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Abbie_B. Thu, Apr-03-14 18:42

Goal Shock. Me? Goal? What? Me???
Well, I had better write this now, or I feel I won't get the opportunity to again. The reason I say this is because I have struggled to master this change in diet for, oh, about 15 years. On, off, on, off. I am a slow learner, ha ha ha.

I won't bore you with the 'dietsItriedandfailed' but I can summarize by saying about the only thing I probably did not try was the 'eatonedozendonutsthreetimesaday' diet, and only because nobody has published that in some ladies magazine yet. I will summarize my weight history as very typical to what I've seen in so many of my fellow low carbers here on these forums. Highschool was semi normal, college then marriage added 20 lbs, post children, 15lbs each. Grand total damage/average was my weight often at 180lbs plus, a size 14-16. The only reason I didn't go higher is because I would always do Atkins to bring it down. Only to quit again...never to reach goal.

Every time I got back on the low carb wagon, I would easily lose 20 to 25 pounds, but it just never really 'stuck' and my carb/sugar addictions would always derail me. I blamed myself, and that is OK. But for you restarters out may get better each time. I did! Don't ever give up!

I did this once yearly on average, the restart yoyo. Then came the perfect storm, it had been slowly building up (apparently in my slow learning brain) and came in the form of this forum combined with educating myself through books and blogs over the past few years or so. The perfect trifecta for me - low carb, understanding the science of low carb and it's relation to health, and showing up to the correct aisle of the grocery store, armed and ready.

I have spent literally all of that time (on and off the diet), stalking these forums right here. And, of course, eventually chiming in. Following links, ordering books, watching videos and lectures on YouTube, listening to podcasts, and falling in love with nutrition instead of feeling defeated by it. This forum gave me HOPE. Nutrition is a hobby to me now. I have embraced it. I have no fear. I will take on any dietition, physician, lipidologist, cardiac surgeon, pharmaceutical rep, big food/processed food pusher, or any otherwise 'professionally indoctrinated' member of the system. I am interested in so many aspects of health now besides the weight correction which I had so desperately desired. I got that all right here.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm talking a big game here. I am certainly no genius, especially when it comes to regurgitating verbally and gracefully what I have learned. But I know I would at least send these professionals home to do further research for themselves...and ask a few questions of colleagues and, at least, have them spend a few moments with Google :0)

I also have so much respect for the Dr.'s who are now speaking up for souls like myself, because they are sick and tired of watching their patients get fat and sick - and they, themselves, are sick and tired of being fat and sick. There is also a silent movement of various health professionals that are secretly telling the truth to those seeking help with weight loss, disease management, etc. It is generally recognized that they are risking things such as a cut off of research funds (of which is their bread and butter, mostly paid for by private corporations that require a certain finding in a study), job advancement/income, and personal or even legal punishment by their licensing entities if they do not 'play the game'. And let us be clear, this game is about money. This game is about BIG money.

Gee, now that I'm writing this all out, I do appear to be angry. Well maybe I just am! Remember. 15 years ha!

Anyway, time to get to the nitty gritty, why I am posting this today. I always loved the success stories here for the inspiration. I hope this helps someone...

I started mid May at 183 lbs, today I am 137 lbs . 3 lbs. below goal of 140lbs. My weight will stop when it stops. I am attempting this for health now. Please send positive vibes to me that I don't gain, fall off the wagon! It took me around six months to lose most of it, and Ive been basically maintaining for the last six months. Except for, maybe 2 or 3 lbs. over the last 6 months in maintenance.

If someone asks me how I did it, I tell them that I do a low carb high fat ketogenic diet for health reasons, and use intermittent fasting to help the scale move faster. That is usually when they lose all interest and they change the subject to the current weather. But if they keep up with the questions, I am patient and kind...I get so excited. I answer their questions. Then they say "Oh, I could never give up bread/pasta/sugar/diet soda/whatever ...". Then 'I' change the subject to the current weather, and slowly step away. Always remaining kind. One has to adopt this lifestyle on their own, I guess, no matter how much I want to shake them and say how easy it actually is! Shakeshakeshake!!!!!

