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gumbybythe Mon, Jun-15-15 16:54

Last pack getting ready to quit
Hi all :wave: I'm almost at my goal weight and now is the time to quit smoking. I smoked for years quit about 12 years ago and the last 3 started again. I quit last time due to health reasons asthma and bronchitis. Why I started again was because I started drinking the two just went together. Well it's been 2 years since my last drink, I been low carb for about 4 months and dropped 46 lbs. got 14 more to go. So it is time to stop smoking AGAIN for good. I didn't gain any weight last time so I'm praying I won't this time either. I just went cold turkey last time this time I'm psyching myself up to do it. I maybe able to make this pack last 3-4 days but either way when it's gone I'm done. Keep me in your thoughts and for God's sake keep my poor family in your prayers. :lol:

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