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DWRolfe Fri, Oct-15-04 13:55

Active LowCarber's Exercise Forum Guidelines -- Read This First
Welcome to the Exercise Forum! This area of the forum is a place for low-carbers who want to lose weight and/or improve their health through exercise and movement. While competitive body builders are welcome, it is important that they be aware of and respect this fact, and refrain from intimidating members from feeling safe to discuss their exercise needs with other low-carbers.

Recently, several forum members talked their way out of the forum (banned) by pushing the limits of acceptable participation and breaking the rules that they had agreed to follow when joining the forum. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to offer some guidelines to help others avoid losing their access to our forum:


:idea: How Not To Get Banned From the Exercise Forum:

1. Do not insult other members.
You do not have to agree, and you may debate any exercise related issue that you want. But once you level personal attacks on other members simply because you disagree with them, you will be banned.

2. Do not challenge forum moderator actions/decisions.
Any public discussion of such matters will be removed and you will lose your posting privileges. Simply put, this is our turf. We put a lot of time and effort into providing you with a safe environment and if we decide that your post is rubbish, it's gone. Please don't argue and please don't keep posting along the same lines otherwise, you will be banned.

2. Do not register as multiple users.
Members who attempt to register multiple identities in order to offer additional support to their own arguments, or offer self-serving counter arguments will be banned immediately.

These rules represent the most common reasons for banning members that participate in the Exercise Forum.

Please review the Forum Rules, If you feel another member has violated the rules, you should use the report link contained in each message.-- do not engage in personal attacks or retaliation.

Thanks for your co-operation. :thup:

Active-Low Carber Forum Team

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