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miayoga Wed, Aug-23-17 10:06

When Hormones Go Wacko
My life is not what its used to be, cant loose weight, my skin its dry, my hair is thin, my energy levels are low, I know its a natural process, after all I am a 44 I still get my periods I am very regular on that tho cant complain but I do have mood swings.... I am still an active person, Id like to have more energy, loose weight, how can I achieve that?

All right, my question here for those of you who are going through perimenopause What are you doing? Are you doing the bio-identical hormone replacement?

I saw a couple of creams at Whole Foods the other day Progesterone , Yam cream, maca pills, estrogen, so many how do I know what to buy?

I am so confuse...... thank you very much :)

neo_crone Fri, Aug-25-17 11:25

How tall are you? What kind of build?
You may already be at your ideal weight, you know.
Trying to live underweight will result in tiredness, hair loss, etc, from simple malnourishment.
Menopause does add pounds. Its natural.
I did not bother with any of those creams, I allowed menopause to take place unhindered. I had violent hot flushes and sleepless nights, and I still do occasionally, even though I am now almost 60.

Progesterone is often touted as desirable for perimenopausal women, but its estrogen we lose as we age. Estrogen signals youth and fertility, exhibits slenderness and vigour. Progesterone - well, no pregnant woman ever lost weight. It makes us want to hibernate, stay home, stay safe, gain weight.

Mycie14 Thu, Sep-21-17 16:12

I am late replying, but I just saw this. Before deciding it must be perimenopause, I would get some labs done. If I were you, I would ask my doctor to check my hormone levels, thyroid function (T3, T4, TSH, free T3). and an hemoglobin hba1c test to your blood sugar levels. Don't assume your symptoms are just aging.

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