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maral427 Sat, Sep-08-18 01:04

protein shake v8
taco cauliflower rice
snacks red fat string cheese hard boiled egg zucchini soup
chicken cauliflower and mushroom mock risotto
no sweet treat last night just iced green tea

maral427 Sat, Sep-08-18 01:07

here is the recipe for the risotto. it is absolutely amazing!!! you ladies have to try this.

maral427 Sat, Sep-08-18 11:56

Breakfast oatmeal 1/2 cup cooked cottage cheese
Lunch chicken cauliflower mushroom "risotto"
Dinner chicken,salad (spring mix, green pepper, cucumber) 1tablespoon dressing red fat cheese
Sweet treat sugar free popsicles
Snacks if hungry hummus cucumber slices peanut butter celery

janetkind Sat, Sep-08-18 12:52

Lisa, Went and got the stuff today for Cauliflower Risotto
Going to make tonight. Did you just cut up chicken breast and add to it/
Or chicken by self?
I also got stuff to make my cabbage soup{The one for diet years ago.

Keep recipes coming.
The cals. are not bad at all on new dish.Clas for chicken breast for 4oz. is 240 So still good for me.

maral427 Sat, Sep-08-18 13:23

I had a piece of chicken on the side but chicken in it would probably be delicious!!! Going to try it that way too!!! Can you please share the recipe for the cabbage soup?

janetkind Sat, Sep-08-18 16:40

cabbage soup.
Onions choped
cerlery[2-4[Really up to u.
Green peppers-2-3- bite size*-Zuccine{1-3-if u want. tomotes 2 cans with juice-48Oz. v8 juice {Spicy if u like.Or reg. Water-4c-or4.5c.
Vegetabale bouiltion cubes{I use Vegetraine Knorr 3 0f them
Any veggies you like really.Carrots to if u like -2
Stir and simmer till veggies are done.

There are so many of the cabbage soup diet that has been around since the 70-80s.
Very low cals and u can have as much and often as u like.
When i make mine and get ready .I put in big cup and I blend it all.
Oh. Yes Nice big head of Cabbage. Cut in big med. pieces.

maral427 Sat, Sep-08-18 19:46

Thank you. Think I need to make a pot of this. Especially with the weather starting to get cooler I probably will be eating alot of soups. Thanks again for yo sharing this

janetkind Sun, Sep-09-18 09:22

Your Welcome.
You are doing so well. Your head and heart is really in this. So you will have a good weigh in. Just keep doing what u are.
We are missing inaction 2 others. Hey u 2> come back and talk. Miss ya.
Going to the y today.
I love soups and salads. The only thing on salad that u have to watch>Is How much dressing u put on and Type.

izzyfit Sun, Sep-09-18 13:30

Janet, my mom used to make the cabbage soup diet. I love cabbage but I could never drink that soup. I still remember the smell in my house when my mom cook the big pot of soup ;)

Maral, thanks for posting the risotto recipe. I have all the ingredients, I think I am going to make for tomorrow's lunch.

b- waffle and scramble egg with coffee and cashew milk
L- beef stew
S- homemade pumpkin bread and coffee with milk
D- I will probably have a salad

Sorry for all the carbs...I cooked waffles for the family yesterday and today dh asked me to bake pumpkin bread for them and I just couldn't resist :( Weekends are really hard for me.

janetkind Sun, Sep-09-18 14:25

That diet soup has been around for years. You can make it so many ways.
For me I like it. And most likely would make even if not on diet.
but over 5 years I have been.
Today after 4 mile walk. came home and heated up soup and 2 rice cakes. and 1/4slice of Avaco.and slice tomotoes.
This morning{which I do not eat breakfast. Much, I had 1 slice of
bacon and very small orange<47cals.
I need to take a look and just see where my weight is going in since Jan.
I may up protein more{But I do take b12
I need to really get back and use that sanuaat the y. I do 40-50 mins.
But seem I can not get both things done .
I should just use tredmil and weights at home and do sauna there.
I also need to go and get full blood work done and see if I'm missing any nothing in diet.
Would u girls say that>South beach is mostly plant base?.
I seem to be with eating good carbs and good fats and lean meats.
I just started few months ago drinking coffee. I drink black.
But I do drink to much diet pop. {I was off the for 8 months and got right back on it.
I seem to have read some on Sb that u can drink diet pop and coffee? You ladies are my hard rock so bare with me at times

izzyfit Mon, Sep-10-18 04:14

Janet- I don't drink diet sodas but I do drink coffee black but most of the time I drink it with either almond, coconut, and lately with cashew milk. The SBD does allow both, I believe the only 2 cups of coffee and you can use artificial sweeteners but I don't. The diet soda (pop) depends on how it affects you. If you biggest problem is sweets then the diet pop could give you lots of cravings.
As far as the SBD being mostly plant base, the answer is no. SBD promotes low fat, moderate good carbs and moderate protein. You can make it plant base, but make sure you are getting your protein from other sources.

