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burgundy Mon, Jul-04-05 17:13

What a great story, thanks for sharing. Yet another inspiration for me.

dreamseeds Sun, Jul-10-05 21:54

WOW! You look great:)

wendywoo Mon, Sep-11-06 08:56

thanks Kristine
Your success story has inspired, reassured and motivated me... I too have had the heart palpitations/sinking feeling, which has panicked me in the past but like you I discovered a link with the consumption of a big bowl of pasta/sunday dinner - that sort of stuff. I no longer feel like a head case!

aeburse4 Thu, Sep-14-06 12:55

You look great! Congrats!

TriciaH Tue, Oct-21-08 11:26

Thank you Kristine!
Thank you for pouring out your story. It is incredibly inspiring and I thought the photos were a very striking comparison. I'm on day 2 of Atkins induction and really appreciate reading the stories. Again, thanks for sharing. TriciaH

betharoo0 Sat, Mar-28-09 19:48

Great story! wow I think you have described how I feel too before low-carbing. thanks!

MrBuffalo Mon, Mar-30-09 04:10

Great to read your success story. You've given me some new things to think about. Keeping your faith in the low carb way combined with exercise has paid off well for you.

Good for you.

Mirabeau Fri, Aug-01-14 14:34

- Be sure to literally remove all barriers to your success. Get the junk food out of the house and have strategies for dealing with potential temptations. Learn to say no to others.

- Prepare and plan ahead. Cook ahead of time and keep lots of snacks on hand.

- Say goodbye to the junk food, even LC junk food - don't try to recreate it. It's expensive, it's a hassle, it maintains the cravings, and it's almost universally disappointing. Instead, embrace the fact that LCing is meant to consist of whole foods wherever possible. I have the occasional Atkins bar or treat, but it's definitely not a habit.

- Get the right attitude. Have patience and a sense of appreciation for the high quality of food you're eating, and the respect you're now showing to your body. This isn't a crash diet, and there's no reason to believe that the weight is just going to slide off. Plateaus, even gains, will happen and it's normal. Get on with life in the meantime. If you're frustrated, perhaps you need to improve the quality of your food and exercise. There's no reason to dislike either of those things. If your food is great and you feel better than you have in years, it shouldn't make any difference to you whether or not the scale stalls for a while.

I've copied and pasted this to a small file of quotes I read each day. Thank you so much for sharing your story (both here and through your posts).

GreekRibs Thu, Apr-13-23 11:51

You Did it!!
Beautiful success story, thank you for sharing it. What a transformation. It's really amazing how good low carb is for several aspects of our health. Preparation and planning ahead is everything, I agree!

Kristine Sat, Apr-15-23 01:10

Hi GR, thank you!

I REALLY need to update it. :o I've been here for 21 years now!

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