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josh2154 Wed, Jan-02-02 14:24

What can I expect to lose?
On my first week of atkin's what range can i expect to lose ?(pounds)

thanks in advance

agonycat Wed, Jan-02-02 14:30

Your mileage may vary. No one can predict how much one loses, since everyone is different.

We do know that the closer you are to goal weight the slower the weight comes off. Some people lose a pound the first week, others lose 10 to 15 pounds. This isn't a fast weight loss scheme. It is a way of life.

Dinky Thu, Jan-03-02 19:11

ust my opnion
Based on my experience and several friends over the last few years, someone your size starting out could loose 5-7 lbs first week, 2-3 the next, then maybe 2 lbs a week after. But it does vary with so many things. The main thing is to stay focused and enjoy your new WOE.

Erin4980 Wed, Jan-09-02 22:58

pg. 219 in Atkins
This page could assist you a bit. After induction it shows a range, but it's more pointed towards finding how metabolically resistent a person could help.


josh2154 Thu, Jan-10-02 18:51

oh crap
I'm trying to keep my calories under 2000.. i think i ruined today
i had..

i ate half a tuna sandwich (less than half actually) and i had a gronolla bar and a rice crispy bar
and a bottle of water : and
: burger with suausage (from a deli)
: and pasta is that under 2000 calories?

Natrushka Thu, Jan-10-02 19:18

Josh, granola bars, rice crispy bars, and pasta are not on Atkins - they are a) full of carbs b) processed and c) full of sugar.

Tomorrow would be a great day to head down to the library and check out a copy of Dr Atkin's New Diet Revolution - you cannot do this w/o the book. I do not mean to sound harsh, but we are here for support and advice, we are not dieticians. You can really hurt yourself if you do not do this properly.

Please take the time to do the homework required.

agonycat Thu, Jan-10-02 19:31

Originally posted by josh2154
thats all true guys, thank you im going to go to the mall and pick up that book tommorow!

:read2: :read: :read2:

All I am going to say on this is read the book please.

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