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bonniebede Sat, Aug-11-07 14:02

hi ! doing atkins in dublin
Hi I'm living in Dublin and doing atkins - wsa thrilled to find this site with so much info, and even better to find some local chat too.

Was wondering if the post about pork rinds in abbey street is still up to date, i would love to try these, crisps and salty snacks are very much missed. Mind you It just occurred to be i could have some nuts...i've been thinking of nuts as an ingredient, forgot i could have them just roasted and salted. Am off to check carb counts and see what I can nibble... mmm... will post again, hope there is some more traffic on this site, it would be could to swap info.
ciaou for now

boodler Tue, Aug-14-07 14:56

hi, im in sligo, started a few weeks ago, could do with someone to chat bout atkins....:D

bonniebede Wed, Aug-15-07 23:15

Hi! I knew someone would look in eventually!
Good on you for doing something proactive about your health.

I'm finding this WOE very useful at the moment. I've been on holiday (at home!) so have been doing a bit of experimental cooking, and found a few useful recipes which will help keep me on the straight and narrow.
It can be a bit frutrating when you read stuff on the internet about products available elsewhere which you haven't a remote chance of getting in ireland, unless you ship them in at enormous expense. But i have found some useful ingredients and items in dublin so far, and hope to look for more as time goes on.

Heres my list of usefuls over the last few weeks. i know some of them are obvious but well, I never claimed to be the shiniest penny!

health food shop:
psyllium capsules. helpful fibre in a tasteless package. still not enough, but now i also have baked goods with flax which seems to be sorting out the fibre count.
soya flour (pancakes, and pizza base, but does have a bit of a bitter aftertaste, so needs sweetening or seasoning)
flaxmeal (*also called linseed)(also found this in tesco, not cheap, but worth it! a miracle for low carb cooking, makes a fabulous bread, very like a good irish brown bread, also muffins, which are sort of spicy things, and great for upping the fibre count of our diet)
xanthan gum (haven't tried this yet but i believe it can be used to thicken sauces in place of flour)

in tesco's
low carb bars, which i haven't tried yet. hidden away n the vitamin section of all places.
Roasted peanuts - hurray, salty crunchy tasty,and i can forget about pringles forever!
Ground almond (americans call it almond flour)- pricey but a useful baking ingredient, not just for christmas cake icing ;)
Dessiccated coconut - i've bought this but not yet made maccarroons and a few other recipes i've found.
Cheese strings - another great 'treat'. I'm intolerant of dairy, so i have to watch how much i eat, but still becoming another emergency favourite.
sugar free jelly. with cream. great. i keep a tub in the fridge. also tescos have a new range of ready made s-f jelly in individual pots. weird flavours put me off, but i tried them and they are delicious. much much cheper to make up one at home, but these could be great emergency stand bys or when travelling or something.
sugar free bacon - its weird but there are rashers with no sugar, it does not seem to be related to price or quality, you just have to read the labels.

Boots (Dun Laoghaire)
Oh joy! Atkins bars, soy protein flavoured like 'chocolate wonder or something like that. also boots own brand version. All fairly disgusting and won't be buying again,
Atkins Endulge chocolate very expensive, nice taste in the American style of chocolate)
Boots own diabetic sweet range - swiss chocolate (delicious and half the price of atkins stuff) toffees (totally yum) and mints (yum again)
So yummy sweets for the occasional treat to stop me falling off the wagon. Only issues with these are price, and they contain polyols (to count or not to count? atkins says no, and they certainly don't trigger cravings for me but they do have a hefty calorie count which might be an issue at a later stage, and of course, the laxative effect - yep thats true! but one or two squares of choc or a toffee or two is not a problem. and as i can have luscious desserts of other sorts, and really only want the occasional 'taste' of a sweet' that should be enough.

I'm still looking for shiratake noodles, pork rinds, and vitamins that fit the atkins profile. i had started a multivit but it has iron and so i have stopped it again.

What i really love is the fact that i have just stopped craving food, i used to eat and eat and never feel satisfied. infact if there was one frustration it is the fact that I don't feel hungry - so now what do i do with all the time i spent eating? lol.

Now that my body seems to be adjusting to this woe, i find i can tackle the amount i eat, i have downsized in several ways - i don't graze constantly, my meal frequency is lower and my portion size is smaller. This is all without gritting my teeth, i really just want less food.
And i find the 'pyschological issues' of comfort eating, are much more clearly identifiable. Yes i do eat out of boredom, or for comfort, but not very often at all, and when i am in that mood it now stands out clearly and is much easier to identify simply because there is no confusion about whether of not i am physicaly hungry. don't know if that makes sense, but it is great because i thought i had much more psychological issues around food than i now think i have.

anyway thats enough for now.

keep going, i can see you are losing already, and hope you are also feeling other health benefits. GB!

bonniebede Mon, Aug-20-07 04:00

Checking in!
Still eating well. My weight loss is slow after the exhilaration of induction, but it is going in the right direction, even if its only a half pound a week.

my focus this month is to get my exercise routine going, and I must say that is going well. I am exercising five times a week, and increasing the amount by five minutes perweek, my thing is walking. Having said that I usually exceed my goal time, but i deliberately am working up slowly so that i am not overwhelmed on those days when I don't feel like it. The real purpose this month is to build the habit of going out and doing something - next month I can make sure that 'something' is as effective as it should be.

