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vegaskelly Wed, Jun-16-04 20:23

Vegas Kelly's Gym Journal
Okay, nothing here yet but I'm going to start working out in the mornings! I promise myself! It won't be much but I'm just starting so bear with me! :wave:

vegaskelly Sat, Mar-25-06 12:03

Started Bodyflexing
Did the breathing stretches and the gymbar workouts yesterday morning and this morning.
Hubby says if I stick with it for four days straight he'll start with me. We'll just see about that.

vegaskelly Sat, Sep-29-07 13:06

Today I did a Walk away the Pounds DVD, it was the equivilent of walking 1 mile.
Tuesday and Thursday I walked a mile on my lunch at work.

My goal is to eventually walk every other day and on the off days do some sort of strength training.

I forget I have this thing, hopefully I will remember to update it with my progress. :agree:

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