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Demi Wed, Apr-02-03 06:08

Demi's Workout Log
Time to start a gym/exercise journal :thup:

Here are my stats - my 'before' pics can be found here in the Fitness Challenge thread - the challenge runs until 30 June, so I hope to see a real change in those pics at the end of it :thup: Hopefully, there'll be another challenge after that :thup: but I'm sure that by the time this one is over, I'll be so pleased with the results, then I'll want to continue with what I'm doing anyway :)

Was quite horrified when I saw my bottom half in those pics - dreadful lumps all over my hips and thighs, ugh :eek: These are definitely my problem areas, and ones that I shall be working hard on :exclm:

(as at 31 March, 2003)

BF (Average) 30.5%
Total Body Fat Weight 51lbs
Lean Body Mass 124lbs
BMI 25
Bust 38
Under Bust 32.5
Waist 30
Bellybutton 34
Hips 40
Thigh 25 (3 inch from crutch)
Calf 17 (3 inch from knee)
Bicep 12 (unflexed, largest part)
Wrist 6.5

Fitness routine:
power walking, specific leg exercises, exercise ball workout with/without hand weights, pilates, dance (probably salsa)

Added incentive April challenge: I would like to average 12 miles a week with my power walking, and would like to see an inch off waist and hips (and hopefully thighs) Starting small, but hopeful it will lead to bigger and better goals :yay:

Demi Wed, Apr-02-03 06:15

Exercise - 1 April
30 minutes power walking

LBWO with exercise ball:
10 balanced squats
10 leg extensions
10 upper leg raise
10 lower leg raise
10 hamstring stretch (each leg)
10 upper leg stretch
plus, 10x each side, total body stretch
10 spinal stretch

Demi Wed, Apr-02-03 14:11

Top Three Motivational Tips

1. Write a list of 20 benefits of regular exercise and stick it on your fridge door so you'll see it every day.

2. Anticipate excuses for missing a workout and put strategies in place to combat them. For example, if bad weather is likely to thwart your plans, start exercising at home with a fitness video.

3. Replace your scales with a tape measure :thup: - muscle weighs more than fat, so you'll see the inches disappearing long before you notice the weight loss.

Read these tips in a magazine today, and thought they were very appropriate to post here. OK, need to write down 20 benefits ...

Burns fat
Burns calories
Tones body
Strengthens muscles
Strengthens heart and lungs
Speeds up metabolism
Reduces stress
Increases endurance
Reduces 'real age' -
Health benefits, such as reducing risk of cardiovascular problems

... there's 10 will add the other 10 later!

Demi Wed, Apr-02-03 14:24

Exercise - 2 April
30 minutes power walking covering just under 2 miles (3.2km)

UBWO with exercise ball and hand held weights:
10 Gym ball push ups
10 Spinal stretches
10 chest stretches
10 Upper body rotations
10 dumbbell fly
10 chest press
plus 10 each side total body stretch
and 10 pelvic tilts
then, without ball:
10 upright row (deltoids)
10 v press (pecs)
10 scapular squeeze (mid back)
10 curls (biceps)
10 kick backs (triceps)

weights: .5kg (1.1lb) each

chysmith Thu, Apr-03-03 01:10

Hi Demi!
You're doing great! Pretty soon you'll be able to power walk your way through the marathon! :D


Demi Thu, Apr-03-03 13:42

Exercise - 3 April
40 minutes power walking covering just under 2.5 miles (4km) :thup:

Legs sore from walking so UBWO instead of LBWO:

40 upright row (deltoids)
20 v press (pecs)
20 scapular squeeze (mid back)
40 curls (biceps)
20 kick backs (triceps)

weights: .5kg (1.1lb) each

LOL Cait, the way my legs are feeling tonight, I think I'll have a problem - unless, of course, I enter the Marathon in 2005 - by which time I might just be able to do it :lol:

Off for a hot bath!

Demi Sun, Apr-06-03 04:14

Exercise - 4 April
Was very sore and tired today (amd busy!), so used today as my rest day - though I did do some gentle stretching exercises with my fitness ball :thup:

Demi Sun, Apr-06-03 04:23

Exercise - 5 April
45 minute bike ride - the most I could manage in one session, I'm afraid :( , but I'm sure it will get better as I build up stamina and strength. Very tough on the legs :eek:

10 minutes on the trampoline - great fun :D

20 minutes stretching exercises on fitness ball

Trampolining provides aerobic exercise without causing a lot of trauma to the joints. It is also good for your circulation, as with all aerobic exercise, and for the lymph system.

