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Norma June Tue, Mar-11-03 19:03

My Hero ... sigh!
Donald ... this recipe is on my to-do list. I go grocery shopping tomorrow and I will mark down all the ingredients needed.

Thank you ever so much for posting it. It must be fantastic judging from all the responses you got.

Yippee ... I'm gonna have pizza tomorrow, na na na na na!

S_Hysmith Wed, Mar-12-03 20:49

Well, that was interesting
I think I'm a little upset at this recipe.

You see, in the past I've been in the habit of eating pizza until I waddle away. One slice doesn't do it, no, I've been known to keep chomping until nothing but a grease stain is left.

Now here is a dish that brings that same flavor to my palate. And because it's still a lot of carbs for me in a day, I have to stop at one slice.

One. Lousy. Slice.

Oh, I tried everything. Ate my salad first. Drank half a quart of water at the table. Took slow, careful, measured bites. And there the pan sits, with two whole pieces left.

I had to actually get up from the table. :rolleyes:

My impression after eating this is that the flavor is strongly reminiscent of lasagne, as much as it evokes pizza. It's definitely a knife-and-fork dish; the crust came out soft enough to be dangerous when the kids tried to pick it up. It definitely has a combination of flavors that I didn't realize until now I was sorely missing.

digwig Wed, Mar-12-03 21:02

I just made it w/goat cheese, spinach and pine nuts and my head exploded.

Norma June Thu, Mar-13-03 07:25

Ohmygawd ... !
Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... ! Ohmygawd ... !

I made this last night. I ate two pieces, what a pig huh? DH ate two pieces and he usually can only eat one piece before he is stuffed. We both could not move afterwards, we were soooo stuffed! This was absolutely yummy. It is going on my top 5 list of great LC recipes. Donald, thank you, thank you, thank you.

One slight glinch though, perhaps my gas oven cooks at a greater heat because the bottom had a bit of a burnt egg taste. We just scraped off the bottm layer of egg mixture that had seeped in between and below the pepperoni. I'm going to try to bake it for perhaps 20 minutes instead of the 30 so it won't burn during the final baking while waiting for it to get bubbly and browned.

DH eats pizza with a knife & fork, I eat it in hand and it worked out well for both.

DWRolfe Thu, Mar-13-03 09:11

Glad you enjoyed it Norma June!

BTW, I also keep an eye on that second bake and pull mine when I think it looks about right rather than being strict about the timer. I think it varies depending on the toppings and your oven, as you pointed out.

Your note (and S_Hysmith 's) reminded me of how happy with this dish early on in my LCing. I still love it. But I do find that one piece is enoguh for me now. If it's for dinner, I cut the whole thing in quarters and eat one piece. For lunches, I tend to take smaller slices. But I eat less of everything now than I did early on.

But if you have a craving for 'za, this works really well!

Enjoy all!

Donald :wave:

P.S. The recipes for Collaboration Lasagne that digwig created using this as the base is excellent, makes a ton of food and freezes well. Check it out in this section too!

Norma June Thu, Mar-13-03 10:57

Donald, I cooked mine in a corning wear dish (about 2 - 3" high?). I sauteed mushrooms, green & red pepper and onions prior to putting them on top. Oh and I added par cooked bacon and a few pineapple pieces because they were the ingredients I always really loved on my pizzas.

I think it was a case of the mozzarella taking quite a time to bubble & get browned that caused the burnt taste but even with the scraping of the bottom it was to die for.

Oh and I got six good size slices out of it. Next time I won't be such a pig and only eat one slice perhaps with a salad.

You're the greatest, my hero ... sigh!

kwarfield Tue, Mar-18-03 15:05

Do I have the right carb infor for this?
Is it 10g for the base only?

kwarfield Tue, Mar-18-03 15:07

Deep Dish Pizza Quiche question.
Is this 10g for the base only? Then I add the counts in for the sauce I use and the toppings and cheese or what?

gotbeer Tue, Mar-18-03 16:19

Made this Sunday Night; polished it off Monday Night - I found the flavor improved the 2nd night.

Stunningly good - a great change of pace from steak, pork & chicken.

I used a natural PepperJack cheese (Monterrey Jack w/ hot peppers) instead of Mozzarella, minced green onions instead of chives, and topped with Spicy Pepperoni, Chopped Green Olives, and Chopped Jalapeno peppers. I didn't believe how much the base rose during the first pass through the oven.

Yes, I ate too much - but it was a mild setback that only redoubles my resolve that this WOE is a winner.

starz918 Tue, Mar-18-03 18:09

Hi :)
Can't wait to try this recipe..
I love pizza and will certainly give this a try, thanks for sharing

MaryToU Tue, Mar-18-03 19:16

I believe the dish has 6 servings in it at 6 carbs a servings. Unless you went overboard adding toppings like tomatoes, or onions, I wouldn't worry about it adding much more. :D

Chickadee Sun, Mar-23-03 07:52

Hello all you pizza quiche fans and especially Donald!

I made a few alterations to Donald's recipe and came up with enchilada quiche. Here's what I did. I left out the spices and the parmesan cheese in the egg part of the recipe. Instead I added one can (drained) chili peppers and 1/2 tsp Emerald's Essence or you could use some kind of spicy seasoning. I baked that as directed. For the topping, I cooked 2 lbs of hamburger, drained the fat, added one can of the lowest carb enchilada sauce I could find, and heated it up. Put this on the baked quiche, sprinkle on the cheese. Heat till cheese melts. Serve with sour cream, Chalula sauce, and maybe a little shredded lettuce. It was so very good. I used "hot" enchilada sauce. :yum:

I imaging one could do all kinds of things with the egg part of this recipe!

gotbeer Mon, Mar-24-03 10:42

Here's another variation.

After I sprayed the pan w/ oil, I roasted 3 cups of cauliflower in the pan for about 35 minutes (they turned from white to a light golden color.) I then added the 2 cups of cheese & egg base on top of the roasted cauliflower and proceeded w/ the recipe as written.

With the added veggie, the base came out much more substantial than usual. I found that one serving satisfied me and I easily resisted that 2nd serving. It reheated nicely the next day.

(Oh, I topped with beef link sausage [sliced 1/4" thin], mushrooms, and jalapenos [all sauteed together] and, of course, spicy pepperoni & cheese.)

starz918 Mon, Apr-07-03 06:46

I made this dish this morning to eat for dinner. It smells wonderful and looks heavenly! Don't know if I will be able to hold off til dinner time..It just might make it to lunch !
Thanks for a great recipe :)

~ Starz ~

Scarlet Tue, Apr-08-03 05:59

I made it there a few months ago and it was definitely the best LC recipe I ever made. However, I dislike eggs so is there any way to reduce the volume of eggs without compromising the excellent texture. Also, pizza sauce ,for some really bizzare reason is not sold here. I used tomato puree last time but it turned out too heavy, can anyone reccomend any substituitions? Would a spaghetti sauce do?

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