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Kaillean Mon, Mar-14-16 16:08

Who's got a spiralizer? Need some ideas.
Aside from zoodles, what are you favorite things/recipes to make with your spiralizer? I'm waiting for mine to arrive from Amazon and excited to jazz up my veggie dish repetoire! :)

aamama Mon, Mar-14-16 17:03

All I ever make with mine is zoodles, so I'd LOVE more ideas too!!!

GreekRibs Mon, Mar-14-16 17:06

I don't even know what a spiralizer IS

Kaillean Mon, Mar-14-16 17:11

These are spiralizers. They essentially turn veggies into long, spiral strings for veggie noodles, salads, etc.

Remains to be seen whether this trendy gadget will be useful or another space hog in the cupboard. :lol:

aamama Mon, Mar-14-16 17:23

I use mine 3 or 4 times per month. Definitely worth the investment for me!

GreekRibs Mon, Mar-14-16 17:26

Woweee, cool. It sounded racier than that ;)

mojolissa Mon, Mar-14-16 17:31

Yeah, sorry I only have made the zoodles, but that is good enough! I know myself better and opted for the hand held one. Past experience has taught me that I used something for a little while and then it lives in the cupboard for years never to see the light of day again! :lol:
My family loves the zoodles with shrimp and alfredo sauce. Awesome!

deirdra Mon, Mar-14-16 17:55

I mainly spiralize zucchini with my cheap, handheld Veggetti, which doesn't take up much space. It is great with just butter, or spaghetti sauce or alfredo sauce.

Kristine Mon, Mar-14-16 18:01

I've done carrot and cucumber curls on salads for a different texture. :idea:

I rarely buy zucchini, but my spiralizer was totally worth it for the summer when I was growing zuke. Pretty much already paid for itself if you compare it to the cost of the equivalent amount of shirataki noodles. I never really liked zoodles the times I sliced them by hand with a knife... just something about the texture and irregularity of size. I'd never get sick of the spiralizer sliced ones, though. So it's definitely one of my favorite kitchen toys.

(ETA) - Mine's the hand-held Vegetti, too. I don't have room for the big one. The Vegetti might be a problem if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or something, but zucchini are soft enough that it's not much of a problem for most folks.

JEY100 Tue, Mar-15-16 04:18

Put Spiralizer into Pinterest will get hundreds. I found this website through it:
She has recipes for all kinds of veg. Try sweet potato if you can handle the carbs, daikon, Remember to make a slice or you will end up with a three foot zucchini noodle.
See previous thread photo
There is another recipe website earlier in this same thread.

Nancy LC Tue, Mar-15-16 08:19

I make a Thai pickled cucumber salad and use the spiral slicer to cut the cucumbers into very fine slices. You just run a knife down one edge of the cucumber and then it cuts it into discs instead of making a ribbon.

I even put a red pepper in my spiralizer once. I wanted really thin slices to put into my salad. It worked!

MickiSue Tue, Mar-15-16 10:26

Zoodles are the staple for me. But as above, carrots and cukes work well, too.

There are so many uses for the zoodles, though. Toss them in a curry. A bed for anything from goulash to pasta sauces. Raw in a salad. SOO good.

Robin120 Tue, Mar-15-16 12:15

i use mine once a week or so- love it!

for zoodles- i pick a sauce and a protein.

sauces: cheese, alfredo, curry, pesto
preotin: shrimp, chicken, chicken meatballs....

for cucumber salads:
asian vinagerette, tzatiki, chinese peanut sauce, italian vinaigrette with goat cheese/olives/roasted red pepper/ and chicken.....

Kaillean Tue, Mar-15-16 14:11

Thank you for all the input. I think I am going to start with the shrimp scampi zoodles recipes.

Do you guys have issues with watery sauce? Do you do anything special to avoid this?

MickiSue Tue, Mar-15-16 17:03

I just use less liquid. But if you want, you could make the zoodles, salt them, toss with your hands, and let sit in a colander for 15 minutes or so. Sort of the same way you get rid of excess water in eggplant.

pazia Mon, Mar-21-16 19:54

I've been reading up on spiralizers and I'd like to buy one, but I'm confused about what's really best. I was going to get one of the 3-blade types, but then read that pieces of the plastic sometimes fall off; and checked out the hand-held types but I do get stiffness in my hands sometimes, I wonder if that would be a chore. I don't have a food processor at the moment, can you effectively spiralize with those? That would be a multipurpose gadget to have then.

