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digwig Tue, Jun-10-03 18:43

Donald's not here to defend himself (he's off supporting his sister and her family while his brother-in-law is in ICU as the result of a cardiac arrest) so I thought I'd jump in (hope you don't mind DLo).

I don't think Donald has ever claimed to have created this recipe, in fact at the beginning of this thread, he refers to it as the deep dish pizza quiche, "I like so much," not "that I invented." He has a habit of posting his daily menus in his journal and many people ask him for the recipes. Since his journal is so big he gets asked many, many times for the same recipe by folks that are new to the forum and don't have time to read his entire opus. I've seen lots of recipes end up credited to Donald as, for example, Donald's Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole, and I think it's just not possible for Donald to go everywhere in the forum his name is mentioned and correct misunderstandings. If we expected him to do this, he wouldn't have any time to actually participate in the forum.

I don't think it's that unusual for people to get this impression that this recipe was created by Donald. He is the one that brought it into the recipe forum and I think some people have just assumed he created it. It's not really his fault that he shared a recipe he loved, probably prompted by requests in his journal and then got the credit. I know that I would never have run across it without him, so I'm just grateful. It doesn't matter to me who invented it, I'm just enjoying the good eating!

Have a happy day,

xo Dig

jeanyyy Tue, Jun-10-03 19:16

I certainly wasn't blaming him or accusing him, Dig.. just asking the question, since a couple of people had mentioned it, that's all :)

RickinTN Tue, Jun-10-03 20:57

You WON me over!
Oh my goodness! This Pizza was fantastic!!! I have never even a pizza so good! In fact, I love it so much, I had to eat two peices Good on carbs. Bad on calories :D

I have decided I will keep making this. From now on though, only 1/4 of it at a time.

Thanks for encouraging me to eat this! My wife and I both are In LOVE :rheart:

Brandon Tue, Jun-10-03 21:55

Here's hoping this becomes the I-can't-cook-anything deep dish pizza quiche helper thread.

Turned out delicious.. I didn't end up using the pepperoni for the base but I did make the mix for the base before hand and kept it in the fridge for a few hours.. thanks all for the help. here's the final result. Looks kinda like pizza hut doesn't it?! :)

That's italian sausage (bought in hamburger patty form, just one patty, browned before cooking) and pepperroni for toppings, although the pepperroni is under all the cheese.

I did end up using 2 bags of kraft shredded mozzarella, so it does take alot of cheese.

I made this without screwing it up, so there's hope for us LC-ing bachelors out there :)

Note - I cooked the "base" for 30 mins ~ 375, then the toppings for 5 mins ~ 375, then turned on the broiler and watched it manually.

Just for those out there that need brand names, here's what I used.

2 packs - Kraft Italian Natural Shredded Cheese - Mozzarella and Parmesan
1/2 cup (4 oz) - Lucerne Soft Cream Cheese
Lucerne - Heavy Whipping Cream
Ragu - Old World Style Traditional Pasta Sauce (6g for 1/2 cup)
Egg-Lands Best Oranic Eggs
Kraft Grated Parmesan - the pizza topping kind
Lawray's - Garlic Powder
McCormick's - Italian seasoning
Jewel (local grocery store) Brand Italian Sausage (in hamburger patty form)
Hormel - Small pepperoni slices
Grocery store-bought pyrex 9x13 glass pan (mine had a rubber top on it.)

Brandon Tue, Jun-10-03 22:51

Re: You WON me over!
Originally posted by RickinTN
Oh my goodness! This Pizza was fantastic!!! I have never even a pizza so good! In fact, I love it so much, I had to eat two peices Good on carbs. Bad on calories :D

I have decided I will keep making this. From now on though, only 1/4 of it at a time.

Thanks for encouraging me to eat this! My wife and I both are In LOVE :rheart:

Right on bud.. same reaction here! Can't believe I can have such guilt free pizza :) I cut into six peices but had to eat two.. took some restraint from going for number 3. saved the rest for later. Can't wait for lunch tomorrow :)

digwig Wed, Jun-11-03 00:09


I'm really sorry if I came off cranky. I had tried to populate my post with smilies to show that I meant no ill will, but they looked kind of silly and I was worried about them being in the same post where I mentioned Donald's BIL being in intensive care.

