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doreen T Thu, Aug-29-19 20:41

Handy Dandy microwave wattage conversion chart
How many times have you followed an "old" microwave recipe, only to have overcooked, dried out or rubbery results?

Modern household microwave ovens are at least 1100 to 1200 watts. Those old recipes were based on 400, 700 or 900 watt ovens! :exclm: No wonder they're not successful now, at those same time and/or power recommendations!

Here's an extensive chart for converting microwave oven wattages ..

Hope you all find this useful :thup:

doreen T Thu, Aug-29-19 20:45

Just wanted to add ...

My microwave oven is 1100 watts. I've had success with older microwave recipes using 50% power, and the same time recommended in the recipe. If it's not "done", then easy to add 10 or 15 seconds on High power to finish.

Kristine Fri, Aug-30-19 00:20

Cool, bookmarked. :cool:

What kind of things do you like to cook in 'the mic' (as we used to call it), Doreen? I haven't used it for anything but reheating and thawing for a long time, but I used to really like doing white fish in it. It came out nice and moist, not so dry as it would in the oven.

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