I weigh myself very often, and track it on an app on my phone. When I get frustrated, I do not record a 'higher weight'. I immediately set a mini goal weight for a week later, usually 1/2 lb less than my last recorded low weight. I haven't missed a mini goal yet! Oh, and in maintenance now, I monitor, and only enter first time low weights. This is what has worked for me. If you can track in graph form too, you will see the fluctuations are just fine.

I have cheated. Big deal. The failure comes when I don't get back on plan the next day. This is a serious one. Took me 15 years to learn it. This is my number one tip :0)

I drink coffee with organic coconut oil in the morning, with a tsp or so of ghee. I do not eat until lunch. Then I eat dinner. I try not to eat after 7pm. This gives me a 17hr fast with no major insulin surge. I do not snack as a rule. I am not hungry. But if I am, I eat something low carb. Over time, this works. It is a guide for me, though, snacking is NOT a failure!

I love wine, I drink socially... And well after that 7pm fasting goal. It has not greatly affected my overall weight loss but I know it does affect others. I just am lucky, there, I guess.

I do not believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It means "break your fast" -so I guess I have breakfast at noon. Whatever. I still us IF a few days a week, but it is because I am not hungry, and I guess it helps with maintenance for me.

We were not meant to snack. Eating snacks is a new thing from the 60's and 70's and it does NOT keep my metabolism "going" to eat every few hours on a ketogenic diet. Quite the opposite. On a glucogenic diet, then yes, but I am a fat burner and not a sugar burner. Everyone IS different, though. I am a firm believer that it is not good for me as it creates numerous unnecessary insulin rises, especially when carb-laden. It also slows down my weight loss.

I believe in whole foods with some little conveniences. I try to avoid genetically modified chemically enhanced things like commercial salad dressing, pre-mixed seasoning mixes, certain condiments. But it is a guideline -as my skills evolve and time permits to prepare home made versions, I will and I do. I do not buy grass fed and rarely much organic. It is not so necessary to me for weight loss but it is something I want to eventually do for health if budget ever permits. Eating clean is my goal now.

Seed oils are bad! Canola is Genetically Modified. Google the youtube video "The Oiling Of America" - one of my favorites. I use organic coconut oil, butter, bacon grease, and olive oil. Sometimes ghee from the health food store.

Eating out is easy at most places. Do the best you can but enjoy yourself!

Eating on vacation is easier now. Do the best you can but enjoy yourself!

Keep nuts, beef jerky, emergency food etc. with you at ALL TIMES I wish I'd learned that one earlier! (It took me only 15 years).

Cook. Cook. Cook. I find it easier to cook lots on one day and hope it lasts. Listen to a diet podcast or listen to a nutrition lecture for double duty and some entertainment. My family eats it all pretty quickly, though. I keep meats and cheeses cut up and in small grab-able portions for the whole family to enjoy. The real food always goes the fastest!

I try to try one new recipe per week. If you like it, write it down. No recipe is too small. Even a sauce or an easy prep portable meal is helpful to learn.

Read the stickies at the top of the Research/Media board. Nothing short of artistic, how helpful and organized it is!

If you need a sweet then go for it, low carb cheesecake, a chocolate MIM, etc. Even this craving went away for me but use it if you need it. Trust's not a big deal if you need it and it keeps you on plan. Low carb dark chocolate is great, too.

Do not get frustrated if you have a lot to lose. I lost around 45lbs in 6 months. I feel it would have continued with no problem but I am probably nearing the weight my body wants to be. I have no idea what that number will be, but I imagine 130 someday? Maybe in a year?

I just have to revisit the intermittent fasting thing. If you can eat two meals and get a 16-17 hour fast then you may see faster results. Everyone is different, but boy oh boy, it really helped me. AND I wasn't hungry! Please do not interpret this as the diet being a race! For me, however, it was incredibly inspiring to keep the scale moving.

A tablespoon or two of quality olive or coconut oil, butter, or ghee will fill you up in a pinch. Been there. Don't grab the chips, ha ha. It amazes me how strong hunger can be! I can't believe that hunger can literally make me feel like I could pass out, and oh so ill! crazy! Be prepared. Plus, in 10 minutes of having a snack, you can feel normal and plan, with your brain in tact, that next meal that is probably desperately needed.

Well, I could go on and on for hours, but these things that worked for me are my favorites. Please excuse the no before and after pictures but if I come up with them, I'll post 'em. Best of luck to you all and there are truly no words to express how thankful I am to hang out here with you all. Part of my success is because of you!