I may have been a little defensive because I've heard people express disgruntlement about Donald, "taking credit" for this recipe in the past. I don't feel that he has, but I can understand why someone might interpret it that way. My impression is that people have thanked Donald for sharing the recipe and that when he says, "I'm glad you enjoyed it, " it's just an acknowlegment of their thanks. If he said, "you're welcome," I think that would indicate that he was taking credit for it.

I think I was probably responding to an old conversation, more than what you said, kiddo, and I'm sorry if I came on too strong. Please forgive my excitement.

:) Dig

BeccaResRN Wed, Jun-11-03 01:32

for those of you that have made this with spiniach what kind of spinach did you use fresh, fresh blanched, frozenn thawed, canned drained

I'd like to try a spinach/feta version

I am also going to make a marinated artichoke heart, red onion, chicken, red bell peppers and olives version I'll let you know how it turns out

Debi Warne Wed, Jun-11-03 07:08

well, okay, now I'm hungry -- it looks delicious!

Brandon Wed, Jun-11-03 10:42

Thanks again for the input. I didn't think about the picture of the final product making people hungry when I posted it, so here's a link rather than the whole picture. Don't wanna send anyone running for pizza hut or anything like that. View at your own risk :)

Debi Warne Wed, Jun-11-03 10:46

don't worry about the picture making me hungry -- it really looked good and I bet it tasted good too -- see you'll become a cook yet!

jeanyyy Wed, Jun-11-03 13:19

No problem, Dig. I was just thinking that somehow I'd come across in a way I didn't mean, is all :) Any word from Donald on his BIL?

DWRolfe Thu, Jun-12-03 08:30

For the record...
Originally posted by jeanyyy
Just curious, Donald.. you didn't "create" this recipe yourself, did you? It's listed under Reader's Low Carb Recipes above and even the poster there indicated it wasn't "her" recipe. I know it's all over the net, too.

I check this thread every day, because I feel a kinship with it. Somehow this has been misconstrued as my trying to claim ownership of this recipe. Nothing could be further from the truth. My only goal in this thread and in this forum has been to share my experiences and to coach and learn from others.

Every day people come to this forum looking for inspiration, including new recipe ideas. DDPQ is a recipe that I found many years ago and it is one of my favorite LC dishes to make. So many people asked for the recipe after reading about it in my daily menus that posting it in the Main Dishes area of the forum seemed like an A+++ idea to me.

So for the record (and Iíll put this in bold face so thereís no confusion):

I did not create the recipe for Deep Dish Pizza Quiche. I merely shepherded the recipe into the appropriate area of the forum so as many people as possible could find it and enjoy it.

And that, my friends, is my very last word ever in this thread.

Enjoy! ;)

jeanyyy Fri, Jun-13-03 20:51

Oh, dear.. what did I do? I get the feeling that (lucky me!) I hit a raw nerve, perhaps due to something in the past.. I think I'll just mind my own business in future :(

BeccaResRN Sun, Jun-15-03 21:33

I enjoy this recipe and I am very happy to have found it posted here and all the great varriation ideas....I love the idea of a pizza party where everyone makes their own...DH nad i did that the other day

Just really enjoy this recipe...Thanks for posting it here where I found it :wave:

coolazchic Wed, Jun-18-03 12:39

This has GOT to be the BEST recepie I have tried so far.
I did not create the recipe for Deep Dish Pizza Quiche. I merely shepherded the recipe into the appropriate area of the forum so as many people as possible could find it and enjoy it.
Thank you Donald for posting the recepie.
I would not have found it otherwise. It was nice that you posted it, that way people are able to respond to what they think of the dish.

I had two big slices and I have to tell you, I could have eaten the entire pizza. I can't wait to eat it cold.....nothing like cold pizza right?

YAY! I got pizza!

