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Bohemia Fri, Aug-18-06 07:35

Argh! Will I screw it up?!
Hi guys - this is probably just a myth, but...

I did Atkins about a year and a half ago but went back to my bad habits since - I am now returning to Atkins. Just wondering... because I did it before, and successfully lost about 10lbs on induction, will my induction this time be harder (to shift weight etc)? Will it not be equally as successful, because of me having done it before (albeit a year and a half ago?!)

I'm just thinking in terms of my internal clockwork thinking, "Aha - u can't fool us this time" and recognising that I'm doing the Atkins. Ok, that sounds mad but I'm just wondering!

B xxx :help:

greannmhar Sat, Aug-19-06 08:19

Hi Bohemia, welcome to the forum.
I've heard that people have a little more difficulty the second time around, but it will probably just be a little slow to get going. It will all be worth it in the end, though, so I'd say stick with it. And you might be one of the lucky ones who lose just as easily right from the start.
However, unlike other diets, LC is a way of eating that you need to commit to for the long haul - it doesn't work well as a 'diet' until you drop the pounds you want and then go back to what DIDN'T work for you before.
I've been on LC for more than 2 years now and love this WOE. I haven't lost all the weight I needed to, but I persist for the health benefits and miss nothing except real spuds - eveything else I can make subs for myself.
Good luck,

jennifunk Wed, Oct-04-06 04:11

hi there, firstly welcome back to atkins, i am back on the wagon after 3yrs of straying and i have to say the weight came off at exactly the same speed the second time as it did the first. so no worries for me there. i lost approx 1 stone during my two weeks first time round and the same this time. i do hear of people having problems but not me thank god!

pennink Wed, Oct-04-06 04:57

Not sure for you, but I've "done" Atkins with great success about 5 times. Each time induction was a breeze, then it stops cold. This is the time you have to play with your numbers (what you add back, what you don't, possibly your calories, watching cheese and artificial sweeteners, and limited any processed meats). I have to keep cheese at or below induction levels and I can't use Splenda, only Stevia.

It's worth it though. What other plan allows you to virtually eat wonderfully filling foods, luxurious foods, and keeps your muscle mass while losing fat? Not to mention having this great board to come for support.

You know it works for you, so go for it!!!! And keep up up-to-date on your progress!

jennifunk Thu, Oct-05-06 02:21

i agree completely, when you leave induction is when things change from the first time round. i cant touch low carb bars like the atkins brand ones now, and i lived on them before. they shoot my weight right up... but its still worth it, even without the bars

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