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anthonyc Wed, Oct-15-08 07:38

any pictures?

JessDMB41 Wed, Oct-15-08 10:17

Originally Posted by anthonyc
any pictures?

I have one in my gallery that I made last year.

anthonyc Wed, Oct-15-08 11:35

Originally Posted by JessDMB41
I have one in my gallery that I made last year.
thanks! :thup:

missymagoo Fri, Oct-17-08 22:16

i thought i had everything i needed for the pizza quiche- i for got still the pizza sauce and alittle more cheese- i need to get a onion cut up right now and the green peppers cut too. sue

MizKitty Sat, Oct-18-08 09:30

I haven't been able to find pizza sauce lately, so just used regular canned tomato sauce, adding italian seasoning, and it tasted the same. Might have been a carb or 2 less, too.

Jo-Anne42 Sun, Oct-19-08 06:25

You can use tomato paste watered down a bit with your own spices in it as well.. That's what I always do..

db81971 Mon, Oct-20-08 14:06

Pesto is an excellent choice instead of tomato sauce, also jarred Alfredo sauce works great too... both are a ton lower in carbs than tomato based sauces.


Hordsak Tue, Oct-21-08 23:27

Great recipie! I made this tonight for the first time! Very delicious! Next time, I'm going to give the chicken / alfredo sauce a try. I can't wait!

Jo-Anne42 Wed, Oct-22-08 05:56

I love to load mine with hot peppers..hehe

missymagoo Fri, Nov-07-08 00:06

i think i will try this again for this coming weekend.sue

gweny70 Fri, Dec-12-08 08:13

I've had this particular recipe printed off for months and months..FINALLY tried it yesterday and really really liked it!! I was preparing myself to be disappointed but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed! This might just be what will get me over my "I need pizza" PMS cravings. It certainly isn't the same as the REAL thing...but it's sure good enough to do the it's even better since it doesn't come with all the HC consequences

missymagoo Tue, Dec-16-08 00:05

this is a great one to use. it taSte good. sue

missymagoo Sat, Jan-03-09 22:13

it is time to make this again. i got through the chrstmas and new years but now it is time to go at it again. i take this to work for my lunch. this recipes is good. sue

egnue Tue, Jan-20-09 18:44

thank you, I am making this tomorrow

Bevaboo Sun, Jan-25-09 17:00

Oh my goodness! DH and I just made this for ourselves, and it is SUPERB! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this lovely addition to our repertoire.

egnue Wed, Jan-28-09 16:32

This is in the oven and my it smells wonderful!

Chymene Fri, Mar-06-09 21:19

Wow, this was absolutely great and definitely satisfied my pizza craving.

I'm in Induction right now so I adapted the crust recipe a bit :

4 oz cream cheese
1/3 cup heavy cream
4 eggs
1/4 cup grated parmesan (from 3 oz parmesan)
Teaspoon of garlic powder
Oregano & basil (about a teaspoon each)
Cracked pepper

Basically I skipped the 2 cups of grated cheese in the crust. Baked it 60 minutes at 350 to make sure it was hard enough. Smelled heavenly too!

Made my own sauce with 1/4 cup of diced, canned tomatoes, 1 clove of garlic, spices and 1/4 cup olive oil - everything went into the blender.

This was topped with a grandiose load of 1 cup (12 oz) mozzarella, ground beef, bacon, onions and green peppers and yielded 6 big pieces (about 6"x4" and a good 3" high!). One was enough to satisfy me.

So 12 oz mozzarella / 6 = 2 oz of mozzarella
4 oz of cream cheese / 6 = 2/3 oz of cream cheese
3 oz of parmesan / 6 = 1/2 oz of parmesan

A total of 3 1/3 oz of cheese (my only cheese intake today).

I think this falls within induction guidelines, I'm happy and full - thank you so much for this recipe!

missymagoo Thu, Mar-12-09 23:01

i never thought about taking tomato paste and thining it down with water to make a sauce out of it. i need to use this recipe again in the next week. sue

GrooveJock Tue, Apr-21-09 11:46

This is still one of my favorite recipes after all these years. Made it last night with roasted onions, red peppers, sausage and bacon pieces. AMAZING..

