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Kristine Thu, Jun-27-02 08:23

Kristine: Diary of a Lazy Exercise Hater
The story so far:

After nearly two months of neglecting exercise, I am *noticably* out of shape again. It's funny how time flies, I can't believe it's really been that long. Well, no problem: just time to get back on the wagon.

My official BFL start date will be as soon as I get the pictures taken. In the meantime, I'm exercising, anyway.

Let's see how well I can do this without joining a gym. I don't do gyms.

Monday: lower body.
Tuesday: moderate cardio, since my legs were killing me!
Wednesday: oops. I was busy all day; neglected to do anything. I was still sore, anyway.
Today: upper body.

fern2340 Thu, Jun-27-02 09:16

Hey Kristine!
Welcome to the gym logs!! :) Glad you started one to track your exercising progress.

Best of luck with your BFL challenge!

Kristine Fri, Jun-28-02 12:09

Thanks a lot! I'll probably flip through everyone else's later this weekend. Got some shopping to do today.

I tried to get BFL out of the library, but someone already had it, so I put it on hold.

So today: did my lower body routine. I used to be able to do 30 squats easily with no soreness, and today they were getting sore after about 15. Blah!

Walked for about 15 minutes each way to and from the bank. It's hot out there today!

Now I'm off to a drug store on the other side of town that does free body fat testing on a Tana machine. I've heard that they're not too reliable, but it's better than nothing.

Kristine Fri, Jun-28-02 16:17

I Got My Starting Numbers!
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 137.8
<B>Fat %: 30.5</b>
Fat Mass: 42.0 lbs
Lean Mass: 95.8 lbs
BMR: 1444 cal (exactly and precicely, I'm sure. ;) )
Desirable Fat % Range: 17-24%

Note that despite a BMI of 21.6, I have a lot of fat. I have a very small frame and I'm in poor shape.

<b>My Goals For BFL:</b>
- to feel stronger overall; not struggling when lifting things, etc.
- to improve my cardiovascular endurance
- to maintain a healthy eating plan: low-to-moderate carb intake
- to get into the desirable fat % range and increase my lean body mass.

AngelaR Fri, Jun-28-02 19:15

Welcome aboard Kristine.

Body for life has a web might be able to pick up some info from there while you are waiting for the book.

These 2 sites have weight training exercises with video clips

Kristine Fri, Jun-28-02 19:43

Thanks, Angela! I'll check those out. Heh heh... it's taken me quite a while just to sift through all of Nat's great info on the stickies. :D I've been browsing the BFL site, too. Some of those people's pictures are truly amazing!

Kristine Sat, Jun-29-02 12:58

GAH! This morning, I did 20 min of interval cardio. Now I need a nap!

It's worth noting that I started taking glutamine yesterday, and I'm not at all sore: not even after doing a lower body workout and then dancing in uncomfortable shoes last night. :)

Kristine Sun, Jun-30-02 12:21

Can it be that after less than a week, I already have more energy? Today, after a tiring UBW, I completely cleaned my kitchen, including a re-organizion of the "brewery," which, until today, was a giant pile of junk on and around my kitchen table.

...and it's only 2:30 pm. I'm off to the store now to buy some fireworks for my Inner Child. :D My parents never let us do 'em when I was a kid, so tomorrow, I want to set some off for the heck of it. There's a giant parking lot behind our apartment, so...

Kristine Mon, Jul-01-02 05:55

This would normally be my cardio day, but I'm not doing anything drastic today. I'm in a military band and we have two parades today - one in a few hours (I'm getting ready to leave) and one at night. This is going to be the hottest day of the year - smog alert, high humidity, etc. We're going to be hurtin'. :(

fern2340 Mon, Jul-01-02 20:17

I hope all went ok with the heat today! It was very hot here too!

Glad you're feeling more energized already!!

take care,

Kristine Tue, Jul-02-02 14:08

Thanks! It was brutal. One of our guys had to be taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. :( Not fun.

It was a three-shower day. :thdown:

So I did my LBWO today, then went to the mall to grab a copy of BFL. Think I'll go read now.

Kristine Wed, Jul-03-02 09:53

Y'know, I hate the *thought* of doing cardio, but once I'm doing it, I don't mind it at all. It's only 20 minutes. Today, I didn't want to stop! I cooled down for a good 10 minutes dancing to my music. Music is the key, for me. Makes it a lot more bearable.

I came up a minute short today, but I definitely hit a 10 at the end.

Bleh. Need a shower. :)

fern2340 Wed, Jul-03-02 12:28

Hey there!
So sorry to hear about one of your bandmates needing to go to the hospital! The weatherman here actually said yesterday that if you work outside, to call out! We are having a bot of a heat wave and it is definitely a three-shower day. Today it's supposed to be almost 100 degrees!!

And I hear ya on the music..... it makes so much of a difference for me when I am doing my cardio!

Take care,

Kristine Thu, Jul-04-02 08:38

Thanks: he was fine, but it's practically gauranteed on days like that that at least one person is going to "go down," as we call it. :( Happened to me once. You start to feel sick, then your body turns to jello, and everything turns blue. Not fun.

Anyway. I forgot to do my UBWO before my shower today, and I don't want to get sweaty before I go out job-huntin', so it'll have to wait 'till later. No problem. Actually, my arms are a tad sore from playing pool last night! :) I didn't know that was a "workout." :D

Kristine Thu, Jul-04-02 16:31

Man, my arms are s-o-r-e! I think it's from my cardio yesterday: I was holding (very light) dumbbells, and I guess I was swinging' 'em around a little too much. So my UBWO for today was just abs and triceps - the only spots that don't hurt.

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