During weight loss, there is a tendency for the body to start "house cleaning", releasing accumulated toxins for elimination. Without a strong circulation of the lymph, that waste can build up within the body leading to symptoms of illness.

The unique up-and-down movement of your body on a mini-trampoline subjects it to changes in gravitational force. For a split second at the top of the bounce, gravity or G-force is nonexistent. But at the bottom of each bounce, as you come down upon the elastic platform, the pull of gravity on your cells, muscles and tissues is suddenly increased by two or even three times the usual G-force on the earth. On the way up, gravity closes up the millions of one-way valves which control the flow of lymph. Then when you come down again onto the trampoline the internal pressure changes quickly and dramatically, causing them to open and bringing about a surge of lymph so you set up an internal massaging motion which shunts lymph along.

Exercising on a trampoline also helps one to gain endurance. This form of exercise is a very powerful rejuvenator. Case histories show that people have experienced relief from years of aches and pains after just a few weeks of regular jumping.

Demi Sun, Apr-06-03 15:03

Exercise - 6 April
30 minutes power walking covering just under 2 miles

10 minutes trampolining - just bouncing

40 upright row (deltoids)
20 v press (pecs)
20 scapular squeeze (mid back)
40 curls (biceps)
20 kick backs (triceps)

weights: .5kg (1.1lb) each

Demi Mon, Apr-07-03 05:10

A review of the week
The Fitness Challenge is now entering it's second week, so it seems to me like a good opportunity to review my first week on the challenge.

I have averaged around 2 miles a day of power walking this week - which gives me a total of 10 miles walking this week :) - wow, 10 miles more than I would normally have walked :thup:

My personal challenge for April is to average 12 miles a week, and I would have achieve that for this week if I hadn't chosen to ride my bike instead of walk on Saturday, because I felt like doing something different, but I suppose I could count this in my total, especially as it seemed to be much harder on the legs than the walking!

I have also done some weight training, though not exactly along the lines of a BFL challenge - but I've made a good start with hand weights and my exercise ball :thup: Perhaps after a month of this, I might just be ready to think about trying BFL - we'll see :)

Have also had fun doing some exercises on my trampoline.

I'm feeling good - my muscles do ache, but it's a 'nice' sort of feeling, rather than 'OMG, I can't take any more' :lol:

I haven't taken my measurements yet - part of my personal challenge is lose some inches - but I can 'feel' that something has happened. TOM is due, so I shall wait until that has been and gone before I measure.

I plan to add in some more fitness ball exercises this week and also Pilates (have been waiting for the DVD to arrive).

Here's to another good week :D

Demi Tue, Apr-08-03 05:28

Exercise - 7 April
40 minutes power walking covering 2.2 miles

30 minutes toning/stretching using fitness ball

Demi Wed, Apr-09-03 13:47

Exercise - 9 April
40 minutes power walking covering 2.2 miles

20 upright row (deltoids)
20 v press (pecs)
20 scapular squeeze (mid back)
20 curls (biceps)
20 kick backs (triceps)

weights: .5kg (1.1lb) each

I am counting yesterday as a rest day - wasn't well, felt much too tired to do anything - went to bed at 7.30pm :eek: But did feel better for it this morning :thup:

Demi Thu, Apr-10-03 13:26

Exercise - 10 April
40 minutes power walking covering 2.2 miles

30 minutes toning/stretching using fitness ball

I have some great new exercises to do with hand weights and will be starting those tomorrow. My new pilates DVD has also arrived - will have a look through first and will probably start it sometime over the weekend, when I can fit more in :)

Demi Mon, Apr-14-03 04:00

Exercise - 11, 12, 13 April
OK, managed to fit in 40 minutes of power walking covering 2.2 miles each day :thup:

Also, a selection of UBWO with handweights and some exercises on the ball :thup:

Pilates DVD has arrived, but not had time to sit and watch it yet - hopefully will be using it this week.

Demi Mon, Apr-14-03 04:21

Review of the week
Well, not a great week, as I've not been feeling well. Not sure why, just very tired and headachy :( Means that I haven't managed to do as much as I had planned.

However, have walked 13.2 miles this week (and as I wanted to average 12 miles a week, I'm very pleased with that) :D

Have done quite a bit of UBWO with handweights this week - feel that as I'm doing so much power walking, which is effectively LBWO, I need to do more for my top half in this way.

Have also used my exercise ball quite a bit.

This coming week, I plan to add in Pilates and more trampolining.

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