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EarthMama8 Sat, Jan-10-15 08:24

Need some feedback...
Hey! I'm whitney, I'm new here. Not necessarily new to low carb... Although it's been many years.
I've read the CAD book, but it's been a while. I'm going to get it and reread.
But I was kind of hoping for some feedback, since I started back yesterday. I'm kinda running on my knowledge from the past and what I can find online... And hoping for some people more experienced than I am.

Ok here's what I ate yesterday.

Coffee (with 2 tsp of Splenda... I know to avoid the artificial sweeteners... But I'd like to avoid the extra calories in cream... Idk if I should just go ahead and creamer my coffee. And I know, 15 mins. But I continue to drink another cup of black coffee... So... What's that mean?)
2.5 eggs.

Salad comprised of romaine lettuce, spring mix, spinach, cauliflower and a little shredded cheese. With roasted turkey breast. An a very strict portion of bleu cheese dressing, no carbs.

RM: Caesar salad with no croutons, and a portion of Caesar dressing with a glass of milk. Some sushi, with brown rice. (Just a plain boring California roll) and one Reese cup.

I probably went a little crazy on the reward meal. But I've been heavy for so long, I'm ok with tweaking things.
Anyway... How'd i do? I wasn't hungry... So... It's cool.

patriciakr Sat, Jan-10-15 10:29

Hi and welcome!

Please join us in our main chat thread and introduce yourself there!

I am not the best one to comment as I've never read CAD, nor tried it. I follow the next book/plan they wrote - CALP (the lifespan program).

While I don't do so every day any longer, if you browse my journal you will see days of daily food logs showing what I ate for each of my cm's and my rm.

I can say that for me, I can't do artificial sweeteners at a cm (and if my rm, why not have the real stuff?). I even tested the theory (yet again) that I am indeed one of those folks who responds to a sweet taste as if it was sugar, when green chai tea (no sugars listed whatsoever) outside of rm, triggered me recently <~~>.

Enomarb Sat, Jan-10-15 18:05

hi Whitney-
Pat is the resident guru here- so please read her stuff.

I think for a first day it's great. I found that having lots of veggies. protein and balancing the RM were very important for me.


GPH Sat, Mar-04-17 07:51

Struggling to Get Back Between the Lines (CALP)
I've been grossly violating the RM rules for basically over two years now. So trying to get things back in balance. Biggest problems--cheese, peanuts, fruit, and massive portions at night.

Last night, ate a decent RM, a hodgepodge of leftovers--steamed squash, lentils with carrots and onions and bits of seaweed, some millet with mushrooms left overs mixed in with lentils. Not a lot of protein, but I had a hamburger earlier. Felt full, but cravings kicked in. I struggled through using will power, and this morning when I got up I wasn't hungry at all. Ate mid-morning after going to the feria (outdoor farmer's market; I'm in South America and it's summer down here).

Currently I'm a good 10 lbs over weight, which would be a victory for many but for me, too much. Probably 4" around my gut I don't need. My cholesterol soared to over 300, from a "normal for me" 224, and need to get that down. Exercise has dropped off due to pain in my elbow, but getting back to some pushups. I take several daily walks.

The strong compulsion to eat past the hour on the RM is basically a habit I have to break. I thought it was mainly caused by smoking weed ;-), but I quit that 4 months ago and I was still eating snacks after dinner.

I'm resisting getting completely anal with weighing foods and measuring portions and such, since I've done well in the past. But heaping up huge portions and going hog wild at night has been a problem.

patriciakr Sat, Mar-04-17 12:19

GPH main thing to try to tighten up rm would be go back to the basics - start with a salad or a cm veggie, split your meal into thirds - 1/3 protein, 1/3 cm veggie, 1/3 carb. No need to measure, you can eyeball it, use 3 bowls, etc. If you can push the cm veggies it will help fill you up, some eat towards their carbs at rm.
Remember if you have seconds, must be of all 3 items - carb/protein/veggie.

GPH Sun, Mar-05-17 04:25

Thanks for reminder about CM veggies and starting with a salad. Lots of work to do. I moved out of the US two years ago. Many things I relied on aren't as available here, and it's more work to make a good salad. Veggies are more seasonal--green beans for example are more seasonal and aren't at the produce stands right now. Last night, portion control was better. Had a salad but lots of steamed butternut squash with coconut oil and no sweetener. Struggled with cravings after eating--full, but could have tied into a pizza or loaded fries or about anything if it had been available. Just gutted it out, no pun intended, and went to bed. This morning, not hungry at all. So I'm giving my body good nutrition and plenty of food, just need to refine and balance and do the work to deal with the foods I have to work with. Question: Do any of you eat fruit? Are you mindful of "food combining" and needing to eat it by itself and wait before eating protein? Or have you pretty much given up on fruit?

patriciakr Sun, Mar-05-17 12:05

GPH, come on over to the Hour Power #6 daily cad/calp thread. While there are not always daily posts, it is the most active thread and you will get a larger variety of responses there.

I do still eat fruit, I do not do food combining. I know what my body responds to well and not so well (rice okay, pasta, piece of bread..whoa..hang when it comes to carbs (though still learning), and just try to listen to what my body tells me.

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