Elsah Thu, Apr-30-09 22:46

Originally Posted by missymagoo
i never thought about taking tomato paste and thining it down with water to make a sauce out of it. i need to use this recipe again in the next week. sue

Pesto makes an amazing LC pizza sauce, it's my kids favorite. We also make a white pizza which is a little higher carb but still lower than tomato sauce. (we use ricotta, olive oil, fresh garlic and basil, mozzarella for the white pizza but you could probably use alfredo, spinach and moz. for even lower count)

lpioch Fri, May-15-09 19:30

Originally Posted by GrooveJock
This is still one of my favorite recipes after all these years. Made it last night with roasted onions, red peppers, sausage and bacon pieces. AMAZING..
Totally agree with you. Guaranteed EVERYONE in my house is THRILLED when I make this. After making it so many times, the kids finally found out I put eggs into the "crust". 2 of them HATE eggs. But they knew how good it was and it didn't phase them in the least.

samina9027 Sun, May-31-09 06:56


can you pls tell me how many people does this serve.....thanks

lpioch Sun, May-31-09 11:03

For our family, 2 adults, 3 kids.
Depends on how much you want to eat at a sitting.
I can sometimes eat only half of mine and save the rest for the next day's lunch. Reheats well.

JessDMB41 Tue, Jun-02-09 13:07

Made this again today - yummmmmmy!

samina9027 Tue, Jun-02-09 21:37

[QUOTE=lpioch]For our family, 2 adults, 3 kids.

Thank you

rightnow Fri, Jul-31-09 00:28

Although I've made this often 2-3 years ago -- several of my variants are in this monster thread somewhere -- I haven't done it in a long time. And I had never actually done it exactly to the recipe.

My nearly-13 year old is on lowcarb with me. After a few weeks of having nothing but burger patties, chicken breasts and sandwich 'wraps' on LC tortillas, she found Karen Barnaby's beautiful book "The Low-Carb Gourmet" on my shelf. The pictures totally sold her LOL! She has gone through it several times now and picked out recipes she insists we try. The first one was the Deep Dish Pizza Quiche.

She and I have had a long ongoing 'issue' of her not wanting to help in the kitchen, when I want to teach her to cook, and she just wants me to be the servant I guess lol. This seems to have changed that. She realizes now that if I cook, she is going to get very simple, almost entirely protein fare. If WE cook, she can have interesting things. So suddenly she wants to cook with me. It's awesome.

So tonight we made our first meal, DDPQ. Made the base exactly to spec. We grilled canadian bacon for her and pepperoni for me first, then sauteed in butter some onions and mushrooms. Put that on and the rest of the cheese. She liked it a lot. She ate two pieces instead of one and wanted more but I convinced her that we'd just put them in ziplocks and when she wakes up if she wants PQ for breakfast she can just put a piece on a plate and nuke it. We forgot black olives for a topping. And we would like a tad more sauce and a little more cheese on top. That ups the calories/carbs a bit but we'll probably do it that way next time.

I'm grateful for this recipe. It's a big deal to find something that my kid likes, let alone that she is willing to spend time cooking with me. We actually had fun, did dishes, it was a good night together. I think it was the sheer beauty of Karen's book that sparked that happening. I guess there's a lot to be said for awesome pictures in cookbooks!

gweny70 Fri, Jul-31-09 06:15

Oh yum! So glad you and your daughter had an enjoyable evening cooking together..and something health at that!! With a teenage girl in the house I know how priceless that is! I might have to seek out that cookbook. The picture on the cover alone has me salivating. ;)

Shirss28 Sat, Sep-05-09 19:28

I can't believe I've been on the forums for over a year and never tried this recipe. I'm making my 2nd pan full of it this week!

If you like pizza, you have to try this recipe :yum:

GrooveJock Sun, Sep-20-09 16:16

Ive been making this for 4 years and its still my favorite low carb recipe!

HamHox Tue, Sep-29-09 16:38

I'm usually not a fan of quiche but this really makes me want to try it!

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