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gotbeer Tue, Apr-08-03 06:31

Try using 2 cups of shredded, roasted cauliflower to replace a couple of the eggs. (Roast the shredded cauliflower in the pan before adding the egg/cheese batter.)

You can also try adding additional Italian spices / chopped green onion / oregano / minced garlic, etc, to overpower the eggy taste, if that is what you find offensive.

You could experiment with tofu, soy protein isolate, xanthan gum, and / or flaxseed meal, but I have no idea how that might turn out.

Mamalou Fri, Apr-11-03 12:10

Thank you!
Made the pizze recipe, LOVED That! Can't wait to try the lasagna recipe!

SpecialK Sat, Apr-12-03 14:03

Wonderful. I found this forum while searching for recipes. I was responsible for snacks for a meeting amongst friends. I am and have been a LC for appx 4 yrs. I wanted something new and something that my friends would enjoy and could eat. One is gluten intollerent (bordering Celiac Sprue), another is on very strict diet from naturopath similar to Atkins, and yet another has MANY food allergies. Now that's a challenge. The pizza quiche was a success. I made it in a 13"x9" pan and cut it into 20 pieces (just snack food remember) and there were 8 people present. I had no leftovers (sad face). They all wanted to know how to make and we brainstormed on variations (mexican, breakfast, etc....). My only regret is that I didn't sneak a little to keep at home for myself. Oh well, I'll just have to make some more. Have to figure out how to keep my husbands hands off of it tho. He really liked it but he can and does eat everything without any negative effects (grrrrr). Thanx again :wave:

HLFAN Sun, Apr-13-03 19:41

overdue thanks
Dearest Donald. I have been meaning to thank you for this recipe for the longest time. Made it again tonight, better than ever. Many many thanks.

Norma June, to prevent burning the bottom of pie, I put my toppings on and brown under the broiler. That way I find the bottom doesn't burn and the toppings brown up nicely. Yum :wave:

Michele-67 Sat, Apr-19-03 09:34

This recipe is awesome!! I prefer a thin crust, so I make it on an 11" x 17" cookie sheet. That way it is more like real pizza. I have made with pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. I have also made it with using a combination of pesto and alfredo sauce and toppings of sauteed chicken, mushrooms and feta cheese. Delish!!

The possibilities are endless with this recipe.

Thanks a million!


nitrovixen Mon, Apr-21-03 19:09

new favorite!
I LOVE this recipe.. thank you thank you thank you!
I put about an inch of toppings on! 4 kinds of meat (pepperoni, tiny ham, chicken & pork cubes), many different kinds of cheese (pepper jack, cheddar, mozzarella, colby jack & of course parmesan and cream cheese in the crust), red peppers, olives, scallions, am I forgetting anything? It was almost better than pizza and I couldn't wait till the next day to have leftovers for lunch! :D

This recipe is my favorite, ever!


Norma June Mon, Apr-21-03 20:00

Re: overdue thanks
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HLFAN, thank you. That's a great idea, now why didn't I think of that?I did par cook (sautee) most of the topping ingredients sans pineapple but it was the cheese that took so long to brown. The broiler will surely do the trick. Thank you for the suggestion.

Originally posted by HLFAN
... Norma June, to prevent burning the bottom of pie, I put my toppings on and brown under the broiler. That way I find the bottom doesn't burn and the toppings brown up nicely. Yum :wave:

jeanyyy Tue, Apr-22-03 21:08

Just made this tonight... and it was AWESOME!!! I forgot about the pepperoni for the crust (and didn't have any "sandwich" size anyway), but used grn pepper, onion, small skinny pepperoni, mushrooms which i partially cooked ahead of time, real bacon bits and extra oregano, basil and garlic. MAN, was it GOOD.

The only problem is, there are 5 MORE PIECES upstairs.. LOL

I think I'll figure out the total carb damage before I have another piece :)

Thank you, whoever invented it originally !

2much2g1 Tue, Apr-29-03 09:26

Thank you so much for sharing...
I am going to cooking up all my daughters favorites this weekend_low carb versions of course- in an attempt to convert her to low carbing.
This recipe as well as the lasagne version are both on the menu.
I am sure she will love them both.
Thanks again,2much :wave:

nicksmom Tue, Apr-29-03 09:51

This is a great recipe. When I eat it COLD in the AM, it tastes like regular pizza to me! Thanks for the recipe! :)

DWRolfe Tue, Apr-29-03 11:34

It's the recipe that just keeps on giving! I'm having it for lunch right now with a salad. Toppings include:

canadian bacon
red, yellow and green peppers

It's awesome good!

Donald :wave:

nursetubby Tue, Apr-29-03 17:46

I love this pizza-quiche!!!!!!!!
I made this dish for the first time today for dinner.

It was great!!!!!! My two nephews even liked it and they thought it was real crust. The older one wanted to know how the crust was so moist and cheesy. I did variate the recipe some though. I mixed my 2 cups of cheese in the egg mixture then spread it in the pan. Also I cut down on sauce by using extra virgin olive oil. I put down a couple table spoons olive oil then a table spoon sauce over this. If you like light sauce try it.

I'm already thinking of ways to change the recipe.

thanks so much!!!!!!! :wave:

TBird710 Wed, Apr-30-03 16:53

I made this last night and it was a major hit! BF and son said it was definitely a keeper. I used pepperoni and sausage for the topping. Next time I'll add some minced garlic to the "crust". YUMMY!

C-u-lean Sun, May-04-03 16:16

I FINALLY tried this, and boy am I glad I did! I had to make a second one to bring to work yesterday, not only for my 2 LC coworkers, but for 3 other coworkers who LOVED it!

I will definaltely be making this a staple in my house!

vicrock Mon, May-05-03 19:42

I made this for dinner tonight - it was GREAT! I guess I will have to go back and look at what the carbs are - it tasted so good, I got to thinking it must be worse than I thought.

I used pepperoni for "crust" before putting in the cheese - the pieces that stick up along the edge got a bit crunchy - and for toppings mushrooms, black olive slices and about 1/4 of an onion very thinly sliced.

DH's comment was that it wasn't bad but would have been better with crust! <G>

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