GreekRibs Thu, Apr-03-14 20:20

What a great success story and some really great tips too.
I weigh myself daily and also use an iPhone app to log in my weight. My son told me about intermittent fasting - will have to give that a try sometime.
Very inspiring to read you're 137, 3 pounds below goal weight of 140, which is my goal weight too.
Way to go Abbie !!!

Abbie_B. Thu, Apr-03-14 21:17

Thank you GreekRibs :0) Means a lot!

*Caz* Fri, Apr-04-14 21:05

Well done Abbie - fantastic job!

ElizabethL Sat, Apr-05-14 08:08

Abbie -- congratulations on getting to goal AND on reaching such a strong level of knowing yourself and figuring out what works and what is best for you. You have gained such wisdom about yourself. And your weight is a pretty awesome number, yyyeeeah!!! This post has COMPLETELY inspired me. I have been low carbing for 6 years and still getting to know myself. (I haven't really posted here much, more on Low Carb Friends, but I do read and love this board regularly.) I have made lots of changes that have lasted (which have allowed me to lose and keep off 60 lbs) but there is still more for me to learn about nutrition. In reading your post I realized I am clinging to dairy. Heh. Other foods, I have been able to let go of with love for myself but I have not been able to get there mentally with dairy. Your post has lit a fire and now I feel ready! And intermittent fasting too! You have given me LIFE gurl! I am energized and excited to try a few new changes. Thank you for posting this and sending your wisdom out to the universe!

ImOnMyWay Sat, Apr-05-14 08:27

Congratulations on your hard won goal. You are an inspiration to us all! Well done, well done!!

GoAwayFat Sat, Apr-05-14 09:17

Congrats Abbie! Very inspirational!

Your theory about the not snacking often is interesting. I'm going to read up on that.

I've also done the low carb before and lost a ton of weight but gained it back and I'm back at it again with a whole different attitude.

We have to do it as a health thing and to know that if we don't we are risking our health and happiness.

Judynyc Sat, Apr-05-14 10:06

Way to go, Abbie!

Good job! You truly have 'gotten it' !
Love your story. :thup:

Kristine Sun, Apr-06-14 06:10

Great job! Welcome to maintenance. :thup: :thup:

gweny70 Mon, May-05-14 14:01

Congrats Abbie!! Very inspiring!!

CMCM Thu, May-08-14 14:01

Great story, Abbie...especially because if I were writing my own success story, I could pretty much cut and paste what you wrote as I do most all that too! Only thing, is I've lost focus enough that I'm still 20 lbs. from my goal, more or less. I'm on a good track now, determined to hit the finish line. In particular, I mostly do 2 meals a day, small window of eating, and after dinner (which I'm eating earlier now, 4-5 pm) I almost always have a fasting window of 15-16 hours, which I believe is helpful.

Great success!

lovinita Fri, May-09-14 05:30

Congratulations Abbie!!! So happy for you :) Sounds like you will be able to maintain this. The biggest thing is realizing it is practice and to pick yourself up and dust off and try again. Until you get it right.

And it sounds like you are getting it right!

Kuddos to you!

Mama Sebo Fri, May-09-14 06:04

Thanks so much for sharing in such detail. So much of what you wrote (like all of it!) Rang true for me. I will keep revisiting, and copy it into my own journal when I get to a computer. Oh, and conrats! Enjoy this you!

Abbie_B. Fri, May-09-14 12:25

Hey all! I just want to thank you all for such lovely comments. You guys are an inspiration and you really remind me how glad I am that I finally made it to a goal weight - and raises my determination to stay healthy. BTW, some really fabulous weight losses in your stats. I truly believe everyone can do this if I can :0) I love reading all the stories here! Have enjoyed them all!

Jamackarch Wed, Jul-02-14 21:17

ABBIE!!! You ROCK! Thanks soooo much for sharing! What an awesome post. You are inspiring me in every way! You and I have similar goal weights, similar approach (not strictly one plan), are both repeat HFLCarbers, must cook for family too... Very, very cool.
I appreciate you taking the time to share and also to write on my thread. I mean it when I say I think connecting with others who are headed in the same direction (or have walked the path already) is absolutely invaluable. :)Can't wait to see your pics, when you put them up.
Well done!!!

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