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Karinda Tue, Jul-29-03 04:52

Soup Diet. What do you think?
Hi everyone. I've been tossing this idea around in my head and wanted to bounce it off you guys to see what you think.

As you know I love this Atkins WOE but as you also know I haven't lost on the scales for the last 4 weeks and I'm only 3kg off goal. Have I also told you that patience is not a virtue I possess? :lol:

Before starting Atkins I did a week of the soup diet and lost 4kg in the week. For those of you not familiar with the soup diet it is an eating plan that involves eating lots of vege one day you can have soup plus any fruit you want, then the next day soup plus any veges, then soup and fruit and veges, then soup plus 1 serving of meat, then soup plus all the meat you can eat, one day is banana smoothie day, more soup etc. The plan is for 7 days. They recommend you only do it for a maximum of 2 weeks and then follow a low GI diet.
It was featured on Today Tonight a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I was wondering if maybe to shake things up a bit, I do it for 7 days and then go back to Atkins after that. Do you think that would be stuffing my body up too much? I assume I would go out of ketosis, and I can remember feeling very hungry most of the time....and VERY sick of the soup by the end of the but I dunno. I just feel very stable at the moment and feel that my body has "settled" into how it is now and that nothing's going to change in the near future as far as weight loss goes *sigh*

So.....ummmm..what do ya think?

Rosebud Tue, Jul-29-03 06:03

Do you think that would be stuffing my body up too much?

Um, frankly, yes, I do.
What you will be doing is yoyo dieting - responsible for many a wrecked metabolism.

As you are close to your goal, you should be on pre-maintenance by now. Remember, Dr Atkins warns that weight loss will be very slow during this phase. Remember too, that for your weight loss to be permanent, eating low carb has to be a way of life. By now, you should be very comfortable eating LC. Why would you want to change that just to lose a bit more quickly?

Have you measured yourself? Because there is a chance you have lost an inch or two even if the scales have not changed.

I don't know what you've been eating, so maybe posting some of your usual menus might help us to suggest something to help.

Meanwhile, have a read of this Plateau Buster's Checklist.

All the best, matey. I hope you achieve success soon. (But please, forget the soup diet.)


jordy05 Tue, Jul-29-03 18:16

besides you are only like 140 pounds (64 kilo) so you have little to loose the last few are the hardest,,, you need to just try maintenance,,exercise and measure the loss in cm`s as rosebud says..... and dont beat yourself up over the number of kilos you are, just a number,,,its just like age,,, its all in how you feel not in the total... its different for everyone,,, if only I was 64 kilo,,, will be one day at 70 kilo,,, best of luck

Karinda Wed, Jul-30-03 01:10

Okay, okay....I hear ya :roll:

You know sometimes I think this is more of a mental challenge rather than a physical one. Like I said, I'm just impatient and want to be at goal.......NOW :lol:

Sure I want to be my "ideal" size, but I also want to be healthy so I'll keep on as I am (no soup diet) and I'll count my pennies and let the pounds take care of themselves.....bahahahaha Anyway, I'm sure you know what I mean :)

jordy05 Thu, Jul-31-03 02:56

funny.... I count my pounds and let the pennies take care of themselves,,,,, oh well,,, we are all different,,,hehe,,bye

reowdy Thu, Aug-07-03 09:25

Its a funny thing, but it was doing the soup diet, that got me thinking about Atkins again..

Did it a few weeks back... hated the first few days... was hungry all the time, but came the end of the week... when I was on those steak and tomato, and protein and vege days that suddenly got energetic... and during those days, the whoosh fairy appeared, and I dropped 3kgs.... hubby had been doing it with me, and he dropped 7kgs that week....(don't you just hate that)....

The next week I bloated back up again... and lost that energy, and decided it was the bread that was doing it...???? and had a good look at what I had been doing on the soup diet...

I was using the original Sacred Heart hospital version... no tomatoes in the soup, and mostly low carb vegies.. just a little different to the Today tonite version...

Was thinking, that maybe you could just do those last 2 days repeatedly for a week..... Lo-carb vege soup whenever you feel hungry, and the rest is really just basic, LC.... 500g steak and 5 tomatoes one day.... unlimited meat fish or chicken and veges the second....

I suspect that you would probably regain any losses pretty quickly, but maybe it would just kick-start that metabolism.... ?????? Dr. Atkins does say that sometimes the only way out of a serious stall.. is a few days on another diet regime....

Going2doit Thu, Aug-07-03 16:18

Hey Pam - I consider I am seriously stalled. Have been doing lc for 5 weeks and not an ounce lost since the first 2 lb. Don't know why as I have checked all the carb g and usually about 18 per day. Getting a bit p off as you can imagine
never heard of the soup diet whats that?

casval Thu, Aug-07-03 19:06


Have you looked at the Stalls and Plateaus in the LC Tips section? You might want to consider a fat fast or a meat fast. Meat fast sounds easier.


sambalam Thu, Aug-07-03 20:52

hey bron, :) maybe try upping your carbs by 5g see what happens!

Going2doit Thu, Aug-07-03 21:21

Wish I ate chocolate - I would be eating it now!!!
Heard about some darralee that is edible do you know about it ???

casval Thu, Aug-07-03 22:00

The Darrell Lea chocks are good. They're good when you want something sweet. But don't go over 2 blocks at a time. Either makes you pass a lot of wind or makes you run to the toilet and you won't stop running :D Love the sugar alcohols.

WARNING!! DO NOT EAT THIS WHEN YOU HAVE A DATE THAT DAY!! Speaking from personal experience :D

Going2doit Thu, Aug-07-03 22:09

Yeah that is what happened to me with th DDh lollies!!

casval Thu, Aug-07-03 22:11

I'm sure all of us who have "abused" sugar alcohols have a story to tell :D

Anyway, this thread has got so OT. Yeah, soup diet, bad. No soup diet.

reowdy Thu, Aug-07-03 22:28

Sorry.... staying slightly off topic...

What is the meat fast.... I know about the fat fast..????

Where do I find details??

Going2doit Thu, Aug-07-03 23:02

never heard of either

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