Magicbyrd Wed, Jun-18-03 12:41

Been trying to find the time to make this "pizza" for about a week now. finally took a little extra time at lunch and made it. Messed up and didn't put the cheese in first...realized it about 15 minutes in...just added it on top. Don't know that it hurt it but will try to follow the recipe next time. Was very surprised at how much it really was like a pizza...guess I shouldn't have been after reading all these positive posts. Will try it with pepperoni "crust" next time. Also want to try the chicken alfredo version. Great receipe. Thanks for posting it Donald.

coolazchic Wed, Jun-18-03 15:19

Magicbyrd - Where is the chicken alfredo version? Sounds delish!

nicksmom Wed, Jun-18-03 19:37

Love the pepperoni crust! Interested in the chicken alfredo version, too! :)

nicksmom Wed, Jun-18-03 19:37

Love the pepperoni crust! Interested in the chicken alfredo version, too! :)

fern Thu, Jun-19-03 06:58

:cry: Donald Please Dont Go! I'm from the UK and I have made this Great Recipe and loved It . I have enjoyed your feed back on many questions people have asked concerning the Pizza and seeing your friendly face makes me smile :) So please come back and help us not so ( oh fay) on this pizza thing :wave:

Magicbyrd Thu, Jun-19-03 07:13

I just saw that version (chicken alfredo) someplace in this thread. Basically you just use alfredo sauce in place of the pizza sauce and had chicken as your topping. The alfredo sauce, jar, I bought has fewer carbs as well compared to the pizza sauce.
I had cold "pizza" this morning for breakfast it was very good.

marchbaby Thu, Jun-19-03 21:21

sounds yummy!
Can yo actually pick this pizza up and eat it with your hands or does it require a fork?


Angel66668 Thu, Jun-19-03 21:55

I can eat it with my hands just like a pizza.

nana Thu, Jun-19-03 22:21

Love this pizza I think I will make it again this week-end and try the alfredo version, I wonder what the pepperoni crust would taste like with the alfredo version? Probably not too good.


Azure Fri, Jun-20-03 06:55

You can pick it up. But it's still not nearly as firm as a pizza. I use a fork. Still tastes great.

coolazchic Fri, Jun-20-03 07:38

If you eat it right out of the oven you can't pick it up but if you wait a bit for things to cool down, wahla you can eat it like regular ol pizza. I will have to try the alfredo version without a doubt. This stuff is so nummy :thup:

ketodiva Fri, Jun-20-03 17:40

Good looking and you can cook...Whew!
Well DW,

I just made and ate the deep dish pizza quiche and let me tell you, it was the bomb. I think this was one of the most filling and fulfilling dishes I've had in a long time. And it's low carb.

I worked out the recipe on FitDay and came up with the following for 1 serving (1/6 of recipe). [What can I say, I have a big appetite].

Cal. 735
Fat 58g
Sat. 29g
Poly. 4
Mono. 25g
Carbs. 10g
Fiber 1.5g
Protein 43%

I used the following toppings: italian sweet sausage (3), 1/2 lg groung meat, 1/4 lb pepperoni; green pepper and red onions.

I think I love you. :wave:

RickinTN Sun, Jun-22-03 07:34

Originally posted by coolazchic
Magicbyrd - Where is the chicken alfredo version? Sounds delish!

The only thing I found was that they just put cooked chicken and green onions and suateed them together and put them on as a topping

Magicbyrd Mon, Jun-23-03 08:05

I tried a Chicken Alfredo version over the weekend and it was very good. I followed the regular recipe until the toppings then added baked chicken (cut up) and green peppers and mushrooms on top of alfreado sauce. It was excellent. I had read originally that you could freeze some peices so I tried a couple just to see how they would turn out. I'll let you know when I thaw and warm probably later this week.
By the way...when I made the orginal a week or so ago I forgot to add the cheese on the bottom of the greased dish...I added it about 15 minutes into the process and it turned out fine. This time I followed the exact directions and the cheese helps make a firmer crust. Don't see the need for the pepporoni crust but will certainly use it as my topping next time I make this. :D

marchbaby Mon, Jun-23-03 13:51

just made this pizza
i used plain tomato sauce, can't find low carb sauce anywhere.

It came out ok, probably will
be better reheated? :wave:

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