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freckles Sun, Aug-03-03 20:25

This is a FABULOUS recipe!!! I can not believe it tastes so much like the real thing!!! And here I thought that I'd never get to legally eat pizza again. :lol: This was sinfully delicious....along with my Diet Rite and a good movie it felt like old times. Thank you!!!

collierami Mon, Aug-04-03 15:00

Can't wait to try it tomorrow!!!!
YUMMY, and yOU look GREAT

KMaryP Tue, Aug-05-03 18:07

I just tried the recipe as Donald posted it, with a few different toppings, and all I can say is...thank goodness I wasn't starving when I sat down to eat or the whole thing would've disappeared!

One question...I'm not a cold pizza eater. What is the best way to reheat leftovers? Does it microwave okay or does it get soggy? I can't wait to take it to work tomorrow and share it with my lc co-workers!

joanne42 Wed, Aug-06-03 12:49

You can probably reheat it in a toaster oven.. I've never tried in the microwave...

locarbs4me Sat, Aug-09-03 08:45

I made this last night and what a hit! Great recipe!!

nicksmom Mon, Aug-11-03 09:37

Oh gosh, finally back home after a long vacation. Time to make this again! Yum yum! :wiggle:

Polkadots Tue, Aug-12-03 18:27

HOLY MAN FRAN! Made this last night and almost wept it was good!

Steph44 Wed, Aug-13-03 09:07

hahahahaha I know what you mean!!

Alopex Thu, Aug-21-03 10:32

Thumbs WAY up!
I just have to agree with all the people who thought this was the best thing ever! :)

I made it kind of wrong...used a large pie plate instead, to make it more pizza-y. So I just cooked it for a little longer on slightly lower heat, and it worked out perfectly. Bacon and mushroom toppings..mmmmmmm. :doah: Hubby and I are big fans, now! :)

One more thing--our microwave died, and I don't have any desire to replace it, so I've figured out how to make the toaster oven do roughly the same things I used the microwave to do. To reheat a 1/4 of my pizza from refrigerated, I put it in the toaster oven on low (about 200-250) for about 10 minutes. Turned out pretty well, actually, though 12 minutes would have gotten it hotter. :yum:

Thanks so much for this recipe!

mind-full Sat, Aug-23-03 20:29

I know I'm not the first to say it, nor will I be the last if this thread is any indication, but this recipe is terrific.

My husband has craved pizza since starting induction and all the "fake crust" recipes turned him cold and sent the finished product to the trash can. Blech!

Upon hearing the name of this recipe Husband appeared dubious. THe doubt was practically written on his face. Real men don't eat quiche ... right?

Two bites into it he asked, "How much more of this can I have?"


Chantel30 Sun, Aug-24-03 17:13

Stupid Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been planning on making this Quiche Pizza but how much does this make you see I would like to know if I need to purchase extra things so I can share with my itty bitty soon to be DH.

tofi Sun, Aug-24-03 17:24

Thnk about the ingredients.

4 oz softened cream cheese
4 eggs

1/3 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup parmesan cheese (grated)
1 tbs chives
1/2 tsp Italian or pizza seasoning
2 cups shredded cheese (I use mozzarella /cheddar mix)
1/2 tsp wet garlic or 1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 cup lowest carb tomato or pizza sauce
1 cup mozzarella cheese
Toppings to taste (I use pepperoni, sausage, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, whatever!)

Beat together cream cheese and eggs till smooth.
Add cream, parmesean cheese and spices
Spray 13x9 glass baking dish with oil
Put 2 cups of shredded cheese in dish and pour egg mixt. over Bake at 375 for 30 minutes
Spread with sauce and then add your toppings Cover with mozzarella cheese Bake till browning and bubbly Let stand for 5 minutes or so.

4 eggs, more than 3 cups of cheese, and bake in a 9 x 13 inch dish. That should be more than enough for two people. And maybe leftovers for lunch for the microwave.

Chantel30 Sun, Aug-24-03 17:27

thanks I am slow sometimes

mind-full Sun, Aug-24-03 19:19

Whether this helps a little more or not, I'm posting anyway! :)

I made the pizza quiche for the first time last night. My DH and I each had 1/4 of the 9 X 13 pan, and then had the rest today for lunch. It doesn't look like a lot (considering that when we used to eat "real pizza" DH would wolf 4 or 5 slices without blinking) but it's filling and really good.

Good luck!

Chantel30 Mon, Aug-25-03 11:52

Thanks I still have gotten around to making it but this weekend is my reward with this dish. It sounds so GOOD!

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