JEY100 Tue, Mar-22-16 04:24

I've been happy with the 3 blade Paderno, nothing broken, here is previous thread on brands.
I used the vegette at a friends...that could be a pain with stiff hands. Had to push at all times, and more waste. And no, a food processor won't spiralizer. Some types have extra shredding and slicing blades, I can do cabbage into coleslaw in mine, but have to get the vegetable into the feed tube first. You can make thin rounds with a zucchini, not much else.
Other options are the julienne peeler and mandoline...again, would likely be harder with stiff hands.

MickiSue Tue, Mar-22-16 08:21

Mine is a Brieftons. I have the stand one. As Janet mentioned, the handheld ones can be hard on older hands, because of the need for constant pressure.

In fact, I have the handheld Brieftons, too, and I think I've used it twice, for that very reason.

Nancy LC Tue, Mar-22-16 12:39

You could put the noodles in a clean kitchen towel and twist it (gently) to compress them and squeeze some of the moisture out. I've done that with cauliflower and other stuff, so not sure if the noodles will hold up to that.

bkloots Fri, Apr-01-16 09:44

I bought the Veggetti but soon learned it was useless for anything besides zucchini--and then it was hard on the hands to use it. I like my "desktop" model much better. I do keep it handy to remember to use it! and the more I use it, the easier it gets. Grandson (age 4) loves to help.

Nothing fancy. Zoodles for sauté and salads mostly.

About the same time, I also bought a mandolin. (with or without e??). Great for zucchini and eggplant lasagna. Haven't really been exploring the possibilities. But like anything, there's a learning curve.

Nothing like a new gadget for inspiration. And frustration! :lol:

MickiSue Fri, Apr-01-16 13:14

About the same time, I also bought a mandolin. (with or without e??).

With. Without is the instrument. I have always pronounced it man doe LEEN, and then I don't forget. :D

Robin120 Sun, Apr-03-16 10:02

not all of these are lowcarb, but most are or could easily be modified:

Buttoni Sun, May-29-16 08:45

The handle/handle of my Spirooli broke off a couple weeks ago, rendering it totally useless. It's a stress joint, too, so glue isn't an option. I just bought the Joyce Chen tool but haven't tried it out yet. It's handle/crank sit at the top and it spins around and slices noodles into a bowl at the bottom. A friend says is works just fine for her, so I need to use it soon and see how it performs. Maybe something tonight. :)

JEY100 Sat, Jul-02-16 05:28

Williams Sonoma has a 20% off and free shipping for July Fourth sale on. I ordered the 3 blade Paderno as a gift to be shipped to a friend. The machine by itself, with a cookbook, either first or new edition, are all $29.95. But then all three are back-ordered to July 23rd!

bike2work Sun, Aug-21-16 20:16

I noticed these on amazon last night:

Inspiralize Everything


I have no idea if these cookbooks are any good, but you could certainly look through the indexes online for ideas.

Meme#1 Mon, Aug-22-16 13:41

Veggetti is easy to clean and takes up the least amount of space. Just put the Zucchinni in one end, turn and that's it and out come the ribbons, no fuss no muss.

katmeyster Mon, Aug-22-16 14:18

I wonder if you can use turnips with a spiralizer? They don't have too many carbs if you watch the portion size, and they could be fried up like potatoes.

I wasn't going to get one just for zucs, but now I'm intrigued -- I may borrow my friends first, though.

Sarada Mon, Aug-22-16 14:49

All of your suggestions are very "inspiralational"! :lol:

You can do turnips, beets, large carrots,zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, daikon and many other veggies as well. even apples :yum:

I bought a spiralizer attachment for my Kitchenaid stand mixer and it's still in the box. I also bought two mandolines, a small one for cucumbers and a large one for cabbage to make coleslaw. They are really handy. It's zucchini season where I live now, so I will be breaking out the spiralizer next week after a visit to the farmer's market. Can't wait to try it out!

Ccat69 Mon, Aug-22-16 20:03

My husband got a spiralizer attachment for our kitchen aid. We have used it several times this past month or so for zuccini, but nothing else yet. I love it, though!

bike2work Fri, Aug-26-16 17:24

The Paderno spiralizer is on sale today only at Williams Sonoma for 29.99 with free shipping.

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