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adukart Tue, Sep-28-04 11:03

Wellbutrin / Zyban / Bupropion
I would like to start a thread to give others some details about the effects (possitive or negative) of Wellbutrin / Zyban / Bupropion. Anyone can join me with their experiences.

I started it on Sept. 23rd 2004 (generic Wellbutrin). I had brain fog the first day with 150mg, and sleeping issues - ongoing. I had the "runs" on day 4 and 5 when I increased to 150 twice a day. My quit date is Sunday Oct. 3rd 2004, and I will keep this thread going with my experiences and whatever else.

How is everyone else doing this this drug? I hope to get some replys.

adukart Tue, Sep-28-04 20:21

Well an update for now, my stomach has been really grumbly for the last two days, I forgot to mention that. I assume it's the medicine but you never know.

BlitzedAng Wed, Sep-29-04 07:11

I took Welbutrin for only 2 weeks. It made me feel so horrid I quit. They had me start it to help me quit smoking. I actually smoked the same if not more. I ahd bad headaches,moods were off kilter, insomnia, very upset stomach.. They said the symptoms I had would subside in a few weeks but I did'nt give it a chance. That was what happened with me anyhow. Ya know I wish ya the best Amy :)..
Im on day 130... Holding my quit tight as hell.


adukart Thu, Sep-30-04 13:31

It's been one week today. The insomnia is getting better, I only woke up twice last night. Everything else is gone for now.

BlitzedAng Fri, Oct-01-04 06:58

That's great Amy.. I hope it works well for you.


adukart Fri, Oct-01-04 14:06

I did notice a rash around my belly button and it was itchy yesterday, but today it's just a little pink and it doesn't itch.

NWatson Sat, Oct-02-04 16:09

The first time I tried Zyban, I was pregnant. It was awful. Caused upset stomach (as if morning sickness wasn't enough), left me feeling kind of 'out there', don't really know how to describe it. Needless to say, shamefully, I continued to smoke (My daughter is perfectly healthy, thank God).

Second time I tried it, I was pregnant with my son. This time, the doctor gave me something for the upset stomach and it helped a LOT. I was able to quit within two weeks and stayed quit for 10 months, no problem. For me it worked wonderful. I WOULD think about smoking, but then I'd just kinda roll my eyes, and think..."Nope..can't"

That was just out of habit, and mainly at the trigger times.

You'll notice I said 'quit for 10 months'...well, the hubby quit smoking too, but one day I found out he'd been smoking again. It started out as just smoking one on the weekend, and then one a day, and now I'm smoking again like I never quit.

I've tried again since, but I used the generic form of Zyban, and it didn't work. Or maybe it was because I wasn't pregnant and so it didn't affect me the same way, I don't know.

I am planning to quit again, and will try Zyban again, but right now... on induction... I don't think that would be a good idea! ;) lol

I wish you the best of luck! It's great NOT smoking, and I kick myself every day for starting again. Even in ten months, I could breath better, things tasted better, I had more energy ...etc.

Good luck! And keep us posted! For me, when I quit, it kept me going to post every month that I'd made it without one.

Best wishes!!!!

adukart Wed, Oct-06-04 15:53

I think it's working, the cravings aren't even there unless I hit a trigger, like stress or needing a break from something. That is more out of habit than a physical crave so it's good so far. I do have to say yesterday (day 3) was rough, but not as bad as when I attempted the many times before, that was always the day for me to break.

BlitzedAng Tue, Oct-12-04 14:23

Hope all is well with you Amy and that your quit is still growing :)


adukart Tue, Oct-12-04 16:39

Forgot to update this thread, this is one of my journal entrys from Oct. 9th:

"Well, my face is swollen and I have hives all over, the doctor said he doesn't think it was the wellbutrin, but I think that's what it was. He told me take some allegra and stay off the wellbutrin till Monday, then call my regular doctor and start up the wellbutrin again. I really hope it's not the wellbutrin. Anyway he thinks it could be the TV dinner(something about preservatives), the chromium I just started taking as a supplement, or the chemicals from when my fiance was cleaning the guns last night."

The doctor still says he doesn't think it was from the wellbutrin and I am to call him when the hives go away and then resume the wellbutrin. Guess we'll see. The hives are now just about gone and I believe there will be no trace by tomorrow morning, hopefully. I will update after calling the doctor.

adukart Tue, Oct-12-04 16:43

Oh, and yes Angel I am still quit.

adukart Wed, Oct-13-04 14:34

Well they finally called me back today and the doctor wants me to start the wellbutrin again and stay away from the chromium. I think I will go get some Claritin for hives maybe just in case. I am going to take the wellbutrin either tonight or in the morning. But I will definately make sure to space it out to 12 hours instead of 10 like I was doing.

adukart Thu, Oct-14-04 11:24

Ho Hum, Ho Hum. Just waiting it out.

Everytime I have an itch I look at it to make sure it's not a hive. This is really annoying.

BlitzedAng Fri, Oct-15-04 06:02

Hello Amy and wtg on keeping your quit. I sure hope it's not the Welbutrin for you since you feel it works for you. I myself had to stop it. I seem to be sensitive to many medications. Sucks. Take care and wishing you alot of support this weekend.


Babawawa Tue, Oct-19-04 15:50

:) :thup:
I'm at day 176 and I am still using the wellbutrin. I have had no problems taking it. I feel it is a lifesaver for me. It gets my mine off of cigs and tells my brain "you are a non smoker" and "see it's not so bad." Been off the patch since July 5th. The stepping down wasn't so bad at all. At first after you quit it's kind of hard but it get sooo much better. I go days or sometimes whole weekends without thinking about it and when I do think about it - it doesn't stay long. Can even drink without getting urges. I would reccomend wellbutrin/zyband to everyone. I had tried to quit many other times.

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