I have been eating some low carb sweets, and wonder if they are responsible for slow weight loss, I am going to monitor this carefully. I am also checking my ketones, and seem to be barely making a diffence there, so I think i am not in ketosis. Not sure what to do, but I am so happy on this way of eating because of the lack of cravings, that I know it is suiting me.

I have found some new recipes I want to try, I need to make some dinners a bit more saucy, or I will get bored with meat and veg.

Ciao for now

bonniebede Mon, Sep-24-07 05:36

checking in again. fell off thbw wagon for a while but tdid not regain the weight i had lost. Am now back on track and in ketosis, hurrah!
The secret is planning and preparation. my week is very i just have to make sure that once a week i plan for the week ahead, after that its so much easier.

tdoty Wed, Oct-03-07 20:24

Shiratake noodles are absolutely nasty. Don't waste your time! Keep with the meat and eggs. Use flax as a "treat" as it may stall you. How about davinci syrups? Have you tried those? They're a lifesaver for me. :wave:

bonniebede Tue, Oct-16-07 20:11

hi thanks for looking in. you're post however shows why not much interest in people posting here i think - da vinci syrups are not available here, nor is 99% of the products discussed in therse forums. it gets frustrating after a while.
Flax is great as far as i can see, low carb and lots of fibre. it is the only way of having something bready - there is no low carb bread, bread mix, bake mix etc etc etc here at all. I can get flax, ground almond and soy isolate, which i am not sure i want to use anyway because of phyto estrogens.
But i'm still enjoying this diet and it is becoming a WOL!

s8ndr Wed, Oct-17-07 01:55

hi there, you should try the uk low carb mega store ,you can shop online and they have some great products. i can reccomend one carb heinz tomato sauce and the tortilla wraps are great not to mention the s f anniseed twists ,the list is endless ! by the way spent 2 weeks in ireland this year and loved it :D coming back next year thinner!! :lol:

bonniebede Wed, Oct-17-07 15:32

thanks! i checked out the website. The cost of delivery is very high for me, but it does have some items i'd love to try so maybe for christmas ;)

Tish437 Wed, Oct-17-07 17:02

Another thing for you to look for in Ireland (I'm in California) is coconut oil. I put a spoonful in my morning coffee, and as a moisturizer at night after I wash off my make up. A lot of low carbers swear by it.

tdoty Wed, Oct-17-07 21:34

How about Stevia? Have you seen that there? They also have flavors like Davinci. Check the LowCarbU site. Their shipping is pretty low as is Their shipping is only 4.95US per ORDER, not per item.

Don't worry about falling off the wagon. We all do it. The trick is to hop back on!! Good luck! Till next time :wave:

bonniebede Thu, Oct-18-07 07:23

From the netrition website:

You pay shipping charges based on the weight of the package and the destination. The $4.95 standard shipping charge does not apply to international orders. Shipping by air to most other countries can be very expensive. Shipping charges alone are sometimes 50% to 100% of the total cost of the products.

4.95 is for us orders only ... you see IRELAND is not actually in the US :)

THanks for the coconut oil tip... is that meant to curb appetite? I came across a product called slimthru which is a small portion of palm oil and wheat oil, you add it to things like salad dressing and its meant to curb appetite. Don't know if it or similar is available in your market area, i tried it but in fact i don't actually feel hungry eating low carb, i mean except when its time to eat. that is the thing I love most about this woe, on low fat diets i was just craving food all the time!

thanks for the encouragement tdoty, it means a lot! It's been great reading this site and especially the success stories. And even with the limited products here i get loads of great ideas from this site.

What i really need to do now is ramp up on exercise, which should be easier now I have lost some weight.

Could you tell me, are there lowcarb weight loss groups in the US like weight watchers? you know somewhere to go and weigh in and meet people face to face, and get tips and so on?

s8ndr Thu, Oct-18-07 09:16

i got some coconut oil today and tried it for the first time ,i ate a teaspoon of it this morning it made me gag its not the taste its the texture very slimy.i have just tried it in coffee i added a tablespoon , it tends to float on the top the more i drank the more i enjoyed it :yum: . i think im gonna try and work up to 3 tablespoons a day,coconut oil has no carbs and it increases you metabalism thus helps fat burning .its recommend you buy virgin coconut oil i got mine off ebay .it is also recommended 3-4 tablespoons a day but i have read some threads on this site of people saying it makes you go to the loo :lol: so im gonna do it in stages and see how it goes,lots of people cook with it ,im not sure i will,the coconut taste is very subtle not overpowering and theres lots of recipies for it ,if you give it a try let me know how you get on regards sandra

Tish437 Thu, Oct-18-07 09:39

Sandra, yucko on taking the CO plain (yikes!). Like you, I didn't like it in my coffee first try, now I don't like coffee without it! And it's a great moisturizer; I put it all over my face, neck, and chest at night before going to bed.

Bonnie, a lot of people say that it does curb their appetite, and also may speed up metabolism.

Here is a thread on coconut oil; it big, but you get a lot of information. Happy reading!

s8ndr Thu, Oct-18-07 10:30

hey tish our goals are very similar you have a pound less than me to lose ,i see you have been lcing for a while,i am in my second week of induction and doin ok i think how long did you stay on induction? when do you aim to get to goal,i want to do it for christmas, doyou think im being too ambitious :D this is my first attempt at lc so any advice would be welcome :thup:

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