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maral427 Sun, Aug-05-18 08:44

South beach diet food accountability
Hello everyone!! Thought I would post a thread where everyone could post their food to stay accountable. I am starting phase one but no matter what phase you are in please join in!

maral427 Sun, Aug-05-18 13:39

8/5/18 day one phase one south beach diet
Broccoli and egg mini omelets-one serving

Baked chicken breast and broccoli

Dry roasted peanuts and low fat string cheese

Crockpot white turkey chilli without beans

maral427 Mon, Aug-06-18 12:31

Broccoli and egg mini omlete
Lettuce tunaonion and light mayo
Dry roasted nuts and red fat string cheese
Used this recipe. Subed chicken breast and left out the sherry in this. Also had steamed broccoli

Just finished this tonight!! This chicken was amazing!! You have to try this!!

Dessert sugar free jello

maral427 Tue, Aug-07-18 07:21

Phase one day three- 8/7/18
Breakfast broccoli and cheese mini omelette

Lunch chicken salad made with red fat mayo onion celery on lettuce and a pickle slice

dinner Leftover piece of chicken from last night (this was delicious) and zucchini fries in the air fryer. Here is the recipe for the zucchini fries. It's my first time making them. Will let you know how they turn out!!

Snacks hard boiled egg, red fat string cheese and cucumber slices

Sweet treat sugar free jello

maral427 Wed, Aug-08-18 09:00

Breakfast 1 egg with egg whites peppers onions 2% American cheese and reduced fat feta

Snack celery with natural peanut butter

Lunch was at red robin
Grilled chicken breast with lettuce tomato onion and pickle on a lettuce bun Crystal lite to go packet with my ice water

Snack red fat string cheese cucumber

Dinner beanless chilli i posted Sunday

Snack fudgesicle sugar free

maral427 Thu, Aug-09-18 08:12

breakfast-protein shake mixed with water, v8 juice
snack-natural peanut butter (2 teaspoons) and celery
Lunch tuna light mayo onion lettuce celery
Snack hard boiled egg cucumber slices
dinner BOCA BURGER mustard lettuce tomato onion and pickle
2 sugar free popsicles (30 cal)

maral427 Fri, Aug-10-18 07:36

Breakfast egg and egg whites with 2% American cheese bacon crumbles broccoli green bell pepper

Snacks natural peanut butter and celery

Lunch beanless chilli i posted earlier

Snack string cheese cucumber slices


Snack part skim ricotta with Splenda and vanilla

thud123 Fri, Aug-10-18 10:01

Great to see you keeping the posting up maral! Question, is eating 5-6 times a day part of the plan? Your profile says Southeast diet but I'm thinking now after reading other posts it's South Beach Diet. I'm not familiar with it. Is there a summary you could point me at on the internet? I've heard it said but not checked it out.


maral427 Fri, Aug-10-18 11:36

hi thud! im sorry. i need to change my profile. i am the queen of typos lol! :) i am following south beach diet and am currently on phase one. phase one you follow for two weeks usually and go on to phase two where you add in gradually a healthy carb(whole grain or fruit).

i really like south beach. i eat three meals a day, two snacks, and if you want it a sweet treat at night. sweet treats for me are sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, or part skim ricotta with ricotta splenda and vanilla

For meals focus on lean meat,eggs, low fat dairy, vegetables, and healthy fats. No fruit, starchy vegetable, rice, bread in phase one for two weeks. after the two weeks you hit phase two where you can gradually add in whole grain (oatmeal, brown rice, rye bread) or a serving of fruit. On phase one the weight loss is fast. phase two its a bit slower.

these links should help explain how to figure out how to structure your meals and what to eat. if you have any questions you are welcome to post here or message me,

thud123 Fri, Aug-10-18 12:10

Hey thanks for the insight. I guess this answers my questions about how many times to eat in a day in that "snacks" are required on phase one (if I'm reading this right)

"Phase 1 Snacks
The South Beach diet requires you to eat two snacks per day. The ideal snack would have both a vegetable and protein component."

Welcome and have fun! Any plan that keeps you away from sugar is a good one!

maral427 Sat, Aug-11-18 21:40

Still doing well and On track! forgot to post my food in yesterday!

Breakfast protein shake v8 juice

Lunch 3oz chicken onion lettuce celery red fat mayo

Snacks hard boiled egg Stings cheese pickle cucumber slices

Beanless chilli lite sour cream reduced fat cheese

maral427 Sun, Aug-12-18 09:25

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and 2% American cheese
Lunch Mexican cauliflower rice.recipe posted previously
Dinner Boca burgers lettuce tomato pickle
Snacks natural peanut butter with celery sting cheese with cucumber slices

Sweet treat ricotta or sugar free popsicles

maral427 Mon, Aug-13-18 17:42

Breakfast protein shake v8 juice
Snacks hard boiled egg natural peanut butter celery and cucumber
Lunch taco cauliflower rice
Dinner grilled chicken with zero sugar sauce part skin mozzarella cucumber slices with salad d reading
Sweet treat 2 sugar free popsicles

maral427 Tue, Aug-14-18 16:15

Breakfast protein shake v8 juice
Snacks hardboiled egg string cheese
Lunch taco cauliflower rice
Dinner baked salmon lettuce and cucumber 1tablespoon dressing

Sweet treat ricotta with Splenda and vanilla

maral427 Wed, Aug-15-18 19:54

Breakfast protein shake v8
Lunch bean less chilli
Dinner chicken kabobs with chicken breast mushrooms onions and bell pepper
Snacks celery string cheese 2 tsp natural peanut butter
Sweet treat ricotta with Splenda and vanilla

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