do not go over my limit I have set up for me.
I had a 1/2c. refied beans in a wrap with veggies.
As 1 egg, 1 cheese and 1/2c. cottage cheese.
Now for dinner. Cabbage soup and yogurt and berries
Clas.660 for today and stop.

izzyfit Thu, Sep-20-18 15:42

I have not tried that ice cream yet, but heard that is very good. that wrap sound good, what type of wrap do you use?

janetkind Fri, Sep-21-18 09:38

The wrap is >La Banderita. Carb Counter Whole wheat.
5g.Net carbs and 50 cals.
Made with Extra virgin olive oil
11 grams fiber
No Hydrogented oils and No bleach flour.
Sugars o
Protien 4
Made in USA
Weight Still holding last 3 days
But doing well and staying with it.
I feel like me and I found the fight with in.
Health feel great and only you can change.
When we want to give in>and days will come.Just do not.
As time goes on and u feel more better about self and see changes.Our bodies are a wonderful thing. And no matter the age> Through it helps to Start as soon as we can. Years go by fast. And health is the key.
Keep posting and any one else that reads this come on in and join .
All plans work and it is up to us.
Lisa> Were are you? Hope all is well.

Izzy u are doing so good.
I can not wait for Lisa to come back and give a report.
Do try that ice cream.

izzyfit Sun, Sep-23-18 10:47

I do buy that tortilla for my boys when they want to eat tacos. Since boy 2 and I are trying to stay gluten free as much as possible last time I made his tortillas out of cassava flour, it wasn't the same but the flavor was still good and he liked them.

janetkind Sun, Sep-23-18 14:41

Still holding on. Today I went to Wal mart and got Hallo
Had soup for lunch and 2 rice cakes.
I Do not eat breakfast
Got my books out on Health and also smoothies.
Not weighing now till the 1st.
If I can lose 2-3 lbs a Month that will be good for me.Also next month or Nov. I will get back and start doing the sauna and steam room. As I find it works for me.
I also Detox in bath{Need to get back into that.
We went to costcos yesterday and had our A1C checked.{Mine is and always is 4.7
Next month going to Dr. and have blood work done and also check up.
It is so good that u are getting your boys on road to healthier eating. It will help them stay with good eating down the road as they age.
Is there a reason you are doing Gluten free?
I read that if you do not have problem with it. you should not?
Just wondering.Also do u take vitamins? I do.
You are doing really good. Stay on track.
Keep talking.
Lisa must be at the Biggest loosers health site. Lucky her.
Can not wait till she gets back and gives us Tips.
What is Cassava? I use Almond flour.{For Husband.
As I don't do breading on stuff for me.
Going to make me a salad with added cheese and a egg.
No meat Unless I have a veggie burger.

izzyfit Sun, Sep-23-18 17:20

Janet- what is a detox bath? My next blood work is in February, last blood work was good except I was low in Vitamin D. I went last week to get other blood work but that was for my rheumatologist.

My son has a wheat and corn allergy. We also noticed that him and I are intolerant to most gluten items but not allergic. We are not 100% gluten free, but do our best to limit as much as possible to avoid side effects. However, my rheumatologist wants me to stay away from all sugars, bad carbs, and nightshades to help me with my osteoarthritis and inflammation.

Cassava is also known as Yuca. it is mostly known in latin food and it is a type of root. Most Paleo followers are using it now since it is a good alternative for flour. I believe you can use the same ration as flour. It is very versatile, you can cook it and use it in soups, stews, pretty much the same way you use potatoes. You can also bake it or even fry it. If you are familiar with tapioca, this is extracted from the cassava.

Do you make or buy your veggie burgers? When I was a child my mom used to make patties out of lentils and to me they always tasted like meat ;)

janetkind Sun, Sep-23-18 17:40

On the detox for bath I Use Epsom salt.Two big hands fulls or 3.
You can get plain but they have at Walmart scented{Lavender and others.

. I also and have for over 5.5 years. Organic Turmeric Powder but u can get fresh. I put in soup. 1T.
You should read on it.
On veggie burgers I buy. and I have and love to make own with beans. and If I want hambugars But not much meat I add beans and other veggies, and good.

We buy a lot of our foods Organic.
But I eat pretty much same things. I count cals too. I have

carbs but good carbs and good fats also.
As we age and keep loseing weight. Our cals. should also come down.
On Turmeric ask your Dr. about taking it. great for

Inflammation.But out of you and Lisa, I do not have much weight to lose{In fact I could Stop. But No. I will get to 110 and maybe 115 but 110 is goal.
Just hard this year.
I'm lucky. I'm healthy so far and take no meds.
and i 68{ But do not look it or act it.
As long as we keep going and keep moving scale down and move that body It will pay off in years to come.

izzyfit Mon, Sep-24-18 04:10

Janet, I really admire your dedication!

I guess I been doing the water detox ;) I don't do it very often but I used to do it when I was training harder to help me with my sore muscles, I use the DrTeal (S?) Epsom salt in Lavander.

This year I started to incorporate the Turmeric in pretty much everything, I heard that is supposed to be a great anti-inflamatory. The other day I found about the Golden milk which is pretty much a tea that you make out of coconut milk and turmeric, I think I am going to research a bit more and start making it and see if helps.

I am 42yo, I remember that when I was 16yo I was 145lbs. I started to gain weight after I turned 19 and since then I been up and down. The highest I got was last year to 235lbs. In 2007 I went down to 182lbs in 4 months(I was weighing 220lbs)doing South Beach Diet and going to the gym Monday to Friday, and I felt great I keep the weight off for about 1 year and then I started losing and gaining until I got this big.

I keep making changes and I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but I do have a binge eating disorder and when that gets out of control that is when I gain a lot of weight. I also notices that for the last past 5 years I been battling with pain and inflammation. and one day I will lose 1lb and the next day I will gain 5lbs. Also my metabolism changed a lot and now it is very slow and losing weigh is very hard. I will lose inches first and the last thing to start moving is the scale.

janetkind Mon, Sep-24-18 09:18

I use Teal salts too.
I also found a turmeric tea at wal mart and it is good also.
I have even looked at making my own Turmeric tea with just boiling water and added Turmeric.They have sites on that too.
I think I will milk one also.
It is hard Izzy and not and easy road to stay with.
But the last 5.5 years of me finaaly geting were Im at now is a wonderful thing. And I like eating the way I have .
Now that said I still have slips. You and Liza are younger and that will help u even more.
2lbs a month is a good number to do. That way u will not get burned out. and You will have days and months that it will not move {Other then up or hold.
We have to just keep track and as long as we feel better. and test at Drs. saids doing better. I guesse that is the big key.
Get books look on sites about health. Talk to Drs. about changing and if there is foods u can eat that will help the body and cell heal.
Read and keep moving. and when u feel {Like me u hit a Wall come here or call a friend
You can do this and u are.
Keep useing Turmeric. It helps at least I think.
Make healthy Smoothies too.
That is what help me when I started.
and I need to get that back.
so many recipes out there and sites.
Some times it takes 2 diet plans in one to kick in.
Liza{When she gets back are there.
If we can get just 5lbs off By Jan. then that will be less for us to reset for another year.
But I must say this year has been slow, hold or 47lbs gains.

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