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Sniggle Wed, Jul-04-18 07:48

Thanks to Atkins, I got to the top of the mountain (Rainier)

Thought I would check in. I jumped on this site in August when I made the decision to lose 35 pounds and get in shape for a great father/son adventure, climbing MT Rainier.

With focus, determination and encouragement from this site I went from 220+ to 186 in just over 2 months. There is no better diet for I hate being hungry and love meat and salad.

Combined with lots of exercise and training, my son and I made it to the top of Mt Rainier on June 28, in less than ideal conditions. It is a truly awesome climb.

I will admit that I am no longer doing low carb, as my plan was always to return to a standard diet once I lost thew weight. I have been pretty good at maintaining my weight, although it has gone up some, mostly due to muscle mass. My plan is to spend at least 2 month a year on strict Atkins, so I stay safely below 200.

Thanks again!

Charlie1! Thu, Jul-05-18 04:41

Awesome Success! :thup:

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