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tamarian Fri, Jul-27-01 16:48

Low-Carb Diet Plans Comparison
Comments on the main index page

tamarian Fri, Jul-27-01 16:53

Of course, "Under Construction" means no one volunteered to summerize that plan. Please feel to add what you can.

Feel free, as well, to comment on other plans.

By default, I just added first name, let me know it you prefer any changes to the way your name is displayed, we can link it as well to your forum profile page.


doreen T Fri, Jul-27-01 17:20

Wa'il, you are typing almost as fast as I do.. ;)

One diet that I feel is worth mentioning is The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) by Dr. Elaine Gottschall, PhD. This is not a weight loss program per se ... but rather a diet that eliminates all grains and sugar to help reverse bowel diseases such as Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and others. There are only 2 websites I've seen that deal with this, and from what I can gather, many folks who suffer are following lowcarb programs and message boards to get ideas how to live a sugar- and starch-free life. The diet is higher in carbs from fruits, vegetables, beans/pulses, and nuts ... and advocates the consumption of yogurt, kefir and other live gut-friendly cultures.

I would be happy to create a summary of the SCD - Specific Carbohydrate Diet.


tamarian Fri, Jul-27-01 17:23

Sounds good Doreen, go for it. I'll add a place holder for it.


Andy Davies Fri, Jul-27-01 18:32

Wow, you really know how to move, Wa'il, once you set your mind to something! I'm a bit too close to this to give an objective comment, but I for one am happy about how things are going. The overall aim is beneficial, and current progress is good. I would think it will gather impetus now. Thanks for taking up my suggestion about linking the summary page to the more detailed decriptions - it works just as I'd hoped. I have the feeling initial suggestions were for a summary table, but the paragraphs work very well, and looking at the variety of content already included, it could be difficult to find one table which would adequately cope with all LC plans under scrutiny. I feel I have exhibited myself too much in the past few days, so I'll merge back into the background for a bit now!

tamarian Fri, Jul-27-01 18:42

Originally posted by Andy Davies
I feel I have exhibited myself too much in the past few days, so I'll merge back into the background for a bit now!

Nice try Andy, but it will not work! :) This project has your signature and Joe's all over it. Your input is still needed, even some modification to your original entries to match the outline structure.

The table idea is still valid, and can be constructed once we have a streamlined structure to all entries.

In addition, I plan on adding a timeline to the the table, or possibly a 3-d representation. The table my have link to official websites, and whatever we decide it should have. So please stay with us, and continue your generous contribution.


mtnlaurl Fri, Jul-27-01 19:41

Wa'il, Joe & Andy;

I went swimming for a few hours and look at what you have created in the interim! I'm IMPRESSED!
This is absolutely fantastic!

A round of applause and pat's on the backs to all involved. In addition, this project is a wonderful testimony for "nations working together" towards a common goal. The U.N. should take lessons from this forum! ;-)

Best Regards;

Sharon Fri, Jul-27-01 20:38

Standing Ovation
I about a standing ovation!!!

Andy Davies Sat, Jul-28-01 06:27

Shucks! You sur know how to embarrass people!

Andy Davies Sat, Jul-28-01 16:58

O.K. Embarrassment over, I can reply cogently now. Great idea about the timeline, especially if you can pull off your 3-d treatment of it: I can actually visualise the results in my mind's eye. You will need to use lots of different colours. It's great! Yes, of course I'll be around again when needed, but I really do think you need some fresh blood and new input to keep this vibrant and representative of the whole membership. I reckon that when members are browsing around the interim product, and don't find their own favourite LC plan featured, you will get some more summaries. But you also have access to people's registration details and e-mail addresses. Why not drop one or two hints to specific members that summaries are still needed for LC plans they are following. If they are shy about seeing their work in "print" (as if people who post so readily on these boards would be!) then they could send private e-mails to someone else for help in getting down what they want to say.

Nice thought, Sandy, about the United Nations.

Best wishes

tamarian Sat, Aug-04-01 12:08

The promised Saturday update is now online:

Please make comments on any page only at the relevant thread (i.e. comments on the Zone plan, should be made in thread title the Zone. Otherwise, I really get lost trying to find the comments and use them for updates. :)


Andy Davies Sat, Aug-04-01 18:05

A quick overall comment. I like the differentiated colours (green headings), which stand out nicely. Overall appearance already more polished. By the end of the exercise, it will be very professional.

IslandGirl Thu, Aug-09-01 14:33

one you haven't got yet....
Dr. Herman Taller 1961/2
"Calories Don't Count" (but I haven't found a copy yet)

I've got a few fascinating and amusing finds from a bookstore in Duluth, Minnesota (yeah!) on my roadtrip, but have to post that from home [grin!].

PS: MacKarness' book title "Eat Fat & Grow Slim", circa 1914!
PPS: Stillman's book title "The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet"

Oy, this is GREAT, Wa'il!

jomil Thu, Aug-09-01 15:39

Wa'il, I guess IslandGirl has volunteered to do book reports on the three books that we do not have on the list.

I look forward to reading about these low carb plans that were written before the current rage of LC WOE authors.

Thanks for your imput IslandGirl!


tamarian Thu, Aug-09-01 15:50


Judi's quite busy, so we'll just hold her responsible for these two:

Dr. Herman Taller and Stillman's.

Thanks Judi!


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