janetkind Mon, Sep-10-18 22:22

Hi. Yes, I do do alot of plant base, But I also make sure protein, good fats and good carbs.
so I think doing right.
Today was not a good eating day. in fact last 3 days. So start tomorrow.again.
This year has been the worst I have had since 2013 April 1st.
I adde same as u when I jst started coffee and now like it black. But I use ice and I fill glass up with ice and coffee. I hate hot drinks. pop does not really bother me.and once I get mind set Im good. Just mine is not reseting and staying there.
I may have to detox and do 1-2 days of I On the low fat> I use reg. good fats and stay away of the low fats to non fat like I used to do. Just added sugars and bad stuff added. So I think do the real good stuff and watch serveings should be good I may have i fasting and eat in a 4 hr. window at least this week or next.
Going to y tomorrow.
You and Lisa are doing so well.
Great job.
I'm having a hard time.

maral427 Tue, Sep-11-18 12:41

hello ladies,
I have been drinking protein shakes throughout the day and then I have been eating a south beach appropriate dinner. trying to shake what my body is doing. im struggling right now. I was up two pounds after watching what I ate walking and exercising. I just really want to get under 200 pounds.

janet-hang in there hon. you had a bad day just pick yourself up and get back on track. I keep telling myself this!! south beach can be adapted to a vegetarian lifestyle. you can eat veggie burgers (I do), beans, etc... you just have to look at the food lists and figure out what works for you. south beach is very flexible and adaptable it seems. as far as coffee my fiancée drinks tons of coffee and often there is some leftover in the pot. I dump that coffee in a pitcher so it is cold and mix it with chocolate protein powder for my morning protein shake. it is wonderful. it tastes like an iced mocha. I usually do not drink more than two cups. I also use artificial sweeteners such as splenda or stevia.

janet and izzy- thank you for being here. you are both awesome!! thank you for your help suggestions and support.

izzyfit Tue, Sep-11-18 16:59

Maral- be patient you have lost a lot of weight and the closer you get to your goal weight the harder that will be. Your body does adapt very easy and a little shake sometimes is need it. (at least that is what I read) the body also fluctuate a lot, it could be that you are retaining water, have you change your exercise routine, maybe your body is adapting to that. Revise your food intake you might be eating too little. I also read that if you cut your calories way too much and your body can go on what is called starvation mode and would hold liquids so you could also gain weight or stay on the same weight for longer time. Just be patient, you would be under 200 in no time, I know you'll do it.

Janet- don't beat yourself too much, take each day as a new day. See what are your triggers and do your best to avoid them. With the time I learn that bread is huge trigger for me. When I eat bread I just start craving, sweets, pasta, and pretty much want to eat everything. So I do my best to avoid it at all causes.

warm lemon water
B- scramble egg with tomatoes and 3 pieces of bacon. coffee with cashew milk
L- cauliflower"risotto" with chicken breast (this was delicious! thanks Maral :) )
S- pumpkin bread and coffee with cashew milk
D- garbanzo pasta with gluten free meatballs

janetkind Tue, Sep-11-18 20:58

Lisa, you will get to can and are doing very well.
It does seem that we all like that sacle to move down[For we feel like we are doing it and we are.
I do not eat bread or rice and stuff like that . I do like veggie bugars and keep in house. I like in salads also and I eat 1/2 c. beans also.and low sugar fruits.
I think when I do go over it is in highier cals and I do like deserts and I like junk. But I don not have in house and I just have to keep going. I worked so hard and stayed go good with few slips but this year is the worst.
My meats are grilled chicken breast 4oz. when I have or at time when I want a bugar i will get and get bean bugars too and have wraped in letuce wraps.
I may try that coffe with protien poweder but i have vanilla.
I Also like tuna at time but I do not put mayo in unless it is a 1t. for 100 cals.
I eat veggies and greens.
But I'm older and I think I have to fight harder then u both.
Today I walked 3 miles and jogged[Non. stop 1 mile.
I'm going to just have to hit hard next 2 weeks. and keep watching.
All we can do is keep it up.
It is hard.
But We have come a long way and the first step was the hardest and we took it.
I'm glad we have each other and it helps so much.
There was some one else here did she leave?. I hope she comes back and stays with us.
We are all nice.ha
Thanks girls so much for help and tips and just because.
also I really have not that much to lose. Just I have goal and that is to weigh 110lbs. and take it from there. But first get there.

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