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missymagoo Fri, Mar-02-07 06:28

this is a truly great dish. sue

wannadanc Fri, Mar-02-07 13:24

This is so very good ...... and the leftovers are awesome.

The bottom cooks just right (in glass pan) so that you actually could pick up a piece to eat it - if that is part of the pizza thing for you.


lpioch Wed, Mar-14-07 18:30

I've tried this one twice (and will again this week!). It worked on the WHOLE FAMILY! (i.e..hubby, 7, 5, and 3 yr old!).
None of my children will have anything to do with an egg (the 5 year old might once and awhile). My husband almost blew the whistle asking "What's the 'crust' made of? Egg?"
I can't lie. I just gave him the SHUT UP! eye and said "Egg? What a silly thing to make a crust out of!" They boys are "eeewwww"ing all over the place. Then they take the next bite and its gone in minutes.

Thanks so much for this recipe!

Annie1gi Sun, Mar-18-07 08:36

Finally tried this and it is delish! Of course the old man wouldn't touch this.....picky picky!

seesah Mon, Mar-19-07 19:42

Made this over the weekend, but I made Lasagna quiche. Made the base, then put the meat & sauce on top, then the layer of ricotta mixture, mozzarella & provolone, then topped with parmesan cheese, it was delish!!!!! :yum:

Nordicat Sat, May-19-07 10:24

Quiche wonder
I am a lurker of many, many years to this and a few other LC forums! I rarely post only because I am so busy reading all the time.

I had to reply to this post because I tried the quiche tonight and it was absolutely fantastic!! My skinny, non-dieting husband just loved it too. The only thing I did differently was to add 1 T. flour and 1 t. baking powder to the egg mixture. I had heard that this would make it a bit more "crust-like".

First I layed 9 slices of hard salami in the 9 x 13 glass dish, covered it with the cheese and then proceeded as the recipes suggested. We found that nearer the end of the meal....when it was still warm but more firm in was even better than after the first 5-10 minutes. I'm sure it's wonderful without the flour, b. powder and salami but I just wanted to try it.

Thanks for this great addition to my Atkins meals. I am within 10 lbs of my goal and need to be careful. At the same time, I needed to have something that tasted "sinful" and off plan! This did the trick. I'd love it even if I wasn't watching my weight!!

houlegan Thu, May-31-07 10:26

I made this dish last evening and thought I'd put some in my lunch for today....OH BOY OH BOY OH is absolutely delicious.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting it!!!!

bafmrf Thu, Jun-28-07 16:55

Ok. I made this for the second time this week and cut down to three eggs and added pepperoni to the base. It is much better for me but what would happen if I only use two eggs. I have a hard time eating anymore eggs. It is starting to make me gag.

scthgharpy Mon, Jul-23-07 09:52

Deep dish pizza quiche
Whomever invented this recipe, I offer my firstborn in gratitude. (ok, my firstborn stepchild, I like Mine). I usually have awful luck with LC recipes, but this came out very, very good. Im impressed by the quiche "crust" because cold, the next day, it had very much the texture of real pizza! The cheese on the bottom of the pan gets all crusty and hard, and the little spongey-ness you get from the hardcooked egg is easily dismissed by the rest of the flavors.

oh my yes. this will be a weekly staple in my house. I made a double batch of regular pizza crust and threw it in the freezer, the kids like to make their own custom mini pizzas. And now I can have mine! Im already thinking of ways to use the leftover salmon and carmelized onions, oh the gourmet pizzas I shall make...

serrelind Mon, Jul-23-07 10:16

I love that recipe too! :yum:

dcgoodin Mon, Jul-23-07 11:51

I don't have the greatest luck with the low carb recipes either, so maybe I should give this one a try then. :thup: I've ruined "rev rolls" twice :o

ElleH Mon, Jul-23-07 13:16

Well, rev rolls do require patience and anything can throw them "off" so don't let that stop you from trying new things.

I really need to try that dish I guess. I never have, b/c it just seems like too much cheese to be eating at once and a sodium nightmare! But everyone raves about it. But I guess looking at the ingredients, I guess if you make 8 servings, it's not too bad. Just looking at all that cheese makes me retain water. I make a pizza frittatta that I love that satisfies my need for pizza without a boatload of cheese or sodium.

vixen69 Tue, Jul-24-07 07:48

This is my all time favorite low carb dish. Even my mom loves it and she doesn't watch her carbs.

wannadanc Tue, Jul-24-07 10:15

Originally Posted by vixen69
This is my all time favorite low carb dish. Even my mom loves it and she doesn't watch her carbs.

I totally agree - and it is a wonderful LC company food - even for folks who aren't into LC!!!!!!!

