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lauraW Thu, Jan-10-02 12:24

Day 10..Sluggish
Well folks,

Today is day 10..I cannot believe its gone by so fast and I have done so well. Today though, I am feeling just plain sluggish and tired. I got up and went to the gym, did my 45 on the treadmill, came home, did the usuals, and then I laid down on the couch and slept for an hour!! I had my normal breakfast and now, just feel plain sluggish and drained. I wonder if my body is just hitting a roadblock here..I have been taking my vitamins and am getting over being sick..but havent felt like this up until today...

Anyone ever hit days like this?


Natrushka Thu, Jan-10-02 12:31

Laura, are you eating enough? Ketosis tends to make us lose our appetites, undereating will make you tired and weak - specially if you're working out. I recently started working out quite intensely and found that if i didnt get in the required calories AND carbs I'd feel very tired later in the day. 10 - 12 times your body weight a day in calories is the minimum you need to eat to fulfill basal metabolic functioning. If you're working out you need more. Are you eating well under your 20g of carbs during Induction? If so this could be part of the problem. You need those vegetables - our bodies do need some carbs. In this case less is not better - aim for 20g (eating below that wont make the loss of fat happen any faster)

And if you're just coming off being sick, give yourself time to adjust. It is also recommended that when you start this WOL you wait a good 2 weeks before exercising - your body needs to adjust to a new source of fuel.


lauraW Thu, Jan-10-02 12:35

Eating enough
I am eating enough..really. Some days I am actually over the 20 a bit by 2-5 grams, but most of the time I am at 20. I have felt perfect every day before this was the first day that I have felt even the slightest bit sluggish..okay, I really feel like I have been hit by a mack truck! This was my 3rd day back at the maybe I am just overdoing it a bit. I do 45 mins on the Hill program and it is pretty intense..I usually burn about 450 calories when I do it..maybe I need to scale back a bit...

Thanks for the input!!


Natrushka Thu, Jan-10-02 13:40

I definitely say 'scale back', Laura. Exercising while on Induction is usually not fun. Are you taking a potassium supplement? Along with the water you've lose the past 10 days are electrolytes. A lack of potassium will make you feel weak and tired - at a muscular level. The Eades recommend 400mg a day which you can get from a supplement or from a product called "nuSalt" (1/8th teaspoon in a large glass of water will give you over 500 mg) Be sure you'll well hydrated when you take potassium. You should continue supplementing until you reach maintenance - on hot days and days you work out particularly hard you should take some then as well.


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