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alenamac Mon, Jun-07-04 14:42

The best sweet treat ever!! v. quick and easy
Oh my god I made these amazing cookies today and they are the loveliest sweet treat! Even ok for induction.

1cup peanut butter (or almond etc- get natural (no sugar added from the healthfood store.)
1 cup splenda
1 large egg

Mix and put in oven (200 degrees) for 10 mins.

Have with cream (whipped) for a lovely squidgy crumbly cookie!! Enjoy :)

12 cookies = 1.5 carbs per cookie

BlitzedAng Mon, Jun-07-04 14:55

I thought peanut butter was a no no for induction ?

MyJourney Mon, Jun-07-04 15:15

I got 4.75 net carbs per cookie.

Where did you get 1.5?

1 cup all natural peanut butter 48 Carbs -16g fiber = 32g Carbs
1 cup splenda = 24g Carbs
1 egg 0.7g

56.7 or so net carbs in the entire recipe/12 is 4.75 per cookie.

GeoUSA Thu, Jun-10-04 06:41

Liquid Splenda would reduce the carb count below three carbs per cookie. Are you making these in a casserole dish and slicing as bars or are you forming individual cookies? :help:

skpaddie Thu, Jun-10-04 07:59

Sounds lovely :yum: Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the recipe

alenamac Fri, Jun-18-04 03:16

I do them in a muffin tray, but I also made the best chocolate sweet treat ever (look in atkins forum under my name.. ooh so good! )

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