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BlueChip Wed, Sep-11-02 10:41

Thank you so much Donald, I made this Monday night and it's almost gone! It is delicious. I added garlic and basil pizza sauce and used asparagus and turkey bacon as toppings. How many carbs per slice, anyone know? This one will definitely become part of my menu :D

Akiwican Wed, Sep-11-02 10:49

I made this again last night. It's great anytime of the day. :yum: As far the carb count goes it all depends on the topping you put on and in what quantity. You could try going to and entering the ingredients.

:wave: Akiwican

Natrushka Wed, Sep-11-02 11:16

I kept meaning to and finally just did:

The carb count (for the base only) is listed in the original thread about this recipe :)


Akiwican Wed, Sep-11-02 11:22

Thanks Nat
I was just thinking :idea: that I should put the base in as a separate item in Fitday, then I will only have to add the toppings. I always put different stuff on each time.

:wave: Lesley

penelope Wed, Sep-11-02 18:10

I love it.

I forgot to put the cream in it and I poured the mixture into an 11”by 17”pan and it was delicious also I overcook the crust.

Perfect taste :D

drsullivan Mon, Sep-16-02 17:13

My wife made this tonight after I found the recipe.....oh my gosh...I am ready for football season...this is fantastic

Thanks :daze:

Kristine Sun, Sep-22-02 17:01

I finally got around to trying this: it's fantastic!! I put the pepperoni along the bottom, as someone suggested. I put a healthy dose of oregano into the 'crust' and the smell in the kitchen was heavenly!! My next experiment: foccachia quiche made the same way. I guess I should call it Foc-quiche-ia. Or Faux-coccia. ;)

Thanks again for the recipe, Donald! Two thumbs up! :thup: :thup:

Yesican Fri, Oct-04-02 06:21

I can't wait to try this tonight!
Friday night has been pizza night in our family forever.

Now, I will make mine while the rest of my family has theirs.

Thank You!

Yesican Sat, Oct-05-02 07:01

I just had to reply with a big "THANK YOU!"

I was dreading pizza night until I found this recipe & I enjoyed mine more than the rest of the family enjoyed theirs!

Terrific & thank you so much for posting it!

Mosaic4 Wed, Oct-16-02 21:48

So good...I thought I was cheating!!!!

Thank you!


Azure Mon, Oct-21-02 18:19

This recipe is SO versatile. I make it all the time. And no matter what I put on it, I like it best COLD. But it's so hard to let it cool so I can put it in a container and chill it in the fridge.

DWRolfe Tue, Oct-22-02 14:29

Letting it cool...
I also enjoy this dish cold...

...but I always liked cold pizza!

My trouble is keeping my hands off of it long enough to let it cool. I make a batch intended for freezing, but I always end up snatching a bite here and there and the next thing you know I've eaten an entire piece.

It does smell wonderful when cooking, and it's a great way to enjoy the taste of pizza without the crust.

Glad y'all enjoy it as much as I do.

Donald :spin:

lperk002 Tue, Oct-22-02 15:30

My hero
I just had to send a big cyber hug to the man responsible for returning pizza to my (and my 2 year old's ) dinner routine! This recipe is heaven and my favorite breakfast. I never thought about COLD - do you mean icebox cold or room temp cold?

DWRolfe: I've lurked in your journal :o and thanks for every bit of inspiration in there too!

Any other award winning recipes??

Azure Tue, Oct-22-02 16:03

I like it best right out of the fridge. :)

Moni-Luv Wed, Oct-23-02 14:17

omg That is sooooo good.......I used the pepperoni like azure listed..........FANTASTIC!!!!!

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