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anu Fri, Jul-16-04 05:27

Any low carbers in India?
Hi everyone, :wave:
I'm from Calcutta, India. Anyone out there from this country/city? I'd love to get in touch and see if we can indianise the Atkins cuisine. :yum:
There's only so much of cold soggy spinach or cabbage an Indian can stomach, right?

Markc Wed, Nov-17-04 03:05

Hi Edu,

Do you have any idea how many carbs per 100g there are in Cassava? I cant find an answer anywhere!




anu Thu, Nov-18-04 03:48

Sorry Mark, no idea, but I would imagine about 80-85% because I do know that Cassava is almost all pure starch.
Best of luck in your search.

jadefox26 Thu, Nov-18-04 03:52

Hiya, not indian here, but just wanted to wish you well on your quest for fellow LC indian folk - I would imagine that indian cookery is very difficult to adapt as you tend to use a lot of corn starch/flour/rice in your cooking don't you?
What made you want to go LC in the first place?
Emma xx

Rosebud Thu, Nov-18-04 04:04

Originally Posted by Markc
Hi Edu,

Do you have any idea how many carbs per 100g there are in Cassava? I cant find an answer anywhere!



Hi Mark,

According to DietClub, cassava has 30.5g carbs per 100g. (Bear in mind we Aussies presubtract the fibre, so the 30.5 is net carbs.)



anu Sat, Nov-20-04 04:53

[QUOTE=I would imagine that indian cookery is very difficult to adapt as you tend to use a lot of corn starch/flour/rice in your cooking don't you?
What made you want to go LC in the first place?
Emma xx[/QUOTE]

Hi Emma,
Nice to meet you.
About the Indian cookery........actually, its not really hard to adapt to LC. We use rice or wheat flour rotis as a staple to eat things with....y'know curry WITH rice or vegetables WITh rice and so on, just as you folks use bread or pasta. So adapting to LC means just upping the vegetable and meat/fish portions and dropping the rice. Not hard to do at all once you realize that one's food habits are well....just habits!

What made me go LC in the first place? Same reason most everyone else is on this band loose weight, get a bit healthier (maybe!) etc

Bye for now and do keep in touch
With greetings from India, Anu

ohno Tue, Mar-01-05 23:18

hi..since u r from cal, r u bengali ( I am)....i am lCing managed to lose just few pounds (153 to150)...i also suffer from insulin resistance/PCOS so i think i will adapt this LC way as it has stated to normalise my periods

anu Wed, Mar-09-05 00:21

[QUOTE=..since u r from cal, r u bengali ( I am)...[/QUOTE]

Hi and welcome :wave:
Yep....very much a bongo sontan. Nice to meet another from this part of the world. Where are you based?
I notice you said you haven't lost much.......150 from 180 is not much? You've done so well already :thup: I wish I could go half the distance you have already covered. When did u start LCing? I started last July. In the first month I lost rapidly but stalled for a long time after that. In Nov I had some upsets in my family and I suddenly lost 3 kgs then. I've put most of that back but the original loss has stayed.
Anyway, nice of you to join up. Do stay in touch, maybe we can exchange some indianised LC friendly recipes! :yum:
bye and greetings from Cal

chebbles Wed, Mar-09-05 05:12

I'm indian too! I live in Australia
Hi there,

Really nice to hear some other indian on the forum. Although I dont live in India I have at some stage faced problems trying to adapt indian food to LC WOL. I'm ok if its just me and hubby at home, but when the parents come to visit and mum cooks, then the problems start! I substitute shirotake noodles for rice (may be difficult to get hold of in India) and it means I can have some gravy. We use less tomatoes in the curries and add in coconut cream etc to increase fat and reduce carbs.

Have been at an all time low on the LC WOE, have had a change of jobs etc and have succumbed to temptation. Thinking of going back on induction at the weekend, easier at the weekend as dont have to plan for work etc. Take care and good to hear from you.

ohno Wed, Mar-09-05 16:50

hello anu and all fellow indians...actually anu i had lost weight more from excercising than LCing ( my opnion )...i had lost weight from 180 to 150 pounds by doing treadmil daily for 2 hours ( 1 hour morning and 1 hour evening , 7 days a weeks , no excuses )then i stumbled upon LCing...where r u based, in south or north calcutta ...i am in east coast, USA...i feel it is difficult to LC based on our daily diet where rice and potato are used freely...i try to watch all the high carbohydrate stuff like rice etal that i have minimised, forced myself to drink 10 glasses of water and increase protein uptake...i started LC in january but had start excercising last october

what steps have u taken, are there any major changes in ur diet ...please share ..i am sure if we all inspire each other we can reach our goals (weight ) .......... :D :thup:

anu Fri, Mar-11-05 04:13

HI Chebbles, Ohno,
Greeeeaaaat to hear from u guys. Ohno, to answer your question: I live in Salt lake, Calcutta. I have a sis in New Jersey....anywhere near u?'ve done great already, you dont want to disappear do you? i agree, adapting indian food to LC is difficult, and we also have this huge mental block about eating oil (yuck, ugh, and other expletives flow freely!!) But I guess, if one drops rice, roti, bread, potatoes, one is fairly ok. One thing good about India is that we dont have temptations like dunkin donuts and starbucks lurking at every street corner! If you want a chocolate covered lump of dough you have to move your butt and actually make an expetition to go and get it. Often it's not worth the effort. Is it like that in Australia too?
More later and do keep in touch,
Take care,

ohno Fri, Mar-11-05 08:40

hi anu and all
i stay in rhode island that is near new jersey ( 4 hours )...we also have relatives staying in new jersey ....basically my huband is skinny ( genetically thin ) and can eat chips and pizza all day and not gain one pound....but now days i have managed to control temptation...i think if manage to control "Temptation" major battle is won............after the birth of my son last year i touched 180 pound then i styarted going to gym and LCing as once u hit middle age ur body refuses to loose weight ...i feel u have to drive real hard to loose wieght...hard try but not impossible

chebbles Sat, Mar-12-05 10:26

Hey Anu,

I have actually put on a little bit since my stats were last posted (I have now amended them) and have changed my goal weight down as I still had a couple of rolls around the midriff at my old goal weight, and really I mean rolls - mainly I want to tone up but I'm sure there is a bit of fat to come off too. Re the donut shops, the australia situation is much more like the american one, temptation is everywhere.

anu Fri, Apr-01-05 07:12

Hi Guys,
Sorry about the long delay. I've been nose to the grindstone....y'know how it is sometmes. And the worst of it is one doesn't get the time to do LC just grabs whatever is available and runs.....
So how have you been doing? Great progress i notice....good show!!!
But I guess there's something to be said for not getting life after all!!
Gotta run now, I'll catch up with u all later. Stay well,

Whammy Fri, Jul-22-05 22:49

Okay, gals, so I don't live in India . . . but I am SO interested to know how you are doing on a LC plan in India? For the naive, it would seem so hard . . . so, I am asking. Thanks for any insight. To set things straight, I am truly interested; hopefully I do not seem nosey.

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