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Blue Ruby Sat, Dec-09-17 12:50

NSV - the belt gives in!
I am down three holes in my belt...only one hole after this!

I fit into a pair of size 12 black jeans i have been hanging onto for the day the 14s are finally too big. (they're not really too big, i like them loose-ish, BUT i do have to wear a belt with them now -- which is how I found out that that notches had moved that much.) Anyway, the 12 fit well enough to wear out and be comfortable sitting over a two hour dinner!

I am determined NOT to mess this up over the next 15 days...hanging on till Jan 1 2018...I am going to start the new year still in the 170s!

Meme#1 Sat, Dec-09-17 14:10

Congrats Blue Ruby!!
That's great progress!!

robynsnest Sat, Dec-09-17 15:43

Great motivator to stay focused and on plan, good on ya, keep strong my friend!

Sniggle Sat, Dec-09-17 17:55

The belt does not lie....great job!

(I had to add 2 new holes to my brown work belt the other day, because it was too big:-)

bevangel Sat, Dec-09-17 23:47

way to go Ruby! :thup:

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