JessDMB41 Sat, Sep-01-07 18:47

Wow... I made this tonight and it was FANTASTIC. Thanks to Donald for posting it. My fiance and I both loved it and have some leftover for tomorrow... best low carb thing I've ever made, and definitely what I needed to satisfy my worst craving - pizza.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Will be making this weekly for sure :)

BigJay Mon, Sep-03-07 21:26

I tried this a week ago and it was outstanding. I had people try it that weren't low carbers and they would've thought it was a deep dish crust. This will definitely kill the pizza cravings.

Can_Linz Tue, Sep-04-07 21:30

I really want to try this recipe, but I'm wondering how 'eggy' the crust tastes. I'm wondering if I cut down the eggs to two or three if it would be more to my liking. Can anyone tell me if the crust is very noticably 'eggy' in taste and texture? Thanks.

wannadanc Tue, Sep-04-07 22:12

Originally Posted by Can_Linz
I really want to try this recipe, but I'm wondering how 'eggy' the crust tastes. I'm wondering if I cut down the eggs to two or three if it would be more to my liking. Can anyone tell me if the crust is very noticably 'eggy' in taste and texture? Thanks.

This is so subjective that I doubt I can give you an answer that would match your experience. It has spices in it - as well as the cheese - so there isn't an egg issue - for me. For you, though, it might taste like Humpty Dumpty.

Why don't you try it the way it is supposed to be for the first round? If nothing else, you will like the topping. On the other hand, you might find yourself to enjoy this as much as most folks who have posted here have.

If you like it, but find it too eggy, that would be the time to tweak the egg amount.

Whatever you do - enjoy this incredible treasure.

Can_Linz Wed, Sep-05-07 10:42

Thanks a lot for the reply wannadanc. I will try it the way the original recipe states and then tweak it if necessary. Thanks again.

Jennay1024 Tue, Oct-09-07 06:22

This recipe is sooooo yummy!!! I actually doubled the recipe and put it still in the 9x13 pan, because I thought it might be to thin... and as this was my first time making it, I dont know how it should have turned out... but its wonderful... probably a little thicker than only 4 eggs, 4 oz cream cheese, buts its so filling and delicious!!! And to me, even with 8 eggs... with all the added cheese and spices, it doesnt really taste "eggy". I also lined the bottom with pepperoni... yum yum yum

easylyvin Sun, Oct-14-07 16:04

THIS IS SO GOOD! I rediscovered this recipe, I haven't made it in awhile, and my husband has forced me to make it 2 to three times a week for the past couple of weeks. Which isn't a problem, because it's good! Anyone that hasn't tried it, TRY IT!

suzanneM Thu, Oct-18-07 20:39

Rediscovered this one, too - I think I have a response on this thread in the first handful of pages, many moons ago. I'm happily low carbing again (and feeling great) and had to make this from memory last night as my internet was out.

Fanfreakingtastic. I added lots of herbs to the crust, and I make mine in a bigger pan so the crust is thinner - probably cuts down on the "eggy-ness". I think I am enjoying it more than "real" pizza because of all the herbs in the quiche crust. Bursts with flavor.

I also add a lot of Lowry's garlic salt. I eat way too much salt...

Walkerbabe Wed, Oct-24-07 06:17

Bumping this one up! It is an oldie...but a goodie!

SereneOne Wed, Oct-24-07 06:28

DH and I own a pizza restaurant, so pizza for dinner isn't too out of the ordinary here. This recipe has been a life saver!

I made a Buffalo Chicken version last weekend. Made the crust as written, then for toppings used cooked chicken, a *little* mozzarella and drizzled with hot sauce (I use Frank's Hot Sauce). Dipped the crust in Blue Cheese while I ate for a little extra yumminess.

missymagoo Wed, Oct-24-07 22:26

this is still a faverite for me. sue

kiki67 Thu, Nov-15-07 12:01

Going to try this this weekend for sure

FatFreeMe Mon, Nov-19-07 22:21

Tried it on Sat. I loved it. Also I ate the leftovers on Sunday and found the crust even better! if you find it too 'eggy' try it the next day as left overs.
Definite keeper!

Walkerbabe Wed, Dec-12-07 07:18

Bumping this one up. I plan to take it to all of the Christmas parties that I will attend this month! This is a REALLY delicious dish! I highly recommend it for those of us who love pizza but, want an on-plan version.

xray_girl Sat, Dec-15-07 18:49

mmm....garlic chicken and chorizo! happy experiments happen when you throw whatever is in the fridge on top of this crust! yum!

Natkins Fri, Dec-21-07 22:37

To make mine even more pizza-ish, I used two 9-inch Pyrex pie pans. Fit perfectly, and sliced into nice pizza wedges.

Oh, and definitely good cold the next day....

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